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It's a Saturday and I actually got a few things done. I bought Christmas gifts and mailed them off. First time I've used the flat rate boxes at the Post Office and it was much easier than I thought. No standing in line to ship things off, just stick 'em in a box, use the self-serve machine to get postage, and drop 'em in the drop-off bin. Sweet! Now I just hope they all arrive at their intended destinations.

On the way home I stopped at Evil Overlords' Emporium for a Peppermint Mocha to drink on the walk home. That increased my Christmas cheer three-fold, I think. That, and the gently falling snow.

Once home I finished cleaning the living room, vacuumed, and pulled out my holiday decorations. Sadly, I confirmed that the vast majority of what I have only works on a tree, which I don't have this year. But I've got stockings hung from the mantle, a few bits and pieces here and there throughout the room, and a plan in place for creating a few more festive touches. I have to be careful what I put out, because Zoe is a curious little girl and will attempt to play with any and all of it (except for the things she just tries to eat).

And now, there's a hockey game tonight - the Pens are slumping big-time so the chances of the game going well are slim to none, but I'll listen anyway - and then I have The Bells of St. Mary lined up for a late evening movie-viewing. I might even work on getting cards done in the middle of all that.
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One bright moment. My knitted celery arrived today and I was able to find a ziplock bag to stash it in until I get the bug sitch sorted out.

Landlady called Orkin and they're coming out first thing tomorrow morning to do an inspection and see if there's any sign of bugs. A couple people have suggested that it might be fleas. It could be, but the cats have shown no sign of discomfort. Every great now and then I see one of them chewing or scratching at something, but never persistently or often. And I checked Zoe, who will actually put up with being poked and prodded, but didn't see even one little speck that could be flea-like.

Almost all of the bites are around my ankles and on the backs of my legs, butt, or lower back. Which could mean they (whatever they are) are in my living room carpet - I live on the floor. I almost never actually sit on my sofa, it mostly just holds my mail and other random crap that would otherwise be taking up too much space on the floor.

A friend from work, M, came over this evening to help me clean-up, do a bug search. She helped me go over the bed, sofa and carpet. We found a couple of suspicious little black things that we taped to an index card, but no actual bugs (live or carcass). And then she made me eat when she realized that I hadn't eaten more than a Powerbar and a tiny little bit of pasta all day. I was so brain dead that it was almost more than I could do to focus well enough to make a salad with some lettuce, tuna and dressing. Stupid Meeshie Brain in action.

Now I'm torn between wanting to wash/vacuum/etc. everything in sight and wanting to leave any evidence that the Orkin man will need to decide what's going on.

Oh, and when I talked with the landlady this evening, she let me know that she has very reluctantly decided she needs to sell the house within the next year, so I need to start looking for a new place to live. I've been expecting that conversation for a while, but it just adds that little frisson of extra stress. Yay! I can't even really focus on that right now, though. I need to get through the rest of the summer, make it to Dragon Con without taking a cheese grater to my skin to get rid of the burning, itching, horror that is these bug bites. And then it's do or die time. Find a new job and a new place to live before this place disappears out from under me. It's time, anyway. I've been here for four years and haven't even unpacked some of my stuff. Time to do a huge purge and find a tiny/cheap place to live. That has enough room for two cats.

Oh the second, my steampunky choker necklace shipped today. I can't wait to see how feasible it's going to be to take it apart and remake it in the colors/style I want.
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It's 9:30pm and I'm just now getting around to remembering that I should eat something. It's been a busy day.

*Got my hair colored and trimmed. That should hold me for another four months or so.

*Went to the grocery store. Got all the way to the head of the checkout line before I remembered that my debit card wasn't in my wallet. D'oh! I had enough cash for the essentials, but I'll have to go back tomorrow if I want to have enough food to eat this week. This, btw, was the first warning sign that Stupid Meeshie Brain (SMB), which I've been suffering from all week, was still in full effect. Thank goodness I made sure to have cash for my hair, otherwise it could have been very awkward/bad/awful.

*I put together the lining for my bustier and got the whole thing put together. Got the zipper in and tried it on - it fits perfectly around the waist but was a little big around at the top. I put in a dart on either side and that seems to have mostly fixed the problem. The other problem with it is that I have love handles at the waist. Specifically, the one on the right side is a little bigger than the one on the left, so it pushes the bustier up on one side, making the top look lopsided. Other than very targeted fat-shaving, I'm not entirely sure what to do about that problem . But, it's mostly done. I need to do a bit of slip-stitching still this evening, but it's a functional garment at this point and I'm thrilled with it.

