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In the continuing adventures of Meesh In The Kitchen, I made a chicken and vegetable korma today. Chicken, sweet potatoes, frozen veggies and korma sauce from a jar. It smells really good. Unfortunately, I got much too early of a start and I'm probably not going to be ready to eat it for a little while at least.

Update: Yummy!

In other news, I finally watched Downton Abbey this week and loved it immediately and whole-heartedly. I'm looking forward to season two this summer. I also watched season two of The Mighty Boosh, one of the more random products of British humor. I'm pretty sure Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding (the creators/main actors) must be on some serious mind-altering drugs nearly all the time. But it's ridiculously funny in small doses.

There was a hockey game this afternoon. It was going well. And then Matt Cooke put an elbow in someone's face five minutes into the third period. This was utterly stupid and inexcusable and ultimately lost the Pens the game. Based on other recent elbow-to-head penalties, it's at least a two game suspension, but because Cooke is a repeat offender and his last suspension was four games, I'm going to guess he gets six this time. Either way, there's another game tomorrow, so the decision will have to be made quickly.

Not much else going on. It's been a beautiful weekend, all sunshine and spring. Trees are budding, early flowers are starting to bloom, slightly less early flowers are starting to bud. I expect there will be daffodils on the way in to work tomorrow. They've been budding for the past week. I'm hoping the weather will be nice enough to wear one of my new skirts.
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Thank you, all my lovely friends, for the kind and thoughtful birthday wishes. I've had a lovely day so far.

My dad called me first thing this morning, actually getting my birthday day right for the first time in years. He's had a lot of health problems this past year or so but he sounded a lot better than he has in a while, and it was only a little awkward talking to him.

Some friends treated me to a delightful brunch this morning. We went to a little place called Coca Cafe, which has the feel of a coffee house, but the kitchen of a restaurant. They open at 10, we got there at 10:05 and they already had a forty minute wait for a table! So after putting our names on the list, we wandered a block or two down the street to Espresso a Mano for some coffee and a warm place to wait.

As soon as we walked in the door, I could tell this was a place that takes their coffee seriously. I ordered a latte and discovered that I was right.

It also tasted really good.

We hung out with our coffees until a table opened up and then wandered back down the street to eat. I'd never been to Coca Cafe before, but I can definitely recommend it. I ordered the Almond French Toast, which came with strawberries and lemon cream sauce.

Since I was taking pictures, Friend D wanted to take a pic of me with my food. Good thing I made an effort to be presentable this morning!

The thing about today that I was not expecting was the inch of snow on the ground when I woke up, and the persistent snowfall that has continued all day, despite the fact that assured me this morning that it was raining. It's only just barely freezing, and the snow is sticking to every single little leaf, twig and branch. Very pretty in a rather bleak, monochromatic way.

Coming up: pictures of a walk on a snowy day )

And now, the sky is all pink with sunset, I'm in my snuggly Life is Good pjs, I'm getting ready to heat up some left over chicken vindaloo, I have dark chocolate to eat for dessert, and movies to pop into the dvd player. I declare this birthday a rousing success!
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*I had a yummy, yummy cheeseburger and sweet potato fries for supper tonight.

*I didn't have to go outside into the cold at all, for any reason, today.

*My movie of choice for the evening was Little Miss Sunshine. A much better choice than yesterday's regrettable adventure. Little Miss Sunshine managed to combine elements of National Lampoon-like absurdity with heart-felt emotion as each member of the Hoover family struggled with their individual crises. I give it two thumbs up.
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*It's Spring! Good-bye snow and cold. Hello birds, fresh breezes, buds and flowers.

*I filled out and mailed in my Census form. Last time around I never got a form and the time before that I was still living at home, so this was my very first census.

*I need a new vacuum cleaner. Two cats plus a lack of interest in vacuuming means that when I do get around to it, I need a heavy duty machine. My little Dirt Devil, while adorable, is not such a machine. I had to empty it out and clean the filter at least three times while vacuuming one small room.

*Mal is such a sweet little coward. Despite the vacuum being put away at least twenty minutes ago, he's still lurking in the kitchen, looking terribly betrayed and traumatized.

*I've started transfering bookmarks from google to firefox. It is a long and boring process, but it does at least give me an excuse to weed things out and reorganize. I'm such a geek - I love coming up with organizational systems, even if just for my bookmark folders and tags.

