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I went shopping yesterday. Spent loads of money but caught lots of good after-Christmas sales and really replenished my wardrobe. Six shirts, tights and socks, two sweater dresses and a pair of boots. And then I pretty much crashed for the rest of the day.

Today we got out early to see Sherlock Holmes, which I enjoyed. And I only coughed a few times during the movie. I do believe I'm on the mend.

Next up was a trip to the vet's office. A couple different times this fall I thought I might have felt a little bump in Zoe's lower belly, but never for sure. Yesterday I felt it for sure, so a vet visit was called for. The vet says to keep an eye on it - if it's still there in two months or grows at all, take her back straightaway. Otherwise, she's probably fine. Zoe's a ridiculous girl and hid in the upper cabinet half the time we were there (but at least she didn't attempt to escape through the ceiling tiles). While there, I made an appointment for Mal so he can get his shots. The girl at the counter immediately asked if it was Mal like from Firefly. *grin*

I still haven't got around to watching Doctor Who. It will happen eventually, just not sure when.
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It's a Saturday and I actually got a few things done. I bought Christmas gifts and mailed them off. First time I've used the flat rate boxes at the Post Office and it was much easier than I thought. No standing in line to ship things off, just stick 'em in a box, use the self-serve machine to get postage, and drop 'em in the drop-off bin. Sweet! Now I just hope they all arrive at their intended destinations.

On the way home I stopped at Evil Overlords' Emporium for a Peppermint Mocha to drink on the walk home. That increased my Christmas cheer three-fold, I think. That, and the gently falling snow.

Once home I finished cleaning the living room, vacuumed, and pulled out my holiday decorations. Sadly, I confirmed that the vast majority of what I have only works on a tree, which I don't have this year. But I've got stockings hung from the mantle, a few bits and pieces here and there throughout the room, and a plan in place for creating a few more festive touches. I have to be careful what I put out, because Zoe is a curious little girl and will attempt to play with any and all of it (except for the things she just tries to eat).

And now, there's a hockey game tonight - the Pens are slumping big-time so the chances of the game going well are slim to none, but I'll listen anyway - and then I have The Bells of St. Mary lined up for a late evening movie-viewing. I might even work on getting cards done in the middle of all that.
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I got a lot of housework done yesterday and today I spent the entire day working on the mock-up of the ganger coveralls. I am a slow worker, but I have most of the top done. All it lacks is sleeves, some sort of interface or lining for the collar, and the bits that go across the shoulders at the corners. And a zipper, which the mock-up will never get. I want to get the top done this week so I can start on the bottom next weekend.

I had some dvds playing to keep me company while I worked.

Trial of a Time Lord )

Burn Notice: Season Four )

Oh, and it was a banner weekend for Zoe. After being so cute yesterday morning with her toy, she has since chewed through the wires on my headphones, tried to eat my pins and sewing needles, and chewed through the usb cable for my camera (thank goodness my newly repaired laptop has a card reader). And now she is curled up on the sofa, sleeping the sleep of the innocent and adorable. Mal contented himself with pouncing on the sewing patterns and is also sleeping the sleep of the innocent and adorable.

And because I can't see my cats being adorable without taking their pictures, here are the pictures.

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Zoe is utterly and ridiculously in love with her little remnant of bias tape. She drags it around all day long and begs me to play with her constantly. I often wake up in the morning to find it on my bed, waiting for me. It's just too bad that from a human perspective it's such a boring toy. I can only maintain interest in waving two feet of bias tape through the air for a very short period of time before I start wishing she'd entertain herself with it. But it's the first time in two years that she's found a toy she truly loves and can't destroy, so I'm pretty happy about it anyway.

Mal's favorite toy these days is a ball of aluminum foil. Which he destroys within a few days. But I also wake up to find that sitting on my pillow some mornings, lol. It makes me wonder how they manage to entertain themselves when I'm not home.
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Round One: Mal 0, Meesh 1

About 8:30 (two hours after his after school snack) Mal started getting very yowly and started biting at my arm. I ignored him for a few minutes, then when he started getting even more snippy, off to the box he went. He was pretty pissed but settled down very quickly and when I opened to door after a couple minutes, he just stayed where he was.

