Feb. 10th, 2016

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My sinuses finally got miserable enough that I felt justified in staying home today. I probably should have done it yesterday but I didn't realize it was going to get so bad until it was too late and I was already at work. Today the kids are making stone soup and I wanted to be there, but based off of how I was yesterday, I would probably have just scarred them for life with my miserable crankiness if I'd tried. I got up at 8 to feed the cats, call work, and take meds. The plan was to take Zyrtec, which is powerful but messes me up too much to take during work. Turns out I must have thrown it out for reasons of expiration date when I moved because I don't seem to have any here. Oh well. I took Flonase (YUCK) and dayquil and slept the worst of it off. The main hope is that the flonase will ease up the pressure in my ears because that is almost the worst part at work - it means that every sound is just noise and everything sounds loud and I end up shouting all day because I can't hear myself over all the cacophony my ears are providing, and it's misery for everyone, not just me.

So I'm just here, cuddling with the cats, and reading comfort fic, which in my case means working my way through the 2009 Stargate Atlantis Big Bang stories. Not a terrible way to spend a sick day.


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