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Okay, got most of a cup of coffee in me and I'm beginning to move on from omg!zombie stage. Mornings are hard, people! I felt hungover this morning and I didn't even have anything to drink last night. How unfair is that?

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I got some shopping done. The little mini-sweater I was looking at online wasn't to be found at Target and I'm not buying it online without trying it on and seeing how it looks, so I'm going back to the drawing board on that one. I did buy a bunch of knee socks, though. I've been wanting some because my lower legs get cold when I'm walking to work in low temps. I was tempted by the over the knee socks, but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't work well with my somewhat less than ideally skinny legs.

I also went to Old Navy, where there were supposed to be some great clearance deals. Well, there were actually a few nice clearance deals but not on anything I actually wanted. So I walked away from there empty handed.

Then on to Best Buy, mainly just because it's there and it's my favorite store. They've rearranged the one in the Waterfront and I didn't like it much. Hard to find anything and the dvd section was much smaller than it used to be. Oh well, the lack of selection meant that once again, I was spared actually spending any money. I also looked at iPods, since mine has completely died. I really do need a new one, but by the time I got to them, I was deeply entrenched in a 'spend no money' head space. I looked at the tiny little nanos, debated the differences between ipods and itouches with the friend I was with, and walked away. I may just have to order one online, since I do need to get one if I'm going to start up running again any time soon.

Later in the evening I did some babysitting, for the same family I was with last weekend. The three-year-old was as delightful as always. Even before her parents left, she was asking when we were going to have more Meeshie days. After they left she told me she wanted to get into her pjs and watch a Steelers game with me. I told her she the game was next week, so she would be able to watch with her parents. "No," she answered, "with you!" So now I've got the little boy who insists on hockey every time I babysit him (such a sacrifice on my part) and the little girl who thinks we will always watch Steelers games together. It's hard to remember sometimes, how much I hated sports up until about two years ago, lol.
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The downside of babysitting is that sometimes when I get home, I'm not really ready for bed, even though it's pretty late. I was planning to get up early and go running tomorrow, which means I should hit the hay, but alas. I'm not tired. Or, tired, but not ready to be done with the day, yet. Also, I had a small bit of diet soda after eight, so I'm probably just doomed.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. Get my hair done, buy groceries, do some housework, and then get started on those blasted corset tabs that are going to make my fingers cry before the end.
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Another day off, tomorrow. I babysat for one of the toddler room's families this morning and I'll do a few hours for another family tomorrow. And tomorrow's family is in pretty close walking distance which means no one has to risk their lives driving me back and forth. Win!

As for the rest of the day, I definitely won't be making a life-sized TARDIS in my backyard, but if I get bored/desperate enough, who knows. K-9 maybe?
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Wow, I was tired today. All that shopping yesterday just wore me out. And then, I thought I was babysitting from four to six today, but it was more like two to five-thirty, and because I had to get there on my own, I left the house a little after one, so it ended up being all afternoon. *pouty face*

By the time I got home I was super tired and headachy and trying hard to not just go straight to bed at six in the afternoon. But, I persevered and managed a significant amount of lounging on the sofa wrapped in a warm blanket with mindless dvds on.

I had the first disc of Jeeves and Wooster, season one, so that was what I popped in first. I fell in love with it pretty much immediately. Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry have such great on-screen chemistry. And, as silly as it is, I think I spent the entire three episodes just absolutely lusting over the clothes. I love just about every outfit everyone on the show wore.

And then, after convincing myself that nine o'clock was far too early for bedtime, I finally pulled up Merlin.

Merlin 2x04, Lancelot and Guinevere )
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Oh, ouch. Banged up toe. Strained muscle in my back. Sore neck and shoulders. I'm feeling my years tonight.

Good weekend so far, though.

Girls' Night out last night with [ profile] eve11 and people from work. Yummy food and drink. Then Eve and I came back to my place and pretty much crashed.

Today was all about shopping. Over the course of five hours and six stores I got: two bras, three pairs of winter weight cargos, twelve pairs of socks, a pair of Mudd shoes, three long-sleeve tees, one rolled-sleeve tee, one tee/cami set, three pairs of rolled-sleeve button-ups, and season one box sets of Eureka and Friday Night Lights. No more shopping for me until next year.

I had babysitting this evening and introduced a not-quite 2yr old to the joys of hockey. Pittsburgh vs. the Maple Leafs in Toronto. The Pens dominated the entire game and won easily, 5-2. I only let the little guy watch about fifteen minutes of the game, but of course there was a knock down, fists flying fight in the first couple minutes of the game. Try explaining that one.

I also fit in a Doctor Who episode, Image of the Fendahl. Another Fourth Doctor and Leela adventure, it found them in modern day England, dealing with a mystical skull and an old Gallifreyan legend. It featured Leela in a new outfit and hairdo, both of which I hated. Seemingly, so did others, because by the end of the episode, she was back to her normal look. It also had archaeologists, a coven, and a big silly sluglike monster. I liked it.