*Washed a ton of laundry. Five loads! Unfortunately, the last two of those loads were blankets. Cat hair laden blankets. All that cat hair clogged up the drain-sink's drain, leading to another adventure with a mop as I endeavored to clean up all the standing water (another attack of SMB led to me not ever even thinking to check the drains). But the last blanket is in the drier and everything else is folded and put away.

*Stripped the bed, washed the blankets and stuff, and vacuumed the mattress. There have been no more bug bites since the initial ones Wednesday night/Thursday morning but I'm taking no chances. If any more bites occur after this, I'll by a handheld steam cleaner and use that on the mattress. Of course, after the disaster with the blankets, I haven't tried to wash the pillows. But, SMB again, I did five loads of laundry and failed to wash any of my dishcloths so I will be doing more laundry tomorrow. I may sleep without the pillows tonight and throw them into the evil machine in the morning.

*And now I'm eating some Chunky Chili soup, which tastes even more abysmal than usual. I have a feeling Mal is going to get more than his fair share of this dreck. Time to put on some mindless tv and get to slip-stitching.
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My goal for today was to get the living room tidied up and vacuumed, and start laying out pieces for the costume.

Well, I got the living room tidied up and vacuumed. Then I decided that before I start working on the current costume, I should really do a bit of organizing. Previous costumes, props, fabric remnants and sewing supplies were scattered all over the apartment in bags, boxes, storage bins and even still packed in an overnight bag from last fall. So I spent the past two hours mostly just tearing my apartment apart. But. I trashed a bunch of stuff that I was hanging on to for no particularly good reason; found five or six packets of photos from 2003-05 (Carriage House kids, DragonCon, New Hampshire stuffs); found a bunch of knickknacks I forgot I had (I'd love to unpack them but the cats would destroy them in a red hot minute); got a framed photo hung up on the wall; sorted out most of my past costumes; folded and put away all the fabric remnants that are big enough to be of possible use again some day; and got all of my old patterns sorted out and tucked away in a dedicated drawer.

Man, Mal gets so stressed/wired whenever I work on anything like this. He was bopping around, jumping at every noise or movement, and then his favorite stressed out behavior - sitting in the middle of whatever I'm in the middle of that's stressing him out and attacking me every time I move. I need to remember to just put him in the carry box whenever I'm about to start something like that, because he feels safe in there and is always able to relax a little.

Oh, and while I was unpacking last year's costume, I found my little black ankle boots and had a brainstorm! I obviously don't actually wear these boots as everyday shoes anymore, since they've been packed away for almost a year and I didn't even realize they were missing. And I've been trying to figure out what to do about shoes for this costume. I wanted something that would be reminiscent of Davison's white leather sneakers, without having to spend $80-$120 dollars on new shoes that I'd never wear again. I think these boots might provide the perfect solution (if it works - if not, well, I think of something else). I could spray paint the boots white - or maybe use something else that would stick to the boot without flaking off - and then make a pair of white spats to go on over them. I'd then put some fake lace-up fronts on the spats to make them look like they should. There are details to figure out and it's more work, but significantly less money. I am cautiously optimistic that this will be a viable solution to the problem.

And now I suppose I should finish tucking away the last few things still adorning the living room floor, vacuum again, and start the original plan for the day.
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I was supposed to go shopping this morning, but the Pittsburgh Marathon had other ideas. My friend was completely unable to get from her house to my house via any known roads, so we postponed for afternoon.

In order not to waste the day, I started doing laundry. When I went down to the basement to switch from the washer to the dryer, I found the drain sink completely full and overflowing, with a good half inch of water standing on the floor in the laundry corner (which is raised above the rest of the basement by a few inches and doesn't have a drain in the floor). Grimacing, I reached into the sink full of grey, murky water and fished around until I found a rag blocking the drain. Then I ran upstairs and borrowed my landlady's old mop (the kind that requires a bucket with a wringer, which I don't happen to have). I then spent half an hour mopping up the standing water and hand-wringing it all out. Not my favorite half-hour ever.