A few minutes later, he started up again, but when I didn't seem impressed, he wandered off to sulk. Finally ended up getting all sweet and purry with me before settling down for a little nap. When I finally did decide to feed them, around ten, he took his own sweet time heading into the kitchen, lol. He's a smart boy, my Mal.
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After taking a few days off from eating, Mal was pretty desperate for food this morning, so I got up a little early to feed the kids. Afterwards, I went back to bed and let myself have a slow, snoozy morning. All three cats joined me at one point, which I only realized when Maggie got up and left. But I just happened to have a camera on hand, so I got some photographic evidence of Mal and Zoe being adorable. Note: the angles are a bit awkward, as I was still in bed trying not to disrupt them before I got the pics.

Cats looking cute behind the cut )
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It's been quite a week, and not one I'm sorry to see end.

Maggie is finally starting to sound and act better. Up through yesterday she looked pretty miserable and I actually asked her owner to take her to the vet. The owner made her an appointment through the Humane Society, but it's a two week wait so it's a good thing Maggie finally started mending on her own. Honestly, if she hadn't stopped sneezing the way she was by today, I would have gone ahead and taken her to my vet and just footed the extra bill. I was really worried.

To keep with the theme of worrisome cats, Mal decided this week that he didn't want the dry food I've been feeding him for the last three years. He barely ate for two days and this morning I finally broke down and opened my last can of wet food to tempt him. He chowed down so fast I'm surprised he didn't regurgitate it all immediately. He did eat the dry stuff perfectly normally this evening, however. I noticed last night that he was nosing at his full bowl, went to the other cats' bowls, nosed their food and then wandered away, confused. Maybe his nose was still a little stuffed and he couldn't smell the dry stuff. The wet stuff certainly has a much stronger odor than the dry stuff.

For myself, to cap off a week of sleepless nights, I woke up with a headache today. I finally beat it midafternoon, but it's left me feeling every bit as exhausted as the sleepless nights did. Bleh!

On the brighter side, all the cats seem to be feeling better today and the headache is gone. It is Friday, the weekend should be a bit warmer than the past few days, and I remembered to get stuff done at work by the deadline, for a change. We had an unannounced visit by our state licensing rep today, and our room got through with shining colors. Luckily for me, all we had to do during this visit was know how many children we had and what their names were. Even the names part was a little bit of a challenge for my poor head this morning, lol.
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I was taking pictures of Zoe this morning and Mal, perhaps feeling left out, decided to strike a pose.

That's my Riverside Chaucer he's sitting on there, clearly contemplating his next literary move. Not only handsome but smart is my kitty.

But wait! There's more! )
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Well, that was a little weird.

There's a neighborhood cat who is often very friendly with me. He's (I'm going with he, although I've never really checked) got a collar and is well fed but in nice weather he spends a lot of time outside. I don't think I've ever seen him more than two or three house lengths from his own porch though, and it's very clear that it's up to him to decide when he wants to be friendly and get petted. As I walk by his house, he'll either give me a languid stare and return to whatever he's doing, or come trotting up to receive his due and proper snuggles. If the latter is the case, I'll stop, pet him a moment or two and move on, and he'll immediately find something else to do.

I haven't seen him in a couple of months, probably, since it's been so cold. But it warmed up this week and he was out today. As I came walking home from work today, he came bolting off his porch and up to me, twining around my legs and really acting desperate for a good snuggle. If he hadn't been all fat with a healthy, shiny coat of fur (actually, much cleaner and shinier than usual in the summer), I'd suspect no one had petted him for days. And when I finally said bye and turned for home, he trotted right after me, got in front of me, twined around my legs as I walked. He followed me for more than half a block before I decided I'd better walk him back home. I didn't want him to cross the street with me and then have to navigate back on his own. I got him back in the vicinity of his house (not entirely sure which porch is his, but I know to within a house or two where it is) and turned for home again. This time he sat down and watched me go, the whole way down the block, across the street and on. I felt like I was abandoning some poor homeless critter, when I know very well that he has a family that takes care of him. I hope he's not locked out of his house or anything. Poor kitty.
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To do list for this weekend:

* Figure out what areas I need anecdotes in for my primary kids at work
* dismantle tree stand
* put christmas decorations away
* do laundry
* tidy up living room
* vacuum living room
* tidy up bedroom
* vacuum bedroom
* clean litter boxes
* wash dishes
* mop kitchen floor
* buy groceries

Maggie's owner is coming over to visit her in a couple of hours so it would be nice if the living room was done by then, at least. Hoping to get a bit more than that, but who knows when my will to clean will give out. The laundry is started and half the litter boxes are done, so some progress on the household chores portion of the list has occurred.
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The battle rages on between cat and tree. For the most part, the tree seems to be winning. I had some pieces of Victorian tinsel that had to come off the tree because Zoe couldn't resist. It isn't dangerous for her (not that kind of tinsel) but she was in real danger of destroying it all.