I have not yet managed to see Bones, Dollhouse, Numb3rs or Merlin from this week, so there will be lots to keep me occupied tomorrow, along with laundry, cleaning, and a little more babysitting.
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I made it through the day. Despite harsh temptation in the form of gigantic slices of chocolate and carrot cakes at the luncheon, plus complementary treat bags filled with candy and bite-sized chocolates, I made it through the day without any sweets.

[ profile] eve11 and I went downtown last night to watch the Pens game on the big screen outside Mellon Arena (where the Pens were playing). This was a last minute plan, decided upon while we were at the gym yesterday morning. No lawn chairs, no blankets, but plenty of yummy/healthy food courtesy of [ profile] eve11. Nothing daunted, we spread our jackets on the mulchy ground and plopped down with a great view of the screen. And then we sat there and shivered through two periods. The second period, FSN lost it's feed or something and we were stuck with the feed from the JumboTron which showed the action but had no sound or other information. At that, we were lucky. Everyone else watching the game on FSN was SOL and just had to miss most of the second period. Not that they missed much other than the Pens sucking mightily. It was a most depressing game. Due to the shivering and lack of a decent feed (at this point we didn't know it was a city wide failure) we decided to bail after the second period. So we packed up and headed to Silky's where we watched the Pens fail to rally even the slightest bit. So, Saturday it's back to Philadelphia and the hideous orange glare from all the Flyers fans. Bummer.

And on to today. I get to go in to work early, which means I get to come home early, as well. I have to babysit tonight, though, so no real fun for me. Especially as this particular family doesn't have a tv. My goal, therefore, is to take my laptop along and finish up my Merlin fic after the kidlet is in bed. One good thing - there's no sweets in their house, so that will greatly cut down on temptation.
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I went to a barbeque today where the main entertainment was beer pong (try to throw a ping pong ball into your opponent's cup of beer across a ping pong table or other lengthy surface - if you succeed, your opponent must drink the beer). I can tell I'm getting too old for these things because my primary thought was, that ball is bouncing all over the driveway and grass and then into the cups and someone has to drink out of them afterwards? Ew! Of course, the players were dipping the balls into cups of water between rounds but still, after a few rounds, those cups of water had all sorts of dirt and leaves and grass floating in them.

It was, as I suspected, a somewhat awkward occasion. Fun, but everyone there was either a grad student or recently graduated, and I only knew the hosts and one other family with a sixteen month old baby. Needless to say, I played with the babies a lot. But since I like playing with babies, it worked out okay, and it was an absolutely gorgeous day for a cookout.

I babysat in the evening, which involved a trip to the playground where I played catch with a five year old. After I put the kids to bed, I watched the Pirates game (played in the afternoon, but aired in the evening, for some reason). The Bucs kicked serious ass to win 10-0 against the Braves. This was the second game in the series and they had a shut-out yesterday as well. After watching Hockey for a while, where I can mostly follow the game but never can pick out the off-sides and icings and penalties, it's nice once in a while to sit back and watch a game that I mostly understand and can easily follow. Listening to the announcers took me back to childhood and listening to the game on the radio in the car on long drives.

And now I'm home again. It was a good day but very little was accomplished. In theory, I should go shopping tomorrow and do housework, etc. It remains to be seen if any of that gets done, or if I just spend another day lazing around.
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I managed to push through my serious aversion to section five and got it down. Only two more to go, a bit of polishing, and I'm actually going to have fic to post. I'm a little excited by the novelty of this.

I had a three hour break from the writing for purposes of babysitting this afternoon, and got a nice walk out of it as a bonus. Took the baby to the playground where he toddled about and explored a climber (with me about three hairs-breadth behind him). Barely ten minutes in, however, I noticed the sky turning an ominous shade of black and strapped baby back into the stroller for the fifteen minute walk back to the house. We didn't end up getting anything like a real storm, but it got pretty windy for a while and did rain a bit. Played with the baby and the dog for a couple of hours and when it was time for me to go home, he cried. Between him and baby girl snuggling up in my arms very trustingly last night, I'm feeling very well loved for a childless spinster-type.
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I don't think I can get away with saying I don't like sports any more. )

Dollhouse 1x07 )

I had babysitting tonight. A repeat family, 5yr old boy, almost 1yr old girl. And let me tell you, that girl is adorable, but I would never be able to sleep if I was her mom. I put her down in her crib and made sure there were no blankets or toys near her face. A little while later I went in to check on her (baby monitors do not reassure me) and she had completely flipped around to the other end of the crib and buried her face in a pile of blankets. So, I moved the blankets away from her face, she immediately rolled over and face-planted in them again. I moved them again, and for a third time she found the blankets with her face. I finally just gave up and let her sleep how she wanted. But I was popping into her room to check that she was still breathing so often it's a wonder she didn't wake up. And the baby monitor, totally useless. I had it turned up so loud I could hear the ticking of her clock louder than the tv, still couldn't hear her breathing. Probably a good think I'm not a mom. I'd be so overprotective of my kids it would be unreal.

