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I woke up this morning and couldn't bear the thought of being conscious. I let the dog out to pee, fed all the critters, called off sick, and crawled back into bed. Slept until eleven. Took Shadow for something approximating a real walk (maybe half a mile) and settled back with increased allergy/cold symptoms. I finally took the Zyrtec and my sneezing/coughing/runny nose has cleared up but the headache isn't going anywhere and my ears still feel like they're packed with cotton. Another week before I can expect the Flonase to really kick in and start clearing all this mess up. Yuck!

I'm finally all caught up on Hawaii Five-0 and looking for some good fic to read. All I seem able to find at AO3 is slash pwp. I don't mind the slash so much, but I'd really like some good, plotty, episodic fic. Any recs would be welcome.

No more hockey until next week. Boo! I feel about this much the way some people feel about Doctor Who being gone for months at a time. OMG, what am I going to do for a whole week without any hockey?!? Oh noes!!! I really am quite pathetic.
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I was so wrong about the Pens' performance tonight. They lit up the scoreboard all the way through. Malkin got a hat trick and five points total. Fleury won his 200th game (the fourth youngest player in NHL history to reach that milestone). Simon Depres (one of our hot young prospects, usually playing in Wilkes-Barre) got his first NHL goal. Final score, 8-3 Pens.

To keep myself busy during the game, I started working on some festive decorations for the apartment, working with what I already have on hand. I came up with this fella:

He still needs boots and I'll probably add some snowflakes or something to the door as well. I suspect that as the week wears on, I'll come up with some other things for the rest of the place, as well.

Of course, that sort of thing tends to be a bit messy, so my nice clean living room is a bit trashed again. I guess I should clean up after myself somewhere along the line, here.

Poor Mal. He just noticed some of the Christmas decorations I put up earlier and he's a bit freaked out by them. Such a weird little guy. But I love him, lots, anyway.
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Time to do a little retroactive liveblogging of tonight's Pen's game (first nine minutes transferred from FB).

First period )

Second period )

Third period )


That's it, Elvis has left the building. Pens win 6-3. I was disappointed that they gave up that third goal. This is something they do a lot. They struggle to maintain focus and pressure when they get a good lead like this. It didn't make any difference to the final outcome of the game, but it hurts Fleury's stats if nothing else.

Still, this was a great game from the boys in Black and Vegas Gold (or blue and blue, since they were wearing their third jerseys tonight). They overcame their Sid hangover and played like a dominant team. I know it's unreasonable to expect every night to be like this, but I will always love it when we get one. Go Pens!


Oct. 10th, 2011 05:48 pm
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The Penguins finished up their West Coast road trip last night with a shoot out loss to Edmonton. Everything that I might want to say about it has already been said, more entertainingly, at Get To Our Game.

Stop me if this sounds familiar. The Penguins played Sunday night without Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, Mark Letestu centered the top line, James Neal took about a dozen shots, was credited with 4, and failed to score, and Kris Letang played like half the game. Are you banging your head against your smart phone yet? Take it easy! It's Columbus Day. There is so much to celebrate. First and foremost, these are not your spring 2011 Pittsburgh Penguins. These are your spring 2011 Pittsburgh Penguins and Steve Sullivan...

The takeaway? Try to avoid playing games in which both Malkin and Sid are out. It's just better that way.
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It really doesn't seem to matter that it's the pre-season and the games are meaningless (as far as points/rankings go). It's NHL hockey and it's fun! I missed my guys all summer but they're back and they seem to be better than ever. I love hockey. I love the Pens. They're currently up 4-0 with two pre-season games to go.
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It's cold this morning! Mid-forties over night and the heat is not on. Brr! And I've discovered/remembered that I don't actually have a fall/winter wardrobe anymore. All of my jeans have holes at the knee and the boss is cracking down on holey jeans. Looks like I'll have to be creative with the budget in order to repair the situation.

This fall is shaping up to be an allergy-laden one. I woke up with a headache this morning and I'm waiting for the Claritin to kick in. Thank goodness I still have some left over from the poison-whatever rash this summer.

