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[ profile] eve11 picked me up after work on Wednesday and we split the trip between two days, rolling into Atlanta (at a slow crawl because it was rush hour) on Thursday afternoon. We checked into our condo (rented through Airbnb), picked up our badges, and made a trip to Walmart. We had to buy a floor lamp because there was almost no lighting in the place, and we hadn't yet figured out the A/C so I got a wee little fan to aid in sleeping. And then we crashed.

So many pics ahead (and I didn't even take that many pictures).
*Legendary Sleuths photoshoot - I didn't get any pics of the shoot itself, but here's a pic of my Miss Marple.


*Some pictures from while we wandered around as Miss Marple and Marge Gunderson (how did I fail to get a pic of Marge!?!) from Fargo. First, a feathered barbarian. I asked the woman about her costume and she said she had made the character for LARPing purposes. I particularly liked the feather mohawk.

A Doctor Who/Mystery Science Theater mashup - Second Doctor holding Frobisher (from the DW comic strip) dressed as Crow from MST3K, Two's companion Jamie holding Tom Servo (MST3K) dressed as the Sixth Doctor, and Eleven.

*More wandering as Eleven ([ profile] eve11) and Five (me)
IMG_2406 (1)

A pair of cross-gendered Elevens
IMG_2408 (1)

A lovely Mad Hatter
IMG_2410 (1)

Continuing the theme of cross-gendered outfits, a delightful Kaylee and a very stern Zoe from Firefly
IMG_2411 (1)

IMG_2412 (1)

A small child absolutely awed by Bender
IMG_2413 (1)

*Another quick change and it was off to the Doctor Who dinner at the Mellow Mushroom.
IMG_2417 (1)

*Up early for the parade as Jabe (me) and Nefertiti (Eve), both Doctor Who one-off companions. As always, there was a large Doctor Who contingent.
IMG_2423 (1)

King Arthur with his trojan rabbit (Monty Python)
IMG_2430 (1)

A cyberman/Dalek mashup
IMG_2431 (1)

IMG_2434 (1)

*We ran around as Jabe and Nefertiti for a couple of hours after the parade, then retired to the room to relax for a bit.

*When we went out in the evening, I gave the Death dress a trial run - just the light version of the makeup and no Death accessories.

*Gaming on the 12th floor of the Hilton with our fearless DW organizer and a few others. Of course, I was completely unfamiliar with either of the games we played (Code Names, and Betrayal at House on the Hill) but I had a lot of fun, and we stayed out till the wee hours.

*We both slept in and spent most of the daylight hours resting and working on Eve's War costume. We were both pretty tired.

*Once we got ourselves put together (it took longer than expected for both of us - the trials and tribulations of breaking out new costumes) we headed out to meet up with our friend J, who was dressing as Pestilence.

*Once all together, we wandered around for a while, tracking down some of J's friends that he wanted to check in with, as well as taking in the feel of the evening.

We saw a lovely Farscape crew.

I took a ton of pictures at the Mechanical Masquerade (steampunk ball) but most of them were dark and grainy because I had the flash turned off. A few turned out quite nice, though.

The Four Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse

IMG_2457 (1)

Jareth from Labyrinth is a common costume, but this was a good one.
IMG_2458 (1)

A pair of ghostly pirates
IMG_2463 (1)

The Horsemen with a skeletal lady unicorn

Our Pestilence

By 12:30 or 12:45 we reluctantly admitted it was time to say goodnight if we wanted to get an early start on the drive home (we did the trip home in one day).

I honestly hated to be done - I wanted to stay out all night and keep Dragon Con going - but all good things must come to an end and this year's DC was no exception. I had a fabulous time and the weekend ended on a high note. I got a lot of compliments on the skull makeup, as awful and amateurish as I thought it looked, so that was hours of staring at youtube clips and greasy makeup practice put to excellent effect!

Financially and because of work schedules I know I won't be able to go next year, but maybe in 2018 we can all do it again.
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