Her favorite thing to do, however, is sit in the window (behind the blinds), stick a paw through the blind and bat at the tree. I've tried to get a picture of it but at the first hint of a camera coming out to play, she's gone. Just now, she came dashing through the living room, fought briefly with a low-hanging branch, yowled just a little, and took off like all the demons of hell were chasing her. I really do love that girl.
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Up to this point in our relationship, Zoe has spent, literally, one minute curled up on my lap. This is not to say that she isn't a sweet, affectionate girl, she just has other ways to show it. But this evening, possibly because it's miserably effing cold in here, she just pushed and shoved her way right into my lap, curled up and went to sleep. She'd still be there now but my leg started cramping and I needed to get up and move. Cats make great little mobile heating units.
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Such a sucker for my kitties am I. After thirteen months of Mal and Zoe keeping a careful distance, I turned on my little desk lamp in my very dark living room and spied this:

They were so very casual about it, too, like they sleep back to back all the time and couldn't understand what all the fuss was when I went running for the camera. *hearts adorable cats*
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The cats are working on their Destructo title again. I'm not sure which of them did it this time, but when I came home from work yesterday and made my way in the dark across the room to turn on the light (somehow all the lights/switches seem to be placed as far from the entrances of the rooms as possible in this apartment) the lamp was AWOL. After feeling around blindly for a few minutes I managed to find it, lying on its side. The light socket was all askew and took a bit of work getting back into place, but it's all fritzy now. Looks like my next home improvement project will be getting a new lamp for the living room.

Tomorrow after work I need to remember to go to the store and buy myself some food-like goodies so I can at least pretend to celebrate Thanksgiving. I'm hoping the little neighborhood place will at least have turkey slices and pumpkin pie. Anything else is a bonus.

New Cat

Aug. 15th, 2010 11:51 am
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Well, that went about as poorly as I should have expected. New Cat arrived without a carry case, so I had to carry her through the house into the bathroom in my arms. Hoo boy! I have never seen Mal so utterly pissed off and furious. He was ready to fight and since he couldn't get into the bathroom to fight her, he was perfectly willing to have a go with me. Luckily, it didn't come to that, but he is not even a little bit pleased with me or the situation right now.

I'm not entirely sure what Zoe's reaction was to the whole thing, since she's sort of just been keeping her head down. She came into the kitchen to sniff at the litter box and eat a little food, but otherwise I haven't really seen her.

New Cat is safely tucked away in the bathroom. She'd really like to come out and explore but that won't be happening for a good long while. I'm not letting her show her face until Mal and Zoe are both feeling much, much more comfortable about the situation.

New Cat is a very pretty girl and I'm told she's very sweet and gentle, so hopefully she'll make a happy addition to the household once we all get over this OMG!Invasion anxiety.
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Sewing weekend with [ profile] eve11 went really well! No internet for the whole weekend while I sewed. Thirteen or fourteen hours of dedicated work got me through the bodice and sleeves, which are all finished and attached. My fingers are, once again, sore. Even with the thimble, I still managed to make myself bleed several times (only once on the fabric, and then only a tiny bit, on the lining, phew!)

Eve's kitties are a little older than mine and much more relaxed around sewing projects. They both wanted to snooze on the fabrics and instructions, but neither of them really wanted to play with the fabric and instructions. I got home, spread things out, and Mal immediately started attacking the fabric. And then Zoe wanted to play hide and seek under the bunched up skirt pieces I was working on.

It was a high calorie weekend. I really need to stop at the store on the way home from work tomorrow and buy salad stuffs, because I ate a ton of deliciously fatty foods this week, ending with take out gnocchi (almost drowning in olive oil, yum) and part of a chocolate brownie. So delicious, but so not part of my diet. My dress will fit if I stay the same weight, or continue to lose. If I regain any weight, it's not going to work so well. So, tomorrow I'm back to salads and very light meals.

