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Day one in NH was full of exercise and good food.

I got up early and ran a fast (relative to my norm) 1.3 miles in 13 something minutes. After some coffee, [ profile] lyda_pearl and I took both furgirls on a leash walk (a little more than a mile and a half). Later we got out in the woods with Shadow and the pack for a four mile walk. And after dinner (very yummy chicken sandwich, a little cake and ice cream) we took a nice little 1.25 mile walk around Gorham. Total distance logged: 8.5 miles. Total calories eaten: 1630. I'm going to say that the extra five miles I walked outweigh the extra three hundred calories eaten.
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I did really well with my diet this week. I was under 1300 calories every day except Wednesday (1400, so still within my preferred range). I allowed myself a blowout today. I shouldn't have since I'll probably be eating higher calorie stuff while on vacation (it is vacation, after all, and I have no desire to spend it all hungry). So I ordered a salmon burger and sweet potato fries for supper. I only ate the meat off the burger, but it was an extra thick patty and salmon packs a punch, calorie-wise. And then I let myself eat a big brownie that I got at work yesterday, even though I was already over my limit. Again, much like last time I had a blowout, I think it came out around 1700. I feel completely stuffed. Let the vacation begin!
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I'm hungryish. Which is weird and annoying, since I just ate and my belly feels pretty full. It also feels hungry, though. Or maybe it's just that I have it in my head that I want to eat more, despite being full. As I said, weird and annoying.

Tomorrow morning I have to go downtown in order to get a new photo ID. Which means at some point this evening I need to figure out where downtown I need to go, and when the buses will be running.

And at some point between now and Saturday I should also do laundry. Somehow, I just never quite feel like doing laundry. It's become one of my least favorite chores. Not that I don't like clean, sweet smelling clothing, just that I don't like going in and out, up and down, to get to the washer and dryer (although I'm extremely grateful that it's just in my landlady's half of the house and not me dragging my stuff to a laundromat somewhere far away).


Jul. 18th, 2010 07:43 pm
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The stew turned out pretty well. A little bland (I do need to stock up on a few things for next time) but decent. I made some Jasmine rice to go with it and it made a good meal, with lots of leftovers. I still also have leftovers of the tortilla soup I made last Monday, although that's getting a little old. That's the problem with those soup kits. You don't have a lot of control over how much you make and that particular one made eight servings. I just can't eat eight servings of anything before it starts to get a bit yucky.

Today was a better day than yesterday. I made it to the grocery store, had a mini donut at Starbucks - not as good as a DD donut but enough to curb the need for sweets. Made the stew, washed a drainer full of dishes, and tidied up the living room a little bit. Still a lot of housework to be done, and I didn't do any sewing at all.

I won't get any sewing done next weekend, either, since I'm taking a little mini-vacation to visit [ profile] lyda_pearl. However, I'm fairly confident that it won't take more than a month to make the gown, so I feel like I'm in good shape. And my shoulder is much happier after getting a break this weekend. It's been really sore the past three weeks but right now it's not bad at all.
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Been a mixed bag sort of day. Got home after midnight and slept in late (after 10). Felt really sluggy all morning but finally picked up a bit midafternoon. After much deliberation on sizing, I cut out the pattern pieces for the corset, but haven't yet cut the fabric. That will be a project for tomorrow. Conked my temple pretty hard on the bottom corner of the freezer as I was browsing in / cleaning out the fridge. No goose-egg, at least, and it only hurt for a few minutes, but it's still sore to the touch.

I've been watching my calorie intake and struggling to find a good balance between low enough for weight-loss and high enough to stay healthy. Tonight I had to make myself a pbj sandwich because after supper I was only clocking in at around 800 calories. I blame today's lack of appetite on my cold and hope that tomorrow I'll actually have some interest in food again.

I want to see a movie but my movie theater of choice closed down some months ago. The one left in Squirrel Hill is the one that shows more intellectual, artsy, independent and foreign movies. They are trying to make a nod to all the folks left without access to popular movies, but not very successfully, in my opinion. I want the A-Team, they're willing to give me Knight and Day (boresville) and Twilight (stab my eyes out with a fork before watching). Guess I'll do without the movie.

Meal plan

Jul. 27th, 2009 06:32 pm
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The past couple of years I have allowed myself to fall into terribly lazy habits about cooking. I either eat frozen dinners, make a pbj sandwich or order out. My body has been telling me for a while now that it doesn't approve of this. So I'm trying to be better. I'm having only intermittent success, but the past week or so has been moderately good. I made a specific grocery list with planned meal ideas and successfully made it to the store to buy said groceries two weeks in a row, which is something of a pathetic record.