But then it was time for shopping, and by some miracle, I think I managed to get everything that I had on my list, plus a few other things that I forgot to put on the list but really needed. I have a new, fun floor lamp which will beautifully illuminate my living room as soon as I buy light bulbs for it. I have a toilet seat which doesn't make me cringe, a plunger to replace the one with cracks in the rubber part, a new Libman Tornado mop, a watch to replace the one that broke last week, a pair of capris, a skirt and three t-shirts (all of which are very boring and moderately ugly but nice and modest with little to no cleavage - we had a dress-code meeting at work last week), and a set of plastic storage drawers to go next to my newly cleaned off desk.

The floor lamp is assembled and all ready for light bulbs, the toilet seat is in place, the laundry is folded and put away, the dishes are washed, the bits of styrofoam packing from the lamp box are all vacuumed up and the bed has been scooted over to make room for the storage drawers. Now I should really do a bit of that work-work I brought home with me. But I really don't want to.
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Just made out my grocery list. Yikes, it's gonna be a bank-buster! But I'm getting a ride with a friend, which means stocking up on everything.

I've got the second load of laundry in the dryer and the first load folded and put away Laundry's all done. All of the dishes except a few pots and pans are done and either put away or drying in the rack.

Still to do:

*go grocery shopping
*finish cleaning out the fridge eh, mostly done
*sweep the kitchen again, I got some of it
*mop the kitchen (with isolated patches of scrubbing - I'm not in that much of a cleaning mood that I feel like scrubbing the whole floor, although it probably all could use a good going over) - I got the isolated scrubbing done but still need to do the general mopping
*clean the stovetop
*clean off the table
*emtpy, scrub out and refill the litter boxes.

Yep, today is a kitchen day. The poor room has been sadly neglected for a good long while and lots of little things have been piling up.

If I manage to get all of that done, I get rewarded with Doctor Who this evening!

I also had a lovely Skype chat with [ profile] westwindschild and Mom. I almost never even remember that I have Skype, but I signed in today and had bonus fun.

Update: Well, I feel as if I've spent a full day in the kitchen and it's still not as done as I'd like. But I think that I'm done. So the kitchen is as done as it's getting, for now at least. I've still got grocery shopping in a couple hours. Maybe that will spur me on to get a bit more done. In the meantime, I'm ready for a rest.
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The plan for today is to be at least marginally less lazy than yesterday. I've done a drainer full of dishes to start things off. Next up, fold and put away the laundry I did yesterday. The big chore for the day, though, is cleaning the bathroom. Not exactly my favorite of all household chores, sadly.

Oh, the other big chore is to get my taxes done. The queen of procrastination strikes again!

On the bright side, there's at hockey game on NBC this afternoon (Capitals at Rangers) so I'll have at least a little bit of fun. I may even root for the Caps. *gasp*

In other news, I'm taking a fairly last minute mini-vacation this week! I'm working Monday, took Tuesday and Wednesday off to take a nerd road trip to Brooklyn with [ profile] eve11 - we're going to a Doctor Who premiere and party at the Bell House, which sounds like a great time. Then I have the rest of the week off for CHCC's spring break. This could not come at a better time, as work has truly been hell lately.
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One of the things I wanted to get done before Christmas (and obviously failed to do) was get my kitchen counter completely cleared off and unpack a few knick knacks to display there. I finally got around to it this morning. Just a little late. So now I have my hot chocolate set out for the first time since I moved to NH in 2005. I also have a few little tea sets and things out. And, bonus, I found all of my missing Christmas lights in the box. I guess I didn't lose them after all. Yay!
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Poor Mal is looking a little freaked out. He did not approve of the new sheets I put on the bed (finally got them washed, although I bought them at Christmas). Add that to the vacuuming and the dish washing, and it has been a very disruptive day for cowardly kitties. Despite his disapproval, however, I got all the laundry washed, dried, folded and put away; all the dishes done (this is a monumental feat); the bed made; and the floors vacuumed. I continue to hope that one of these days I'll be able to string a couple of consecutive cleaning weekends together and get something more accomplished (such as sorting through more of my accumulated stuff to see what I really want/need to keep and what can be trashed/given to Goodwill, the library, etc.).

