Dec. 24th, 2012 07:19 pm
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I spent today in the unusual (for me) pursuit of cooking. The recipe and the pic to prove it )
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I did a lot of shopping this weekend. Yesterday I went to Radio Shack to replace my earphones and also picked up a battery charger and rechargeable batteries, since I've been going through them like nobody's business lately. I also got a new memory card for my camera.

I also made it to the grocery store yesterday, so I have some food for the week, yay!

Today I met some friends for breakfast at J'eet and then did more shopping. This time at the mall. I haven't been to the mall in ages, but most of the stores were having clearance sales on summer stuff. I found some tees I really liked at one place but the sizes ran small and they didn't have any larges. Another store had a top I loved but it wasn't on sale and I didn't love it nearly enough to pay full price. I did finally find a little top at The Gap on clearance so I managed to get at least one new summer shirt.

The most important part of today's shopping trip, however, was new running shoes. I'm pretty sure the bursitis can be traced directly to old, worn-out sneaks. So now I have new ones, with fancy replacement arch support soles. I can run again without damaging myself (in theory).

I also checked out the local Joann Fabric in hopes of finding something suitable for the Ganger costumes, but they didn't have enough of anything that came close to what I wanted. Apparently there are some stores down in the Strip that sell upholstery fabrics, so I might have some luck there. I'll find something eventually, just don't know how close it will be to the show. Eta: And I just found a site that I hadn't seen before, that has a promising vinyl. A sample should be winging its way to me shortly. *glee*

I'm now conducting another crockpot experiment. I couldn't find a recipe for what I wanted so I just threw a bunch of stuff together in blind faith that it will be edible several hours from now. I'll keep you posted.
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In the continuing adventures of Meesh In The Kitchen, I made a chicken and vegetable korma today. Chicken, sweet potatoes, frozen veggies and korma sauce from a jar. It smells really good. Unfortunately, I got much too early of a start and I'm probably not going to be ready to eat it for a little while at least.

Update: Yummy!

In other news, I finally watched Downton Abbey this week and loved it immediately and whole-heartedly. I'm looking forward to season two this summer. I also watched season two of The Mighty Boosh, one of the more random products of British humor. I'm pretty sure Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding (the creators/main actors) must be on some serious mind-altering drugs nearly all the time. But it's ridiculously funny in small doses.

There was a hockey game this afternoon. It was going well. And then Matt Cooke put an elbow in someone's face five minutes into the third period. This was utterly stupid and inexcusable and ultimately lost the Pens the game. Based on other recent elbow-to-head penalties, it's at least a two game suspension, but because Cooke is a repeat offender and his last suspension was four games, I'm going to guess he gets six this time. Either way, there's another game tomorrow, so the decision will have to be made quickly.

Not much else going on. It's been a beautiful weekend, all sunshine and spring. Trees are budding, early flowers are starting to bloom, slightly less early flowers are starting to bud. I expect there will be daffodils on the way in to work tomorrow. They've been budding for the past week. I'm hoping the weather will be nice enough to wear one of my new skirts.
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I tried curried chickpeas and vegetables tonight. It's a work in progress, I'd say. Not bad, exactly, but not nearly as yummy as it should be. I'll have to try again in a few weeks. One of these days I'm going to stumble across a recipe that actually turns out well.
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I'm attempting beef stew in the crockpot today.


.68 lbs beef cubes
1 tbsp flour
1 beef buillion cube in 1 cup water
two red skinned potatoes
1/2 large white onion
double handful babycut carrots
1 tomato

I wanted to spice it up with a bit of curry but it turns out I don't have any curry powder (my kitchen is woefully understocked due to the fact that I never cook). I have some tikka masala sauce in the cupboard, but that's for chicken and might not blend well. I'm debating. Any thoughts?
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It got hot today but it was still coolish when I got up at 7. A bit of puttering around and I was on the road. Hit Starbucks first, then got my groceries and got home by 9:30 am. Puttered around more and didn't get much done until after noon.

All the corset pieces are cut out, the lining and fabric are attached, the boning channels are sewn onto the front and side pieces, the contrast binding is almost ready. I was a little worried that the canvas lining would be too heavy for the needle that came with my sewing machine, but she handled it like a dream. I'm a little bit in love with my new sewing machine. I don't like to think how long it would have taken to put all those channels in by hand. It's bad enough that all the binding will need to be sewn on by hand with a slip stitch. That will probably be all I do tomorrow. But for now, my shoulder is really unhappy - I've iced it twice today already and the ice pack is sadly melted.

I cooked today, sort of. Curry couscous from a box, chicken breast strips and broccoli, both from the freezer. Very yummy with leftovers for another day. Tomorrow I want to make strawberry shortcake. Mmm, such a lovely summer treat.

