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I resisted, but I suppose I was always going to give in and get an Eleventh Doctor icon. I'm not exactly in love with this one, but until something better comes along, it will have to do.

5x03, Victory of the Daleks )

Icon meme

May. 3rd, 2009 08:12 pm
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Earlier this week, possibly on Wednesday, when I was having the worst day ever, [ profile] slightytookish gave me some icons to explain in the current icon meme going around.

My icons, let me show you them )

I watched the most recent two episodes of Supernatural today. I seem to have trouble watching it on air lately (partly due to playoff season, partly due to falling behind and then not watching because I'm behind, thus falling even farther behind). All I can say is just, dude! I cannot imagine what next season's running theme is going to be, after this season.

Related to that, I was talking with a friend this morning and we were discussing the movies and shows we like. She has only watched one or two episodes of Supernatural, from season one, and didn't have a very positive impression of it. "Too campy," she said. "I like my main characters to suffer." I may have laughed in her face. I told her she should give it another try. Get through season one and watch the suffering start piling up in season two.
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Mal is sitting at the foot of my bed, giving serious thought to jumping from there up to the top of my dresser. It may or may not be physically possible for him to accomplish that task, but the fact of the matter is, the top of my dresser is completely cluttered with a million bits of random stuff, leaving absolutely no room for a cat. If he really does make the attempt and succeed, there is going to be one sizeable mess.

I am, at the moment, taking full advantage of my new wireless state of being to work on Merlin fic in bed. Yes, you heard me, Merlin fic. God knows if I'll ever finish it - looking at the fifty or so SGA fics I started and never finished, the outlook isn't great, but it's something to do on a Monday night, when I'm feeling too bleh to do anything else. Besides, researching Arthurian legend is no shabby way to spend an evening. And neither is icon searching, apparently, since I just spent half an hour looking at pretty pretty pictures of the boys and girls of Merlin. The one here (and the other three I picked out) is by [ profile] fancifull.

Right, okay, Merlin fic. Off I go.
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Second day in a row that I got to work and clocked in early for a fieldtrip, only to be told that the fieldtrip had been postponed til later in the morning. Why they can't just give me a call in the morning and tell me this, I don't know.

Anyway. I seem to have mostly recovered from my fit of post-rejection pouting with Match. I've been emailing with another guy for weeks and I finally bit the bullet and asked if he'd like to meet. I don't like to be the one to take the lead, since it always seems to end badly, but sometimes I just have to get over myself and do it anyway. Anyway. He'd given me his real email addy last week, so today I gave him my phone number and asked if he'd like to get coffee or something. We'll see what happens.

I need to get some sort of dating icon. I have no idea what such a thing would look like, but I'm sure there's something appropriate out there, somewhere.


May. 20th, 2008 10:49 pm
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With all the current tv shows on summer hiatus, I once again turn to my dvd player for my entertainment. Watched a couple episodes of Grey's Anatomy tonight. Saw the ep in which Jeffrey Dean Morgan's character is introduced. Once again was nearly overcome with lust. That man, just...guh!

I decided, in honor of the occasion, that I should go forth and find an icon with which to share the beauty. This one was made by [ profile] angel298.


Oct. 16th, 2007 10:00 pm
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So, tomorrow's the big field trip to the pumpkin farm. This was a lot of fun last year and I'm expecting it to be so again this year. I won't be able to pick up anything for myself, so I'll have to find another time to get my own pumpkin, but watching the kids muck about in the fields, deciding which little mini-pumpkin is just the perfect thing for them is very sweet. Plus, the farmer lady does a very entertaining (if slightly long) skit with various vegetables and hats, and there are farm animals. Donkeys, pigs and chicks if I remember correctly from last year. And there's apple cider. Mmm...

*Note to self -- take camera.

I was inspired by all of this to go off and find appropriately seasonal icons and found several very pretty ones (including this one) made by [ profile] cherrystonelane.

Of course, a field trip means something on the magnitude of 43 unrestrained children (age 4) on a school bus for forty minutes there, run around exhausting themselves and then forty minutes back. Someone will cry (at least one, possibly more). Given the group we have, someone will pee themselves (and if we're really lucky, that's all) and someone (possibly the same someone) will probably try to run away at some point. Still, I get to wear my big boots and play on the farm, so I'm happy. *grins*
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[ profile] shirebound posted this link and I'm just passing it along. It's a great little, very simple lj icon maker/uploader. Upload a photo, crop and put in text, then one more click and it's uploaded to your lj. It's good for folks like me who don't have useful paintshop or photoshop programs (my software is strictly limited to crop and rotate).

icon meme

Mar. 17th, 2006 04:10 pm
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[ profile] lil_banik_slave started this meme and like the sheep that I am, I follow.

Pick your favourite icon in my Userpics

Why do you like this icon?

I really need to find some new icons. I have tons of fandom ones but I need to get some RL and mood pictures to go along with them, although at the moment all I want is more and more and more SGA pretty. *is very shallow*
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Thank you so much to [ profile] whtmtnwmn, who gave me an upgrade in my userpics, something she knows I've been wanting forever. Now I can go on a massive icon search. *squee*


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