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So many dreams last night.

Dream 1) Babysitting at some random person's house. Very cool house, playing in all sorts of weird attic and basement spaces, having a party. But then I had a headache and the mom of the house directed me to a big bag of pill containers, saying there was Tylenol in there somewhere. After rooting through the bag for a while, all I could find was little plastic vials of unlabeled liquids. Yikes!

Woke up from that dream very crampy and in need of advil. Luckily, it was much easier to find than the drugs in the dream. I was awake for a long time after that, though, waiting for the advil to eventually kick in.

Dream 2) I had to take Tookie to the vet (in dreams, I usually still have Tookie, not Mal or Zoe) and I was driving this old VW Beetle. No trouble getting there or parking, but coming back out afterwards with Tooks - not in a cage for some reason, just loose in my arms and squirming like crazy - I realized I had parked at the far edge of the parking lot. When I got to the car, it was unlocked and someone was messing about at it. They weren't trying to steal it or anything, they just wanted to see something. So I got Tooks into the back seat and got ready to go. For some reason I was driving from the right seat even though there were also controls and a steering wheel on the left. And as is typical of my driving dreams, I was only just barely in control of the car. I was never really able to make the car stop completely, even when I had the breaks jammed flat to the floor (this is standard Meesh car dream stuff), I was narrowly avoiding collisions with people and other cars and then driving a little too fast and recklessly once I got on the road. My view of the road was more than a little bit obstructed, as well, by big lumpy things on this side of the dashboard. And then I came to the crest of a hill, with yellow caution lights warning everyone to slow down. As I went over the crest, I saw two things. One, it was a very long way down to the bottom of the hill. Two, despite other cars managing somehow to drive on the road, it's angle of decline was well over 90 vertical degrees and there was no way to stop myself at this point from simply tumbling off into the void. And as that tumble started, I gratefully awoke.

Dream 3) This one was equally vivid when I woke up but has become a little less distinct since then. But it was, in some ways, sort of like a Harry Potter world, although not at all like HP. There were two groups of people living side-by-side, but only one group knew of the other. That group may have had magic or something, although it certainly wasn't wand-waving, spell-chanting. I was more or less a non-magic person who'd been welcomed to the magic side by one particular family. And we had a variety of adventures, none of which actually involved anything even remotely like magic. But there was skiing, and a helicopter, and a group of the magic people who were vastly offended and felt threatened by my presence. It was fun, but I'm having a hard time describing it properly.

I got very little sleep after waking up for advil at four, just enough to cram those dreams into. And oh lucky me, today is picture day. Somehow, I almost always end up looking pretty rough on picture day. Maybe I'll just pull myself out of the group picture this year.

Did I mention that the cats have all been taking turns with a sneeze-o-rific cold the past few weeks? Zoe and Mal both had a few days of sneezes. Zoe gets sneezy all the time and it barely bothered her. Mal almost never sneezes and it freaked him out, poor boy. And now Maggie the loaner cat has it. And boy, she's not messing around. She's got the biggest sneezes you could imagine coming out of a little cat body, and then she huffs and snorts for a while, and rubs at her nose like she just inhaled pepper. She's not at all happy with this. Today is day three for her, and that's about how long it lasted for the others so I'm hoping she starts feeling better soon.

Hockey tonight. Go Pens!
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On Saturday morning I had a weird dream in which it was announced that Sidney Crosby was symptom free and starting to skate. It was one of those dreams that occurs right on the border between awake and asleep and when I woke up for real, I had to double check online to make sure there hadn't really been an announcement. The optimistic feeling of the dream stuck with me, though. I had another dream this morning, in the same half-sleep state, and again, it felt so real I almost expected an announcement from the team during their daily Penguins Report. Nada. I'm still feeling optimistic, however. Not necessarily that he'll be back to game shape by the end of the season or even make it to the playoffs (if he's not back and in fine form in the first round, we might not make it to the second - although I won't count this team out until the final horn sounds on the final game) but just that he's on his way.

The Pens are starting to get healthier, players are slowly trickling back into the line-up from the injured list, new guys are starting to find their places and mesh with their line-mates. Penguins hockey is still fun and (most of the time) exciting to watch. But that doesn't mean I don't miss the sort of fun and excitement that comes from never knowing when Sid (or Malkin) was going to bust out in a big way and take over a game. I really miss that.
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The Pens had a good game tonight. Fleury got his second shut-out of the season. Craig Adams scored the only goal of the game, for either team. Very low scoring, but lots of fast-paced, end to end action. It was a nail-biter goalie duel of a game, against an unknown rookie who was playing out of his mind, but Fleury won the duel in the end. Now we enter the All-Star break. No more Penguins hockey until next week. Maybe Malkin will be ready to play again by then. Crosby seems unlikely for probably a few more games after that.

