Mar. 27th, 2016

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Coming to the end of my four day 'spring break' weekend. I managed to:

*update my voter registration (well, I did this sometime last week) and receive my new card in the mail.
*plan menus for the week and buy only those groceries necessary for the menu items
*get chicken and stuff in crockpot this afternoon for a week's worth (roughly) of chicken and lentils
*determine a weight loss goal and calculate a daily calorie limit (using the MyPlate function at

Mainly, though, after being reminded several times lately about Dragon Con I brought the subject up with [ profile] eve11, she said, "yeah, sure!" and next thing you know, we have a place to stay - and no, I don't advise waiting until the end of March to look for a hotel room for Dragon Con (Labor Day weekend) - memberships are purchased, and all that remains is to put in for the days off work. We lucked out a bit with finding a place to stay, honestly. The hotel situation was a bit grim. Places that were either miles out, close enough to walk from but in bad areas, or plain old skankiness. And then Eve remembered about AirBnB and HomeAway. She found us a little two bedroom condo less than a mile from the host hotels, with kitchen and everything. I think the only reason it was still available is that the guy is brand new to AirBnB.

And now I'm reminding myself that I chose not to do laundry earlier in the break, so even though I'm feeling a bit under the weather and just want to curl up all day, at some point I do indeed need to do laundry.

Happy Easter/Spring/Sunday to you all!


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