Tomorrow there is more babysitting and then Monday it's back to work. Where does the weekend go, I ask you?
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So, I'm a bit of an idiot sometimes.

I had a babysitting engagement this afternoon that I forgot all about. The parents called at ten after five to find out where I was. Erm, in my living room, still in my pjs, with all of my decent jeans/trousers in the wash? Not good.

They were understanding, I threw on a pair of holey jeans and speed-walked on over to their place. The kids were playing with Snap Circuits. A little later we broke out an Enviro Battery Kit, so it was a very science-y visit. And then we watched some Batman: Brave and Bold. Oh, how I would have howled in laughter if that wouldn't have necessitated explaining my laughter to a five year old and a seven year old. Aqua Man was depressed. Big, hulking muscle-bound superhero type, making sad faces in the sand with his toe, and singing mournful Beluga Whale songs. Oh. My. God. And it just went on from there. Too much hilarity to contain.
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I went to a play, tonight. Okay, technically, I was babysitting the director's kid during the play. And also technically, it was a grade school play. But, still. It was great fun.

The play was How To Eat Like A Child and other lessons in NOT being a grown up. The kids were not the most talented group the director has had, she said, but they played with great heart and really impressed me.

This is a family I've babysat for fairly often, and the older son is in my room at work. He was hanging out backstage with mom, and I was with dad out in the audience, ready to run the baby (about seven months) out of the room if he got fussy. At first, the dad was holding Baby and I was just hanging out, sort of twiddling my thumbs. And I have to admit, thinking rather grimly that the only people who voluntarily watch grade-school kids at a play are their parents. But then, about five minutes before the play began, I stole the baby (he'd been craning his neck around to make eyes at me for a good ten minutes and I finally decided that if I was there to watch the baby, I was damn well going to at least get to hold the baby). I love this baby, and he was perfectly happy to come hang out with me for a little while. Then the lights went out and he got a little freaked out for about ten seconds. But then the show started and Baby just stared and stared and stared at the stage. Every now and then, if it got a unexpectedly loud (the volume was patchy) he started and gave me a little look, asking for reassurance, but he never made a sound. Two thirds of the way through, he fell asleep and didn't stir for the rest of the play.

So, basically, I got a free supper - we stopped on the way for food-- and paid (or I will, they didn't have the cash on them so they're paying me tomorrow) to hang out and watch the play. That works pretty well for me.

And the play? Was hilarious. It's based on the book by Delia Ephron, and it's really cute.
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I'm babysitting tonight. To the extent that I'm at someone else's house playing on my laptop instead of sitting in my own apartment, playing on my laptop. The child in question was already asleep when I got here a little before seven and her parents don't expect her to wake up. Easy peasy way to earn a few bucks, I say. *grins*
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Yay! Talechallenges are up! Lots of great weekend reading! Okay, enough exclamation marks.

An amusing little anecdote )

For those of you interested in doing a 24-hour hobbit Ficathon challenge this weekend, the challenge (to write a hobbity story using only dialogue) has been posted. I realize that with it being a Marigold Challenge weekend, there may not be as much interest in writing as there is in reading, but I'm hoping to see some stories by tomorrow evening. Anyone may post a story, you don't have to be a member of the community.

If you're not sure how to post to a community you don't belong to (I wasn't and had to search for instructions) you can go to the [ profile] hobbit_ficathon user info page and click on the blue pencil. That will open an update journal page.
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I was out walking with Frodo, Merry and Pippin this evening. I was definitely filling the Sam role. Seriously, this family that I babysit for is very big into LotR. There are three children, ages seven, three, and one-and-a-half. The oldest child, a boy, is in the process of reading The Hobbit out loud as his bed-time story. He has been working on his halloween costume (Aragorn in his kingly armor) since January. Last year he was Eomer and his sister was Eowyn. The year before that they were Gandalf and Frodo. Now, you have to understand that the father in this scenario hand makes chainmale for his son's costume. There is a pretty serious expenditure of time, energy and creativity going on here. I fit right in with them, with my costuming and fic writing.

So we were going to the playground to squeeze in a little outdoor play before we were forced inside by a cranky one-year-old. The youngest child was very excited about his new jogging stroller and insisted we take that instead of the little fold-up jobby. Then, as soon as we were outside, he insisted on walking. It was very cute, he held hands with his sister and brother, walking in between them, and as we went, I got this image of a baby!Pippin walking just like that with Merry and Frodo, off on a baby!adventure with his beloved older cousins. Now, of course, I feel the need to find a plot to go with the image. Off in search of a suitable plotbunny I go. I suppose I should be able to find something, probably hiding under the bed. If you have any ideas, feel free to contribute :)


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