*Peanut butter and dark chocolate may not be a healthy or filling meal solution, but it is very yummy.
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Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrated today. Happy Thursday to the rest of you.

Most of the conversation at the dinner party I went to was in Italian, which makes sense since seven of the twelve attendees are from Italy. There was also a German woman and an older man from Malaysia as well as one American couple. Nearly all of them are scientists working at Pitt. So a lot of the conversation revolved around other co-workers and all the stuff they were studying.

For the first hour or so I felt horribly out of place and wishing I'd stayed at home. Then I started shamelessly intruding on a conversation between a physicist studying super dense nuclei and a neuroscientist. They were debating what makes life 'life' rather than just an alignment of matter. After that I relaxed a little, although I contributed very little to any of the conversation most of the evening. I felt a little bit like a kid at the adult table, happy to be there but not entirely able to participate. So instead I drank a lot of wine and got a nice little buzz, ate a metric ton of excellent food, and at the end of the evening entertained everyone with tales of the playground. It was fun.
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Once again I'm feeling vaguely nauseated this morning. I should eat something, because I know I would feel better, but nausea = Do Not Want Food. Stupid out of control stomach acid. So. I'm going to have to really crack down on my diet for a while. No regular coffee and only a little bit of decaf, on rare occasions. No more soda. No spicy, tasty foods. Just until I stop feeling like crap all the time. Blah.

Meal plan

Jul. 27th, 2009 06:32 pm
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The past couple of years I have allowed myself to fall into terribly lazy habits about cooking. I either eat frozen dinners, make a pbj sandwich or order out. My body has been telling me for a while now that it doesn't approve of this. So I'm trying to be better. I'm having only intermittent success, but the past week or so has been moderately good. I made a specific grocery list with planned meal ideas and successfully made it to the store to buy said groceries two weeks in a row, which is something of a pathetic record.

Last night I made tacos (just store-bought kit tacos, not real good ones) and had those leftovers for lunch today. And now I'm making some rice to eat with diced tomatoes and tuna. I'll have plenty of leftovers of that for tomorrow's lunch. And then I have some yummy looking cous cous to make either tomorrow or Wednesday, depending how long the rice holds out. I've also got salad stuff for lunches, and some very tasty strawberries, although they're going to run out long before the end of the week. I may have to stop at the local (expensive) market to pick up more fruit mid-week.

But hey, I'm cooking my own food, eating fruits instead of desserts, making oatmeal in the mornings instead of grabbing poptarts at work. I probably won't see a lot of difference in size between now and Dragon*Con, which is a shame, but I should see some results in a few months. *crosses fingers* And regardless of anything else, I'll definitely see a difference in my budget. Especially if I keep getting babysitting jobs and can buy all or most of my groceries with babysitting money.

Now, if only I had any skill in the kitchen beyond 'boil minute rice, dump in tuna.' I mean, that will get me fed and all, but it's not exactly a treat for the taste buds.

Mm, pie

Jun. 11th, 2009 08:54 pm
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It was a good day. Nice and cool and cloudy, with a little drizzly/misty rain. The kind of day that I love, especially after a long run of hot, sunny days (no, I don't like summer, why do you ask?). It rained lightly the whole walk home and it felt very refreshing. I was almost home when I had to stop to watch a pair of bunnies on the lawn of my neighborhood church.


I caught this picture a week or so ago, on a cloudy morning when there was only one bunny out. This afternoon there were two. I stood still and waited to see what they were going to do, but apparently what they wanted to do was freeze in the hopes that the scary monster (me) wouldn't see them. It was laughable, in that they were not even slightly camoflauged or hidden, so the whole freezing in self-defense trick wasn't really helping. But I felt bad because they were clearly scared, so I moved along and let them get back to eating their supper.

[ profile] eve11 called me shortly after I got home, so see if I wanted to grab a bite to eat. Being the sort who would really rather eat anywhere other than home, I jumped at the chance. We ended up at Gullifty's, where I had a mediocre chicken taco salad and an exceptionally yummy deep dish apple walnut pie. Gullifty's is much more known for their desserts than their meals.