That's pretty much it. Work was crazy - the kids haven't been outside in forever and they're going out of their ever-loving little minds. At lunch today, they just sat at the tables and screamed. Not out of anger or sadness, just because they like to hear themselves scream and as soon as one starts, all the rest join in. Maybe tomorrow we can get them outside.

I'm hoping for better dreams tonight. Last night's was just stressful and anxiety producing. For many years I almost never had bad dreams, but the past year or so, they've been creeping back in. I do not approve. I much prefer my weird, wacky, adventure-laden fun dreams. Although, hm, there was a weird, sentient cheese moon guy at the end of last night's dream, that seemed to signal a bit of a shift in the tone of the dream, just before I woke up. It reminded me, for some reason, of a book by James P. Blaylock, which I cannot remember the title of. I'll have to look it up at some point. But not now, because now it is time to go to bed and hopefully have fun dreams.
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These anxiety dreams can stop any time, now. I have enough trouble getting enough sleep to be fully functional at work, and spending the entire night running away from sex slavers and scary monsters isn't helping. Good grief, brain!
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Can't sleep. Arm hurts.

If I had a PCP I'd call and demand better drugs, but since I'd have to go back to the MedExpress place and spend a boat load of money, I'll just stay awake all night.

It should get better again once I'm finished with the archives project, but I still have another day of that, at least, and it's just going to make things worse. I'm very tempted to take today off, stay home and rest it up. I won't be able to take blocks of time to do the archives stuff after this week, but working on it in large blocks of time seems to be what's killing my arm anyway, so maybe I'll just go in to work an hour early every day next week and work on it in smaller chunks. My boss was very clear that it needs to be done by the end of the month.


I did manage to sleep a little bit a while ago. I dreamed that Evgeni Malkin brought cookies for the kids at work and we hung out for a bit. He babbled at me a lot in Russian, apparently about the quality of the mist in the back yard. And then we had a big party. But then I was vengefully eating a cookie shaped like a Wraith because apparently one had just recently attempted to kill me, and he didn't think that was very friendly of me. He wanted me to share the Wraith-shaped cookie with the Wraith in question. At least I have my dreams to entertain me, lol.
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Had a weird sort of Doctor Who/pre-apocalypse dream last night. Lots of running around in some strange Escher-esque building, the TARDIS was broken and we were all trying to find the circuit breaker panel (even in my dreams I find it hard to deal with the science side of scifi) and then we were under attack by some mysterious outside force. There were two of us with the Doctor and to protect us, he handed us a few supplies and then sent us off on a SuperSlide-type escape path. This went from us pausing at an intersection to make sure we had everything we needed to survive a long time in whatever hideout he'd sent us to, to clearing out some mega everything store of everything we could get our grubby little hands on, and never actually taking the things to the hideout. It's good to know that when the apocalypse comes, my main concern will be with whether our hideout is sufficiently stocked with deodorant and paper-based journals (and the pens to go with them).
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I've been having an unusual number of school anxiety dreams. Dreams )

I had several hours of Rock Band fun last night. Made it across the water to San Francisco and hired myself some Roadies. I'm getting a lot better on the medium difficulty level, but one or two of the hardest songs have long strings of wicked fast note streams, and I can't play them. I have no idea how to catch all the notes, so I'll be practicing that a lot over the weekend. Just for fun, I tried playing some of the easiest songs on the hard setting. Oh, what a disaster. There are five fret buttons to hit with four fingers. Suffice to say that all I managed was to randomly mash my fingers on the buttons and hit not a single note. Oh yeah, I am a rock star!


Mar. 23rd, 2009 02:47 pm
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Played a bunch of Rock Band yesterday afternoon. Then watched the original Terminator. Last night I dreamed that the Terminator was chasing Sarah Connor but she would be safe as long as she kept getting five stars on all of her gigs. *g*
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I had a weird dream last night. I was supposed to be meeting [ profile] dreamflower02 and [ profile] coneygoil at a convention or gathering of some sort. Well, they were both there and I was there, and I even got a ride from Dreamflower's husband at one point, but I never did manage to meet her.

When I got up this morning, I went to my door, which was slightly ajar, as always, and pulled to open it. Nothing happened, the door remained in the same place. I looked out through the small opening. Oh, I thought, that explains it. I'm locked in.

Mr. P locked me in my room )


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