And now, I'm drinking a cup of tea to soothe my irritated throat before going to bed. These early mornings make for early evenings, as well.
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Note to self: when making oatmeal in the microwave, please remember to put the water in.

I do believe it's time to start looking for a new microwave. I got my current one second hand a few years ago and it already had a big, burned out spot on one side of the interior walls then. It's ticked along well enough since then, but this seems to have put it over the edge, with billowing clouds of smoke pouring out of said burned out spot. It was definitely NOT the oatmeal that was smoking.

I learned, to no great surprise, that Mal is afraid of the noisy smoke detector when it is going off. He sat in the living room, staring at me as I tried to swat the smoke away with no success, crying every bit as loudly as the thing was shrilling. On the plus side, I now know that the battery in my smoke detector is still good, despite being something like 2 years old. On the minus side, everything in my apartment smells like smoke. Now I just have to hope I can put the blasted thing back together when I get home from work. Why don't smoke detectors come with off buttons?

In other news, there was a hockey game yesterday. Final score was Penguins 2, Montreal 0. That's right, folks. Marc-Andre Fleury earned himself a shut-out. Only his second one all year, and his first playoff shutout since May '08. It was a fun (read: nail-biting and crazy-making), dueling goalies sort of game. It all came down to a question of who was going to crack first and in this instance the answer wasn't Fleury. I love Fleury, a lot, but he's had a pretty mediocre season, so it was really nice to see him making the big saves and standing tall in net.

It's going to be a long day. I managed something like four hours of semi-decent sleep before my arm started screaming at me (no great surprise there, either, since yesterday was not exactly Be Kind to Injured Arms Day). Advil did pretty much nothing, so the second four hours involved lots of tossing and turning and 'will this be a comfy position? Why, no, it won't.' I finally gave up on sleep altogether about an hour and a half before I usually get up, which may at least partially explain the brain fart that allowed me to explode my microwave. *sigh* And we're having a room party at work, which means I won't get home until late.

This room party, incidentally, is the Year End, Grandparents and Special Friends Picnic and Cinco de Mayo extravaganza. All the families signed up to bring chips and dip (apparently no one could think of anything else even vaguely appropriate - unimaginative, lazy group). There's going to be a lot of dip and not much else at this party.

In the meantime, I'm going to be happy that my coffee brewed perfectly fine, and go help myself to a second cup of liquid life support.
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I was starving when I left work - feeling nauseated level of starving. And sadly, I have no magical, instantly ready food at home. So I did something I generally prefer not to do. I cooked.

Vegetable Tikka Masala

Qualifier: This is the easy, very basic, cheating way to do it.

One pack of frozen jasmine rice in the microwave for three minutes. This makes enough rice for two people, so half of it went straight into a storage container in the fridge.

1 red potato, sliced thin
5-6 babycut carrots, chopped into half inch pieces
1/4 - 1/2 smallish onion

All sauteed in a pan until the onion is transparent.

Pour in about 1/3 of a jar of premade Tikka Masala sauce and let simmer about ten minutes.

Combine rice and sauce, enjoy!

It's a bit of a shame that I'm so proud of myself for having done something so very basic as throwing a bunch of pre-made foods together. But it was yummy and simple and I need to remember these things. If I remember to go to the store and buy veggies and things like that, I can put together a yummy and quick meal. That 'quick' is important when I'm get home feeling so hungry I'm sick.
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Well, we won't know until tomorrow if it's killed me or not, but the food was cooked and consumed with a minimum of bloodshed or angst. I had picked up some chicken breasts over the weekend which I thawed out this evening and brutally wrestled into edible submission. I'm not really sure how one usually goes about cooking meat, since I prefer to get my meat already cooked by professionals, but my method tonight was to liberally sprinkle the meat with some lemon pepper seasoning that I bought at CVS (because I seriously don't have anything even vaguely resembling anything other than salt and pepper), throw it into a frying pan with a bit of oil at medium heat. Once it was nicely seared on both sides I turned the heat down and let it cook until it was white all the way through. I'm not sure what heat setting this is supposed to be accomplished at, or how long it should take, so I was forced to slice into the meat frequently to see how much progress was being made. When I was satisfied that the meat was thoroughly cooked, I let it cook just a little longer because I'm terrified of food poisoning, but then used the same spatula thingy to take the chicken out of the pan as I used to put it in, so that may have defeated the purpose. *sigh*

So I had some lemon chicken with rice and diced tomatoes for supper. Now I'll just wait and see if I've irrevocably poisoned myself or not. Tomorrow, I think I'll just go with a baked potato - sounds nice and safe, doesn't it?


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