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Oct. 19th, 2006 10:18 pm
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That was a midterm exam? I've had quizes harder than that. 40 questions - 30 multiple choice, 10 matching. She passed out the tests at 3:05, I was out of there at 3:22 and that was after going over each question very thoroughly, twice, to make sure I hadn't misinterpreted anything, etc. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. She told us if we read the chapters we'd be fine, but somehow I didn't believe her. As always, there were one or two I wasn't sure of, but for the most part, I feel pretty good about it. Going over all those on-line practice tests really helped.

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I finally made it all the way through last season of Lost and I'm all up to date except for this week's episode, which I'm going to go get right now. I finally understand what's happening, and I must say, the end of season two did pick up a lot more than I had expected it to.
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Heads up: Wayne Pygram will be on Lost next week (April 12) according to the nice folks at Save Farscape Announcements.

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I'm late with my Lost thoughts. Oh well. I have them and here they are.

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Oct. 8th, 2005 02:04 pm
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Some more fun Lost related sites:

The Hanso Foundation
Dharma Industries

At the moment they seem to be just the first page with no real links that take you anywhere, but who knows what secrets or interesting little tidbits they may yield to folks more savvy than me. :D
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...but I get there in the end.


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I started watching the Lost commentaries tonight. Jumped right in with Dom on 'The Moth', or as he calls it, 'The Dom Monaghan Show'. Very funny, as is to be expected with him. Damon Lindelof and Bryan Burk were also very entertaining. They gave some good info about making the episode, but pretty much ran with jokes. :D
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Have you all heard this little tidbit?

Edit: According to this post, that [ profile] slightlytookish pointed out (thanks :D), the whole JJ comment was false and never took place. They ask that the rumor not be posted anywhere else, so I've taken it down. Still, it makes for interesting speculation with which to wile away the summer hours, doesn't it?


While I'm at it, have you seen this Lost site? It's a new fun place to play around. There are some pretty cool little tidbits hidden away, including a possibly spoilery description of the 'security system'(depending on whether they actually keep that as what it is)on a script page from an unused version of Exodus Part II, some hidden messages from the survivors and, I'm sure, other stuff that I haven't found yet. It's my new favorite site. *bg*
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Idly channel surfing, not expecting to find anything, and suddenly I'm faced with Claire clutching her baby to her while Danielle Rousseau tells the story of her stolen baby, Alex. Bonus! I get to watch last week's episode again this week, just to prepare for tomorrow's finale.

Speaking of tomorrow's episode, remember to set your VCRs for two hours instead of the standard one. It would suck to have the episode cut off half way through. :)
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I have two parent conferences this afternoon and I should really be preparing for them. The problem is, I can't concentrate on them. So, I made the mistake of popping over to my flist to see how the rest of you are doing. In an innocent moment, I read [ profile] dcdiva's Lost thoughts and she's triggered a new theory in my overtaxed little brain. (Cause it's so much more fun to think up new theories for Lost than it is to do my real work, you know.)

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Alright, back to work now. Those conference forms won't write themselves, more's the pity.
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I watched Lost last night. You can tell they're really ramping it up for the final three hours. My thoughts ahead.

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Can't wait for next week's episode. But now I need to head off for work.
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Another very good episode of Lost last night.

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Lost diary

Feb. 19th, 2005 02:53 pm
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I'm thinking about a Charlie fic today and I wandered over the official Lost site at I wanted to know exactly how long he's been clean and the diary over there is the best way I've found to keep track of days.

That diary is getting pretty interesting in and of itself. Everyone has weird secrets, apparently, even the anonymous writer of the diary. Will we ever see her in the show? Trust TPTB to make even that little feature interesting. Here's the link if anyone hasn't seen it and is interested.

Now I'm off to do a little writing. Probably a very little writing, if my current mood is any indication, but I want to try to get something done, at any rate.

Peace, y'all!
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So Lost didn't suck last night! I was totally prepared for a 'love triangle from hell' episode, based on last week's previews (a good reason to avoid those blasted previews) and that was not at all what we got.

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Tonight was comics night. I branched out today, and bought the first volume of Astonishing X-Men, as well as issue 28 and 29 of Fables. That, along with the Sandman books that I borrowed from [ profile] eve11 gives me lots of good reading to look forward to.

After dinner, we ran down to Barnes & Noble and I picked up my Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars DVD. *g*
Then, when I got home I found a package waiting for me on the porch. Pippin has finally arrived and is now happily ensconced on my desk with Merry. *bg*

Plus, I have an episode of Lost awaiting me as soon as I'm done here. *vbg*

And to top it all off, I managed to get a story written for the Lothlorien challenge before late Thursday night.

Title: Doubt
Rating: G
Summary: Sam's vision in Galadriel's Mirror haunts him.

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I saw this interesting little tidbit at Lost-TV

LOST Nominated for Five Saturn Awards!
The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films has rewarded Lost with five nominations at the 31st Annual Saturn Awards, leading all other series. The show itself is nominated for Best Network Television Series, pitting it against Alias, Angel, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Smallville, and Star Trek: Enterprise. Other nominations for the show are Best Actor in a Television Series (Matthew Fox), Best Actress in a Television Series (Evangeline Lilly), and two nods for Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series (Dominic Monaghan and Terry O'Quinn).
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There was new Lost on tonight, so of course I went out with the comic guys. Luckily I didn't screw up the VCR this time, so I was able to watch it when I got home.

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Right. I was going to do some writing tonight, but it's already midnight. I really want to get something done for the [ profile] hobbit_ficathon challenge, but it's going to be cutting it pretty close to see if I can come up with anything tomorrow evening. On the other hand, I had some good Troll Slayer thoughts at the gym this morning. If I can hold on to them for just a little while, I should be able to get a good start on the next chapter this weekend. :)


Jan. 19th, 2005 08:06 pm
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Phew! Well, whatever was ailing Lost the last two weeks, it was all better tonight! And for once, I was home to watch it, rather than relying on the VCR (I still taped it, of course) and have nothing better to do than get my thoughts down while they are still fresh. I'll probably have other thoughts in a day or two, after things percolate a bit, but this is what is percolating right now.

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So, there was a new episode of Lost last night. My enjoyment of it had to be put temporarily as I got home from an evening out with the comic guys only to find that the roof was leaking, in my bedroom, directly above my bookshelf. Luckily, I had moved all the books that were sitting on top of the shelf after last week's mildew/mold incident, so no more books were damaged, but still, what an annoying mess.

Anyway, on to the good, the bad and the ugly Lost thoughts.

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