But yay for a productive Sunday and a (relatively) clean apartment. Now I get to spend the rest of the evening playing with a cute former toddler of mine and her 4 month old sister. And hopefully catching at least some of the Steelers game. Go Steelers!
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Today is off to a much better start than yesterday. It's not even noon yet and I've:

*washed a sink full of dishes,

*vacuumed the living room and bedroom,

*scooped all the litter boxes,

*got the laundry half done,

*and changed a light bulb for the landlady. This involved climbing to the top step of a fairly tall ladder and then clinging to the new gas piping (in the basement) in order to reach the insanely high up light fixture. I'm really glad the landlady didn't try this on her own!

Now, on to a question for you hobbit-minded folks out there. )
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To do list for this weekend:

* Figure out what areas I need anecdotes in for my primary kids at work
* dismantle tree stand
* put christmas decorations away
* do laundry
* tidy up living room
* vacuum living room
* tidy up bedroom
* vacuum bedroom
* clean litter boxes
* wash dishes
* mop kitchen floor
* buy groceries

Maggie's owner is coming over to visit her in a couple of hours so it would be nice if the living room was done by then, at least. Hoping to get a bit more than that, but who knows when my will to clean will give out. The laundry is started and half the litter boxes are done, so some progress on the household chores portion of the list has occurred.
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I'm finally getting some long overdue housework done! I've been going through stacks of papers that have been accumulating in various corners of the apartment since I was in school. *coughfouryearsagocough* To make it worse, I'm also sorting through stuff that [ profile] westwindschild was storing for me. And it all got mixed up with the more recent stuff, so I'm going through papers from 2007-10 and then all of a sudden I'm looking at bank statements from '94. Anyway, I got through the worst of the stacks and only have two smaller piles to go through still. I've also tidied up the books that WWC brought at the same time, that have been lying about in shameful slumped once-piles because I have no more shelf space. Everything is going to remain cluttered no matter what I do, but it's much more organized, already. I also found an under-the-bed storage container so I was able to put away my summer clothes and make some room in the storage cubes.

Tomorrow night I'll do laundry and get the kitchen cleaned up, and then the apartment will be in decent shape for the first time in far too long.
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I've accomplished just about everything on my to do list except the piecing and sewing bits (and the grocery shopping but there's only so much one can do), which was the main goal for the weekend. And now I feel very done and want to just sit and stare at the tv for the rest of the day.

On the up side, I did get up bright and early and go for a run this morning. It was a gorgeous morning, with lots of sun shafts filtering through the trees and getting all diffused by early morning mists and fogs. So pretty! Frick Park has a couple options for run lengths and I chose the short loop. Combined with the distance to and from my apartment, it's a little over a mile and a half altogether. And I managed to do the whole thing in just under fifteen minutes, which seems impossible. I'm pretty sure I've done some math wrong somewhere to come up with that distance/speed ratio, but for now I'll take it.

I've also successfully cleaned most of the kitchen and bathroom, and got my laundry done. And just now I cleaned up the inevitable puke from Zoe's latest adventure in eating undigestable things (my camera string).
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Somewhen around April 7, I realized I hadn't paid my phone bill, wondered why I wasn't getting increasingly nasty messages from AT&T, and ran off to pay the bill. Today, going to pay this month's bill, I was told I had a zero balance. Oh yes, I set up automatic payments for my phone in March and then immediately forgot that I did so. I swear, my brain does actually work on occasion. Just, only on occasion.

I did a bit of actual housework today.

*one and a half drainers of dishes washed
*three loads of laundry washed, dried, folded and put away
*living room floor decluttered (I can't say the entire room, because the sofa is still a cluttery mess).
*trimmed the claws on one of Zoe's paws.

Now my arm is very sore and cranky, so I think I'm done for today. I've started a Doctor Who story, more out of desire to do some writing than having any actual story to tell. I may work on that a little bit more while waiting for this week's episode to become available/download. And, as always, there is exciting hockey in store this evening. Game six of the Pens/Sens series, to be fought in Ottawa. Pens better get their tushies in gear and win this game, that's all I have to say on the matter.
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Things accomplished today:

*one load of laundry (all but the folding and putting away part)

*six hundred words of original fic world-building and conceptualization, while hanging out at a cafe with [ profile] eve11

*purchase of dvds (season three of Las Vegas and season five of SGA) and a book (The Three Muskeeters)

