Aug. 12th, 2016

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Objectively, I don't think it actually took more than ten or fifteen minutes in this small apartment to find my Jabe headpiece. Subjectively, it was a lifetime of 'crap, please, please, please tell me I didn't throw it away in a fit of pique when I moved, omg, I'm so screwed if I threw it away, why would I do that, no no I'm sure I wouldn't do that, arg!' before finding it jammed into the farthest and least accessible corner of my closet. But I found it, and it's in good shape. I want to adjust the paint color if I get time and I badly need to address the make-up portion of the costume. But that's what tomorrow is for. No excuses, I've got to get out to Party City and pray they actually have the makeup that I need.

I found out this evening while looking at store hours, that one of my preferred art supply stores moved from it's previous location on the Southside (nearly impossible for me to get to these days) to Walnut St, 1.5 miles from my current place. Yay! That means I'll at least be able to go look at paints and should be able to find a lighter but matching paint shade for Jabe, since that's where I bought all the paints in the first place.


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