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Gotta love technology. Yesterday morning my laptop was fine. I turned it off before work and when I got home and turned it back on again, it was not fine. I can get on the internet but as soon as I tried doing anything else it froze up solid. Had to manually turn it off because not even ctrl-alt-del worked. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's a virus and not my harddrive crashing, but I'm not feeling very hopeful. When my harddrive crashed in 2009 it was pretty much just like this (except I don't think I could even get online then). This laptop is only a year old, so it's way too early for this kind of nonsense to be starting. I debated Dell vs something else last year, and Dell won simply because I was used to them. Definitely not making that mistake again. Their computers are becoming crappier and their customer service more convoluted and less helpful every year. For software support (if it is a virus) I have to speak to the one guy who 'owns' my support warranty. Which means instead of just calling software support and speaking to the first person who answers the phone, I have to call this guy, leave a voice mail message with a day and time for him to call me back, and hope that he actually does. So not cool.
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I called Radio Shack this morning and found out that I was eligible for a phone upgrade. So off to the shops I went and got myself a new phone. Unfortunately, they didn't have any that I really liked, so I had to make some compromises. I wanted both a touch screen and a slide out qwerty keyboard and they didn't have any AT&T non-smart phones that offered both. I decided that the keyboard was more important, so I have a keyboard but no touch screen, which my rational brain understands but my reflexes haven't caught on to yet. So I keep touching the screen and getting frustrated when nothing happens. I'm slowly catching on to how to use it, but it's a slow and painful process.

I ran into another snag when I realized that none of my contacts were saved onto my simcard. I'm not sure how that happened, but there it is. Since the old phone doesn't work anymore, it's too late to do anything about it and I'm in the process of rebuilding my contacts. This is complicated by the fact that I haven't figured out how this part of the phone works, yet. I thought I had entered a bunch of contacts, but when I tried to use them, I received an 'invalid entry' message or something like that. I know that I'll eventually figure it all out and using this phone will become as reflexive as the old one was, but I hate change, so I'm not thrilled at the moment.

On the plus side, I have figured out a temporary solution to the dead computer. I dug out my old laptop, which I haven't used in almost a year because the fan was super clogged with cat fur and wouldn't run anymore, and lo and behold, a year of idleness seems to have helped with that problem. Good old Puddlejumper is running sooooooo slowly, but he's running, so yay for internet access. Even more importantly, yay for being able to recharge my ipod!

Okay, time to put on some tunes and get a little bit of housework done before I have to go babysit.
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Right, so I called Dell on Wednesday and my computer overheated and turned itself off halfway through the diagnostic the tech guy had me doing. "Some components" would need to be replace and he told me a service person would call me in a couple days to set up a time for a service visit (one good thing about Dell is they do come to me to fix my computer - I don't have to pack it up and ship it out). This morning I got an automated message saying that my "component" was on back order. Whenever it arrives, I'll get a call to set up the service visit.

Honestly, I think I'm about ready to break up with Dell. I won't be replacing this computer anytime in the near future because I have no money in the budget for such an expense, but when the time does come, I will definitely be going elsewhere. I suppose I should start saving up now, and try to pull together enough money to get a Mac when the time comes.

Meanwhile, I live on my computer. Between my cell phone being dead, my computer being dead, and not having an outlet recharger for my ipod, I'm feeling very, very cut off from all the things that make me most happy and sane. I know I managed to live for years and years without any of these gadgets, but I have a hard time remembering how (and I'm pretty sure I was much more of a depressed person at that time, in all honesty).

*hugs you all and holds tight*
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I may have a dead fan on my computer. It's not running at all; last night my computer overheated and shut down two or three times before I figured out what was going on. Luckily, I'm still under warranty, but it seems likely I'll be spending Saturday morning on the phone with tech support for several hours trying to convince them of the problem, and then I'll have to wait another week before they can send someone out to fix it at a time when I'm home. So it might be a while before I have reliable computer access at home. Boo.
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I love having a wireless internet connection (especially since my ethernet cables aren't long enough to reach from my modem to my sofa). Setting up a wireless connection, on the other hand, is enough to make me a very cranky pessimist indeed.

I suppose I should count myself lucky, since I successfully managed to set my new router up and get everything functional in under an hour and a half. It only took two tries and an entirely unhelpful call to tech support to get it done. I have no idea what didn't work the first time - it seemed fine until I disconnected the ethernet between the router and computer and Poof! there went the connection. Called Comcast and waited ten to fifteen minutes on hold before spending ten to fifteen minutes with someone who was completely baffled and unable to help. He transferred me to the tech support for the router manufacturer. They were less accommodating. The automated message informed me that they were experiencing unusually high call volume and then disconnected me. So helpful!

After unplugging/replugging failed to do any good, I just started all over from the beginning with the installation cd. Did the exact same thing, only this time, when I disconnected the ethernet from the computer, my connection stayed! No idea what I did differently, but it seems to have worked. I am once again wireless, yay!
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Things accomplished today:

*one load of laundry (all but the folding and putting away part)

*six hundred words of original fic world-building and conceptualization, while hanging out at a cafe with [ profile] eve11

*purchase of dvds (season three of Las Vegas and season five of SGA) and a book (The Three Muskeeters)

*read at least half of another book (The Stupidest Angel, by Christopher Moore)

*removed a nasty trojan virus from my laptop - well, spent almost three hours on the phone with a Dell software support person letting him remove the nasty from my laptop (the reason I stopped at six hundred words of world-building and conceptualization, also probably the reason my IE went all freaky on me last week)

The virus thingy sort of hijacked my plans for the day but I did not despair. Instead I went shopping and stocked up on books and dvds in case my computer was down for the count, lol. Of course, once I talked to the guy at Dell and found out that my warranty only covers hardware problems and I'd have to pay through the teeth for the software support, I sort of wished I'd had more self control at Barnes & Noble, but that's okay. It's payday this Friday and I'll just have to be a little more lean in my spendings next month.
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Ah, computers. I love 'em, but they're a pain in the butt sometimes. My IE exploded last night. Yeah, I know IE is crap, but I tried switching to firefox and it doesn't work with Google Toolbar, which has all my bookmarks. So I've been sticking with IE. And now it's refusing to open all the way, but it will self replicate its non-opening window over and over. *sigh*

I did have firefox available on my computer, as well. Except, apparently that was before the Great Hard-Drive Crash of '09. Currently, my computer is barren of all internet access. My plan: I've downloaded firefox setup to my flash drive. Hopefully, I'll be able to use that to set up firefox on my laptop. Otherwise, I'll have to find the discs that came with the computer and figure out which one had IE on it and reinstall that. If neither of those things works, I'll be on the phone with Dell, figuring what's wrong with the laptop.


Jan. 7th, 2009 10:36 pm
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Computers, I will never understand them )

It has, honestly, been a kind of crappy week at work. I seem to be stepping wrong with everyone, despite my best efforts. In an effort to console myself, I started an SGA Robin Hood AU.

Wee snippet of SGA Robin Hood AU, raw, rough and unfinished, spoilers for season three plotlines )


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