And now, I'm exhausted. I can barely keep my eyes open and see no reason to try. I'm off to beddy-bye now, in the hopes of actually sleeping for a change.
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It's thundering and Zoe isn't hiding under the sofa. This is a first! She was hiding under the sofa until I got home, but she came out to greet me and is now sitting in Mildly Anxious Cat pose not too far away. I'll take Mildly Anxious Cat pose over Terrified Under the Sofa pose any day of the week.
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After six and a half or seven hours of work, I have the outer gown pieces cut out of the fabric. This does not include the underskirt, lining or interface, but it's something. Being the procrastinator that I am, I didn't get started until well after 2 pm, despite getting up at 7 am because I wanted to get an early start.

I had eight yards of 54" fabric for the outer gown. There is nowhere in my apartment that is even remotely capable of holding that much fabric spread out. Even doubled up to cut two layers, I had little bits of it spread out at a time, with the rest bunched up at one end. And there was just enough room at the sides and other end for me to creep around the edges and balance on my toes while pinning and cutting. I expect my thighs to be a little sore tomorrow.

I had to make my own sleeve pattern, combining the sleeve of the shift with the shoulder of the gown, since the gown pattern came with some sort of ridiculously overdone oversleeve/undersleeve frippery that was way too fancy for what I wanted. And since I did the bodice side in 14 and the bodice front and back in 10, it's going to take some more adjusting before it actually fits the shoulder strap of the bodice (depending on how much too big it is, I might just do a little gather at the top and make the shoulder slightly puffed), but it will look a lot better than the alternative.

I think Mal doesn't actually like it when I start working on these sorts of projects. He and Zoe spent a good part of the afternoon trading off the bathroom and the carrier box, and when he was finally freed (after I'd cut everything out, but before I'd transfered markings and put all the pins away) he settled down on the skirt (right on top of the pins) and growled everytime I came anywhere close to touching it. Poor guy, back to the bathroom with him, until I had everything finished and put away. It's going to be a long month for him and me both if he can't accept this activity. Zoe took her turn being a nuisance, too, but with her it's more 'oh, hey, fun, what are we doing now?' as she settles herself on the pattern/fabric/pins/etc. And then she cries so plaintively when she's locked up. Much harder to ignore than Mal's pissy growls.

This is definitely my least favorite part of doing a sewing project. I start liking things again once all the fabric is cut out and I can start putting it all together. Then it gets fun!
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Oh, Zoe! She ate the wrist strap off my camera while I was out babysitting. I'm normally very careful about keeping things like that put away out of her reach but I was distracted and didn't even think about it when I left the house. That will be a fun pile of puke to find a few days from now. *sigh*
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My sewing machine is on the way! It is right now sitting in a routing facility in Lewisberry, PA. The Fed Ex site gives an optimistic June 16 as the delivery date. Since it will probably have to go to the Fed Ex distribution place in Pgh before getting reloaded on a different truck and being actually delivered to me, I sort of doubt it will be on my porch when I get home tomorrow, but you never know. I'm just crossing my fingers that it gets here by the weekend. I'd love to have a little time to play around with it and some scrap fabric so I can learn it's idiosyncracies before diving into a major project like this dress is going to be.

I also got an email from Jo-Ann Fabric that my muslin and the other things for the shift have been put in the mail. Well, actually, Fed Ex was notified but doesn't seem to have picked them up yet. So they will probably not get here at least until the weekend or next week at the earliest.

In less fun news, boy does Mal disapprove of the diet I've got him on. He's turning into a very cranky boy indeed, and I'm learning just how sharp his teeth are. But I think he's losing a little weight, and he's starting to act a little friskier, so I guess there is good mixed in there. He's definitely not starving, but he's hungry and he doesn't like it. Poor boy, I feel bad for him but I won't let him be a fat cat any longer. And if he bites me one more time, he's going into solitary confinement. (I miss that adorable little guy with the big ears in my icon. They grow up too fast!)

To misquote Arthur Dent, I never did get the hang of Tuesdays. But Tuesday is just about done, now. Bring on Wednesday!


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