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Thank you, all my lovely friends, for the kind and thoughtful birthday wishes. I've had a lovely day so far.

My dad called me first thing this morning, actually getting my birthday day right for the first time in years. He's had a lot of health problems this past year or so but he sounded a lot better than he has in a while, and it was only a little awkward talking to him.

Some friends treated me to a delightful brunch this morning. We went to a little place called Coca Cafe, which has the feel of a coffee house, but the kitchen of a restaurant. They open at 10, we got there at 10:05 and they already had a forty minute wait for a table! So after putting our names on the list, we wandered a block or two down the street to Espresso a Mano for some coffee and a warm place to wait.

As soon as we walked in the door, I could tell this was a place that takes their coffee seriously. I ordered a latte and discovered that I was right.

It also tasted really good.

We hung out with our coffees until a table opened up and then wandered back down the street to eat. I'd never been to Coca Cafe before, but I can definitely recommend it. I ordered the Almond French Toast, which came with strawberries and lemon cream sauce.

Since I was taking pictures, Friend D wanted to take a pic of me with my food. Good thing I made an effort to be presentable this morning!

The thing about today that I was not expecting was the inch of snow on the ground when I woke up, and the persistent snowfall that has continued all day, despite the fact that assured me this morning that it was raining. It's only just barely freezing, and the snow is sticking to every single little leaf, twig and branch. Very pretty in a rather bleak, monochromatic way.

Coming up: pictures of a walk on a snowy day )

And now, the sky is all pink with sunset, I'm in my snuggly Life is Good pjs, I'm getting ready to heat up some left over chicken vindaloo, I have dark chocolate to eat for dessert, and movies to pop into the dvd player. I declare this birthday a rousing success!
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It was a very nice three-day weekend. Friday was as much sick day as vacation day, but I found some of my missing earrings, stashed away in a random drawer where I would never purposefully have looked for them, so it counted as a win.

Yesterday morning, I went to brunch at Pamela's with a work friend and her husband. This is the sort of place where each item of your meal comes on its own plate, so breakfast for three really requires a separate table. Yummy food, though. In the afternoon I listened to the Pens vs. Stars game (third win in a row for the Pens) then watched the first few episodes of Black Books. There for awhile everyone was talking about this show so I stuck it on my Netflix queue. I laughed so much! And then in the evening, it was Shaun of the Dead. Again with much laughing (although, being the wussy wuss that I am, I did find myself looking uneasily around my apartment afterwards, wondering how on earth I would ever survive the zombie apocalypse with so many ground floor windows).

Today started out nice and slow, with a lazy morning. [ profile] eve11 picked me up around 2:00 to go to the hockey game. Almost certainly my last outing to the old Civic Mellon Arena. Cut for long-winded hockey talk )

And now I'm home, lamenting the fact that the weekend went too fast and I have to go back to work tomorrow. Boo. But in few remaining hours before bedtime, I think I'll watch an episode or two of Las Vegas. It's a bit hard to take the show seriously, but I love it none the less.
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Let my birthday weekend commence. I only felt mildly under the weather by the end of the workday, rather than desperately ill. I went out to Silky's with [ profile] eve11 for food and hockey. The Penguins won in overtime, giving them a two game win streak. That definitely counts as a winning evening.

Back in January I put in a request to have tomorrow off work, so tomorrow is a free day, yay! I was planning to go downtown to get a state photo ID, since my current (out of state) ID expires on my birthday, but it turns out there's a form I have to print out, so I'll do that on Monday and then take care of things first thing one day next week. Besides that, I have a little (very little) cut under my eye and I'm vain, I don't want photo id with that on it for the next four years, and that cut should be gone by next week. So tomorrow will be a putz around the house day. Which will not go unappreciated, since my throat is now killing me (seriously, omg ow!). A not unexpected result of combining a pre-existing sore throat with talking over a loud sports bar background and cheering on the home team in a tense overtime victory. I'll be just as glad to not have any talking or story reading or singing to do tomorrow.

A birthday

Oct. 24th, 2005 12:42 pm
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] uisceboo! Poorly organized friend that I am, your present and card have not yet hit the mail, but they will soon, I promise. I hope this birthday marks a year of new beginnings and wonderful happenings!
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Happy birthday to [ profile] i_o_r_h_a_e_l! May you have a wonderful day full of love and friends.

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Happy Birthday, [ profile] rabbitchild! I hope you're doing something fun today.

Happy Birthday, [ profile] ansothehobbit! I hope your day is very Merry, and in pursuit of that, I wrote this little fic for you.

The Vine )
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] lil_banik_slave!

I hope you have a great day filled with hobbits and banik ex-slaves -- now there's a cross-over fic for you, hehe.

Also a belated happy birthday to [ profile] elenar. I hope you had a wonderful day.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] piplover! I hope you have a wonderful day, full of fun, friends and hobbits.
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] tialys and [ profile] westwindschild! May you have much enjoyment of the day.


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