We spent the evening talking hockey, hockey, and maybe just a bit more hockey. Only one more game and then it's a long hockey drought until next October. Hopefully, the Pens will make it an excellent last game. It would be so sweet if they won and brought the Stanley Cup to Pittsburgh, but mainly, I just want them to not have a crappo, blowout kind of game.
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I took my camera with me yesterday when I went to the grocery store, and took lots of spring pics. So, time for a little Spring Picspam.


Winter cannot last forever. )

In other news, a few friends and I started up a science fiction book club a few weeks ago and today we had our first book discussion. I volunteered to host this first meeting, thus the grocery shopping yesterday. I never quite got around to cleaning however, so I had to get up early and do that this morning, along with preparing some food for our lunchtime meeting.

I had way too much food, but the good thing is, I'll have lots of leftovers for the week ahead. I made a simple pasta salad with angel hair pasta, red and orange peppers, grape tomatoes and light italian dressing. I also bought some sourdough bread to go with it, but somehow we never opened it, so I'll have a whole loaf to eat this week. Nom, nom, nom. I also got some pepperjack cheese, wheat crackers, apples, and mixed nuts as snacky things. Yay for yummy foods.

We started off with Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley. It was an easy read, and led to all sorts of interesting discussion which ranged from social control, to politics, to religion, to who knows what else as we wandered around in our thoughts. I've never actually participated in a bookclub before so I have nothing to compare it to, but I think it went well. Next up, we're reading To Say Nothing of the Dog, by Connie Willis. Plus, I now have a list of other books to put on my 'must read soon' list, that came up in conversation during the discussion. This is very good.
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I really want to order a pizza for delivery and just sit back, delegate all the food prep business to someone else and voila, have a yummy dinner.


I also really want to go out with the FCG on Wednesday and the two activities are mutually incompatible. Plus, I'll be downtown on Saturday, which means a bagel and coffee for breakfast and fast food for lunch, so I really need to just suck it up, put the rice and beans mix in the pot with some water and zap it for about thirteen minutes. Ridiculously easy, even for a lazy slob like me, but still, rice and beans instead of pizza. :(

Amusing moment of the day:

On the playground, one of the little girls, wearing a skirt, is on the swing. Skirt rides up, underwear rides down, little tushy flashes the whole playground with every swing, kid totally oblivious to anything other than the joy of swinging. You can get away with that when you're four, just barely.
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Wow, what happened to spring? It's gone all extra warm and humid. Ugh!

Despite my plans to go straight home from work last night and completely crash, I ended up going out and having fun with the guys after all. All this due to one missing bus. For some unfathomable reason, the 6:28 bus goes missing with alarming frequency, leaving all us poor schmoes sitting at the bus stop waiting endlessly, watching in frustration as bus after bus that isn't ours drives by. Yesterday, to add to the indignity, there was a really intense sun hitting us full-on.

By 6:40 I knew I'd be waiting for a while, and soon thereafter I started wondering if I'd see the guys driving by to eat at Hunan Kitchen. Sure enough, a few minutes later a car pulls up at the red light with two familiar profiles in it. At that point, I decided I might as well join them, since I was already there and all.

It was a pretty good sized group, with [ profile] mamoulian, [ profile] cajun, [ profile] rabbitchild, [ profile] jdecay and C, who is apparently holding out and refusing to go the lj route. I had the Mango Chicken. It was a lovely presentation, and tasted not too bad. It's not my favorite menu item there, but I'm trying to give my stomach a break so I opted not to get the Black Pepper Beef, which is my all-time favorite Hunan meal.

I really was tired and had trouble following the conversation for the most part, but I'm glad I met up with them, since it's going to be mid-August before I get another chance to hang out on a Wednesday evening.
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Brrr! It's just a little cold out there this morning. It's somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 degrees this morning, and I know lot's of you have it colder than that, but it's cold enough for me. I live about a mile and a half from work and I walk, regardless of weather, so if it gets much colder than this, it becomes really hard to make myself go in to work. Not that staying home due to cold is an option or anything, but some days it seems like it should be.

In order to make up for the long cold walk, I'm treating myself to the worst sort of bad, unhealthy breakfast; chocolate glazed donuts and hot chocolate. Yes, that's right. The theme for the day is chocolate. Hm, I think [ profile] hobbit_ficathon just found it's theme for the week, as well. *bg*


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