In more fun news, Penguins training camp starts today. Almost hockey season!
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My goal yesterday was to have a nice, easy run. Keep to a steady 12 minute/mile pace and go easy on the legs after Monday's harder run. I managed that for most of the first two miles, then I got bored with going slow and steady. I did three miles in 35:15, which while still being very slow, was almost a minute faster than what I wanted to pace myself at. And my poor little legs really did ache all evening and still do this morning. But I feel pretty good anyway.

We've switched our running schedule to M-W, which seems to be working out well, but it's a long gap between Wednesday and the following Monday, so if the weather's nice this weekend, I may try to get out to the park for a run.

In other news, today is Jagrwatch day eleven, maybe. He was supposed to have made a decision yesterday but apparently his travel plans were totally messed up by those turtles at JFK, and now we continue to wait. I'm still ambivalent about his actual usefulness for the team, but the hype has totally caught me up. After all this build-up, it will be disappointing if his answer is no. In the meantime, the Pens have re-signed Asham and are apparently shopping Rupp around. This causes me to make sad faces. I know Asham picked it up in the playoffs, but I just like Rupp better. And Talbot is determined to see what he can get on Friday in free agency, which means he's gone. Kennedy also is set to be an unrestricted free agent tomorrow. This makes the sad face get even sadder. Come on hockey world, I need some good news!
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Congratulations to the Boston Bruins! I admit I was rooting for Vancouver, but I can't find it in me to hate the Bruins tonight. I do feel bad for Luongo, who had a chance to erase his reputation and shine, but failed to do so, and the Canucks in general for having made it to game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals and then getting shut out. Other than that, I'm happy for Recchi, who gets to retire on a high note, skating off into the sunset with his third Stanley Cup held high. And this was a triumph for Tim Thomas, who's career in the past few years has been as up and down as a yo-yo.

It made me feel all nostalgic for 2009, when it was the Penguins celebrating on the ice, passing Lord Stanley's Cup from player to player, before getting handed to Mario. That was a good, good night.
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You can tell the Pirates are playing a struggling team when they're up 7-0 in the sixth inning. You'll know it's the Pirates if they somehow manage to lose the game anyway.

eta: No, they didn't blow it in the end! They won, 10-0. Go Bucs!

Does this make me a bandwagon fan? I don't care about them because they're winning (because, in general, they're not). I just care because there's no hockey and I need something to obsess about. I doubt if baseball has what it takes, long term, to keep me very occupied. But it's something, which is better than nothing.

And speaking of hockey, good-bye Alex Kovalev. Good-bye Mike Comrie. It's no surprise at all that Kovalev is getting the boot. There was some speculation that since Comrie spent almost the entire season injured, he might get another cheap one-year contract to redeem himself, but no dice. Apparently, he's thinking about retiring. At thirty years old, independently wealthy on his dad's side, with a star wife, he really has no need to keep playing, especially when he can't keep himself injury free. Now it's time to buckle down and get a few free agents signed before they go on the open market.
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The Penguins had an amazing, beautiful, frustrating season, full of triumphs and heartaches. October was a wretched month as they struggled to find their footing in a new home. November and December they found their footing and went on a huge winning streak, not to mention starring in HBO's 24/7.

Then came January. An ugly Winter Classic that was nearly drowned out by rain, two hits on Sidney Crosby that ended his season (although none of us would have believed he wasn't coming back, then). The Pens staggered, shook themselves off and kept going.

But the injury ball was a'rolling and nothing was gonna stop it. In early February, Evgeni Malkin, who'd been battling a bad left knee for months, took a terrible hit, tore both his acl and mcl, and was out for the rest of the season. The Pens staggered again, but again, would have shook themselves off, except that injury ball wasn't done yet.

For most of February and some of March, the Pittsburgh Penguins were more aptly called the Pittsbarre-Scranton Penguins, because of all the minor league talent they called up. At one point, even the call-ups were getting injured and replaced by further call-ups. At the worst point, there was only one forward left in Wilkes-Barre on a two way contract with the NHL who was eligible to be called up. The Pens were scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Even so, they kept fighting and battling to be a winning team. They held onto their fourth seed position in the conference and even managed to finish up fourth in the league.