Last night I made tacos (just store-bought kit tacos, not real good ones) and had those leftovers for lunch today. And now I'm making some rice to eat with diced tomatoes and tuna. I'll have plenty of leftovers of that for tomorrow's lunch. And then I have some yummy looking cous cous to make either tomorrow or Wednesday, depending how long the rice holds out. I've also got salad stuff for lunches, and some very tasty strawberries, although they're going to run out long before the end of the week. I may have to stop at the local (expensive) market to pick up more fruit mid-week.

But hey, I'm cooking my own food, eating fruits instead of desserts, making oatmeal in the mornings instead of grabbing poptarts at work. I probably won't see a lot of difference in size between now and Dragon*Con, which is a shame, but I should see some results in a few months. *crosses fingers* And regardless of anything else, I'll definitely see a difference in my budget. Especially if I keep getting babysitting jobs and can buy all or most of my groceries with babysitting money.

Now, if only I had any skill in the kitchen beyond 'boil minute rice, dump in tuna.' I mean, that will get me fed and all, but it's not exactly a treat for the taste buds.
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I made it through the day. Despite harsh temptation in the form of gigantic slices of chocolate and carrot cakes at the luncheon, plus complementary treat bags filled with candy and bite-sized chocolates, I made it through the day without any sweets.

[ profile] eve11 and I went downtown last night to watch the Pens game on the big screen outside Mellon Arena (where the Pens were playing). This was a last minute plan, decided upon while we were at the gym yesterday morning. No lawn chairs, no blankets, but plenty of yummy/healthy food courtesy of [ profile] eve11. Nothing daunted, we spread our jackets on the mulchy ground and plopped down with a great view of the screen. And then we sat there and shivered through two periods. The second period, FSN lost it's feed or something and we were stuck with the feed from the JumboTron which showed the action but had no sound or other information. At that, we were lucky. Everyone else watching the game on FSN was SOL and just had to miss most of the second period. Not that they missed much other than the Pens sucking mightily. It was a most depressing game. Due to the shivering and lack of a decent feed (at this point we didn't know it was a city wide failure) we decided to bail after the second period. So we packed up and headed to Silky's where we watched the Pens fail to rally even the slightest bit. So, Saturday it's back to Philadelphia and the hideous orange glare from all the Flyers fans. Bummer.

And on to today. I get to go in to work early, which means I get to come home early, as well. I have to babysit tonight, though, so no real fun for me. Especially as this particular family doesn't have a tv. My goal, therefore, is to take my laptop along and finish up my Merlin fic after the kidlet is in bed. One good thing - there's no sweets in their house, so that will greatly cut down on temptation.
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Spring is up to its old tricks. We've had lots of cool, rainy days lately, which I would embrace wholeheartedly if not for the downside of being unable to take cranky children outside. Yesterday, when I left work the sky above was a beautiful blue, with a very dark, menacing cloudbank moving up from the west. By the time I came out of the grocery store it had overtaken us and was raining lightly. Then a little harder. Then all of a sudden a burst of hail (luckily tiny hail, so no harm to me or baby plants), then back to a gentle drizzle.

Day 2 of 14 on my no sweets or desserts plan. I see the potential for backfiring, but I'm continuing on, none the less. Problem is, I continue to feel hungry (or some state that my sweets addled brain interprets as hungry, at any rate) even after eating a big meal, because I haven't had that dessert. So then, in an effort to not feel like I'm starving, I go and eat more 'healthy' food. I ate a ton today. So the next thing, once I've kicked the constant desire for sweets, will be to work on portion control. One thing at a time, though.

Babies did nothing but cry this afternoon. I'm as exhausted as if I'd gone on a twelve mile hike, all up hill, carrying a heavy pack. It hardly seems fair that a couple of hours with screaming minions of Lucifer crying babies would leave me so completely wrecked. I am, in fact, pouting over this. *shows you pouty face*
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I made it through the day with no sweets or desserts, and no unplanned in-between meal snacks. Only thirteen more days to go!


Dec. 4th, 2008 09:24 am
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I try to take joy in the little things that come along. Today that joy is from being able to run again. I've been using the treadmill for a few weeks and my knee feels really solid. I've gotten sadly out of shape in the past six months, so it's taking a little while to build back up to where I was (a slow three miles) but it's coming along well. Today I was able to do 2.6 before I needed a little walking break, and for the first time ever, I did four miles total, most of it running. My time was abysmal (48m10s) but I don't care.

However, I have no intention of pushing things this time around. I'm taking my time getting back to running a whole three miles with no walking intervals and once I reach that, I plan to just hold there for a little while, maybe gradually increasing speed. And then, if I have an occasional day where the stars align and I can do more, that will be great, but I'm not pushing for it. I was trying to push too hard, too fast last spring and I ended up on the sidelines for six months because of it. I don't want to repeat that.

Meanwhile, I've gained a little weight and my diet (or lack thereof) has gotten completely out of control. So I need to spend a little bit of time and effort getting back into shape mentally as well. I don't really need chocolate with every meal, even if I do want it.


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