*read at least half of another book (The Stupidest Angel, by Christopher Moore)

*removed a nasty trojan virus from my laptop - well, spent almost three hours on the phone with a Dell software support person letting him remove the nasty from my laptop (the reason I stopped at six hundred words of world-building and conceptualization, also probably the reason my IE went all freaky on me last week)

The virus thingy sort of hijacked my plans for the day but I did not despair. Instead I went shopping and stocked up on books and dvds in case my computer was down for the count, lol. Of course, once I talked to the guy at Dell and found out that my warranty only covers hardware problems and I'd have to pay through the teeth for the software support, I sort of wished I'd had more self control at Barnes & Noble, but that's okay. It's payday this Friday and I'll just have to be a little more lean in my spendings next month.
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*It's Spring! Good-bye snow and cold. Hello birds, fresh breezes, buds and flowers.

*I filled out and mailed in my Census form. Last time around I never got a form and the time before that I was still living at home, so this was my very first census.

*I need a new vacuum cleaner. Two cats plus a lack of interest in vacuuming means that when I do get around to it, I need a heavy duty machine. My little Dirt Devil, while adorable, is not such a machine. I had to empty it out and clean the filter at least three times while vacuuming one small room.

*Mal is such a sweet little coward. Despite the vacuum being put away at least twenty minutes ago, he's still lurking in the kitchen, looking terribly betrayed and traumatized.

*I've started transfering bookmarks from google to firefox. It is a long and boring process, but it does at least give me an excuse to weed things out and reorganize. I'm such a geek - I love coming up with organizational systems, even if just for my bookmark folders and tags.

*Peanut butter and dark chocolate may not be a healthy or filling meal solution, but it is very yummy.
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I declare this weekend productive.

Friday evening I babysat, earning some extra bucks.

Yesterday I was mostly lazy but still got all my laundry done and washed a sinkful of dishes.

Today I went to the grocery store, tiedied up the living room, and sorted through all the incoming mail that I've been tossing into a corner for *mumblety mumblety mumble*. Bank statements, pay stubs, paid bills, etc. are all safely filed away and I filled up slightly more than one whole trashbag with everything else. I also paid the current crop of bills and gathered all my tax stuff together. There's still another pile that I could sort through if I felt like it, but it's mostly stuff from my MLIS program, and I don't actually have anywhere to put that stuff at the moment, so I'll continue to ignore it.

I also got a wicked papercut on the tip of my pinky finger. First time I've ever had a paper cut that actually made my finger swell up. Ouch!

The weekend wasn't all work, by any means. I also engaged in a Monarch of the Glen viewing marathon. I reached the end of season four and decided to stop there. Based on synopses provided by netflix, I think I'll be happier that way. And there was Penguins hockey today, against the hated Flyers. It was a hard fought game on both sides, but the Pens eked out a win. Go Pens!

tv time

Apr. 4th, 2009 09:13 pm
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I'm once again all caught up on Supernatural. Man, this show alternates between deep, dark angst, and utter crack like nobody's business. SGA could deal out the utter crack, but they generally avoided the darkest angsting. And BSG, from what I recall (I've only seen the first two seasons) did dark angst really well (too well for my taste, truth be told) but they avoided the crack. They've maybe even surpassed Farscape levels, and that show certainly had it's fair share of both dark and crack. Ah, damn, now I'm gonna have to go watch me some Farscape (this is how my brain works, people - SPN to Farscape in three easy sentences).

I didn't get much done today. Made it to the grocery store for the first time in months, got all my laundry done, and pretty much utterly failed to do much cleaning. Well, that's not true. The fridge is now sparklingly clean, and alarmingly empty despite the trip to the store. And I've finally got rid of a disgusting collection of old pizza boxes. And I washed one dish drainer of dishes. So, some improvement, but i'm having friends over for lunch tomorrow and I have a lot of work to do before then. Which leads to...sitting on my ass watching four episodes of Supernatural in a row. Because that's how much I love cleaning. *sigh*

Speaking of tv shows, I wanted to watch the Sarah Connor Chronicles and cannot find the first ten episodes of season two anywhere. Very frustrating. I suppose I could just read the synopses for those eps and then watch the remaining ones, but I don't like doing that. I'd really rather see the episodes in order. I guess at this point I'll have to wait until they come out on dvd to see them.


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