But without Sid and Geno, and without the support of the shoot out tie-breaker, they just didn't have the offensive fire power they needed to win a seven game series. Tampa Bay was able to wear them down and finally shut them out.

I'm sad and disappointed (though not even a little bit surprised), but I still love my boys. Although it wasn't enough, they fought hard and valiantly for what felt like endless months.

Have a great summer, boys. Rest up and return next fall strong and healthy, and ready to get right back at it.

(And by the way, I hate livejournal mobile right now. I had this all typed out, clicked Submit, and it seemed to indicate that it submitted. But it hasn't shown up here. Boo! Fail, lj, fail!)
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This is it. Do or die day. The Penguins have one final game in which to get their shit together, harden their defense, find some offense and win this series. Or lose it, as the case may be.

Go Pens!
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This was supposed to be a bounce-back game for the Pens. Yeah, not so much. They did manage to get on the board first, but for the first time this series, that didn't count for much. They just really don't have any fire power and the Lightning have totally got their number now. Blergh.

The sad thing is, before the series started, I was pretty accepting of the possibility that the Pens might not make it out of the first round, for exactly the reason that they're struggling now. But then they took a nice little 3-1 series lead and made me think we might actually get to move on to the next round. Hopes dashed are worse by far than hopes never had.

They still have one more chance - game seven back here on Wednesday. And I will get my hopes up again. They're supposed to be good at bouncing back after crap games. Maybe they just need another day.

*gives team a swift kick in the butt and then hugs it away*
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Welp, we're not quite halfway through the game, the score is 4-0 Tampa Bay, and Fleury has just been pulled. Looks like the Pens are going the expected route and refusing to clinch a series at home. This is pretty ridiculously ugly.
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Couple things today.

The Pens have game five today at noon. If they win, it ends the series and they have a few days rest before moving on to the next round. If they lose, they go back to Tampa Bay on Monday for game six. The Pens are 0-4 under Bylsma in clinching series at home. This means I'm going to spend the entire game biting my nails, on the edge of my seat, cursing up a storm every time something goes wrong. It's going to be a tense couple of hours.

Doctor Who season six premiers tonight. Now, I've already seen the first two episodes, but the sound was terrible at the Bell House and I missed a ton of dialog. Not to mention that I always miss things the first time around and need to see it again to catch all those little details. Can't wait!

All in all, it's an eeeeeee! kind of day.
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Things what got done today:

*Eight hours of work
*local taxes sent off
*federal and state taxes accepted by the pertinent authorities
*TARDIS t-shirt retrieved from work
*ticket printed out for tomorrow night
*trash taken out
*cat food bought and bowls filled for a couple of days away

Let's hope that's all that needed to be done, because that's all I did.

In other, more hockey related news, the Pens won in Tampa Bay, 3-2. It was the sort of tight, nail-biting game I would have expected the whole series to be. Talbot, Asham and Kennedy scored goals (I was wearing my Kennedy shirt, so I was pretty pleased he got the game winner). Talbot and Asham are the kind of players that really kick it up a notch during the playoffs, and Kennedy's been playing some excellent hockey the past few months. [ profile] eve11 and I took in the game at Silky's. It's a Monday night, so it wasn't as crowded as Friday, and our waitress pulled a disappearing act on us after the first period of the game, but it's so much fun to hang out with a bar full of people who are also cheering and swearing and holding their breath, all for the same team. Playoffs = fun!

Now, it's time to give hockey a little break and focus on Doctor Who for a few days. See ya on the flip side.
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The plan for today is to be at least marginally less lazy than yesterday. I've done a drainer full of dishes to start things off. Next up, fold and put away the laundry I did yesterday. The big chore for the day, though, is cleaning the bathroom. Not exactly my favorite of all household chores, sadly.

Oh, the other big chore is to get my taxes done. The queen of procrastination strikes again!

On the bright side, there's at hockey game on NBC this afternoon (Capitals at Rangers) so I'll have at least a little bit of fun. I may even root for the Caps. *gasp*

In other news, I'm taking a fairly last minute mini-vacation this week! I'm working Monday, took Tuesday and Wednesday off to take a nerd road trip to Brooklyn with [ profile] eve11 - we're going to a Doctor Who premiere and party at the Bell House, which sounds like a great time. Then I have the rest of the week off for CHCC's spring break. This could not come at a better time, as work has truly been hell lately.
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Okay, so, I was out watching the Pens game at a loud bar, hanging with a coworker and talking lots about relationships and work and family and stuff like that, so I admit I didn't pay quite as much attention to the game as sometimes. But seriously. WTF Pens? That was just a dismal outing. Lots of penalties. General disarray.

It's as if the Pens weren't prepared for the Lightning to come out all cylinders firing tonight, which is just inexplicable and stupid. And there they were, down two goals seven minutes into the game. I turned to my companion at that point and commented that the game was over. Well, unfortunately, we had to put up with another 53 painful minutes before the final horn sounded, leaving the Pens in a horrible 5-1 loss.

Unlimited penalties by both teams. Only difference, of course, is that Tampa Bay is able to score on the power play, whereas the Penguins are not. Ugh. The only bright spot to take away from this game is that Craig Adams pulled off his usual playoffs magic and scored a goal. Dude had four goals in eighty regular season games played. Now he has one goal in two playoff games played. He is awesome. Everyone must bow down to the power of the mohawk.

So. The boys need to put this game behind them, settle themselves down, hit the road for Tampa Bay and give a better effort on Monday. Let's Go Pens!
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It's hockey playoffs, people. So for the next little while (hopefully a long little while) this blog is going to be pretty hockey intensive.

Last night, five of the eight quarterfinal series played game one, including the Penguins vs. Tampa Bay Lightning. Of the five games, I had an interest in four (sorry Nashville/Anaheim, I just don't care). Obviously, I want the Pens to beat the Bolts, and they got off to a good start last night. It was a tight, hard hitting, goalie duel game for the first two periods, but the Pens stayed patient, never gave up and finally broke out in the third. Final score, 3-0 Pens. Awesome! I love that Fleury got the shut out, but he had to stand on his head a couple times in order to do it. It could be a long series, but I'm feeling better now that they've got a win under their belts. Game two is Friday night. Can't wait.

As for the other games:

Phoenix at Detroit -- I kinda like Detroit, although that's possibly heretical to say, but I'd still love for Phoenix to get the upset and win the series. Didn't happen last night, though. Detroit won 4-2.

Rangers at Capitals -- No question, I want the Caps to suffer their annual post-season humiliation and get eliminated early. Didn't happen last night, although it took them almost twenty minutes of overtime to finally win the game, 2-1.

Chicago at Vancouver -- This is the third year that these two teams have met in the post-season. Every year I root for Vancouver and every year Chicago wins. This year will be different. I'm calling it. Vancouver got the win last night 2-0.
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Another weekend that flew by.

I went in to work for a few hours on Saturday, to do some work on the room while there were no children in it. I tore up a cheap photo album and taped one sleeve down on each toy shelf. Now we can slide pictures of the toys in and out easily as we rotate the toys. I've been wanting to try this for some years and just never got around to it. I also rearranged some of the furniture to hopefully facilitate better, more focused play from the kids. Our block corner was tiny and if one child was sitting in front of a shelf playing with blocks, no one else could get to any of the other toys on the shelf. There was much crying and anger in that corner.

The rest of the weekend was about as lazy as you could possibly imagine, which was exactly what I needed this weekend. Yesterday I spent the whole day watching/following hockey games. Lots of hockey talk ahead )
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You know when you're listening to the hockey game but thinking that maybe you'd rather be watching reruns of old tv shows on Netflix instead, that the hockey game is not going well at all. Tampa Bay is playing a trap, and it's working. The game's boring as all get out, and TB is up 2-0. Boo.

Update: Pens score! Still down 2-1, but it should give the Pens some life.

update 2: Bleh. Pens lose 2-1. They came on with a ton of pressure after the Rupp goal, but they just lack the finishers to score. That doesn't bode well for the playoffs.


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