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Just a tiny bit of overlap this time. It turns out that I ended it in the middle of a paragraph last night. Oops. This is the last section of chapter seven which, absurdly enough, feels like a huge accomplishment. With a little luck I can get everything done in two more chapters. *nods*

The Luster of Snow, chapter seven, part four )

Ah crap! I just realized the tea I've been sipping all evening is caffeinated. I'm feeling all wired (despite also feeling very sleepy). Looks like there won't be much sleep for me tonight. *sigh*
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Sorry I didn't get this posted last night - I had no internet all evening. You'd think that would free me up to write scads and scads of fic, but you'd be wrong. Between the time I spent with tech support (they're completely befuddled, don't have a clue why me + dsl = no internet) and the time I spent waiting for it to start working again, I got only just a little bit done once again.

This segment is from Paladin's POV and shows a little slice of what he's going through as he prepares to officially become Thain. Tonight (or the next time I have internet again) there will be more interesting stuff happening, I promise.

Luster, chapter seven, part three )
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Just a little bit for you all tonight, only a little over a page. But still, better than nothing, I hope.

chapter seven, part two )
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It's sad, how slowly I write. Of course, part of that might be due to the fact that I can't just sit down and write. I write a paragraph, or maybe a sentence and then go refresh my flist, maybe read something that someone else wrote, tool around the internet awhile, play with my iTunes, and then finally go back to add another few words to the story.

Anyway, I managed to come up with almost three pages of Luster for you all. This particular segment is all the Merry and Frodo show, which I know some of you have been waiting for. It's unbetaed so if you see any typos or obvious inconsistencies please point them out.

Previous chapters

The Luster of Snow, chapter seven, part one )
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Thanks to the kicks, nudges and poking with sharp sticks I received in response to my plea, here is chapter six of Luster, including the snippet I posted a while ago. It's kinda short, but I included a little bit of everything, I think.

The Luster of Snow, chapters 1-5

The Luster of Snow, chapter six )
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I've decided that in order to move Luster along, I need to just post a little bit each day. So, this is only a little snippet really, and unbetaed, but it's better than nothing, I hope. There's actually not a lot of Pippin in this segment, other events taking center stage.

Chapters 1-5

The Luster of Snow, chapter 6a )
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I must apologize for letting this story linger so long. Poor Pippin has been under that blasted tree for a month and a half now. Anyway, chapter five is finally done.

Chapters 1-4

The Luster of Snow, chapter five )
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Okay, here's chapter four of 'The Luster of Snow'.

Luster of Snow, chapter four )
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I've got chapter three of Luster done. It's a short one this time and there is precious little Pippin in it but that's the way it goes sometimes. He should be more prominent in the next chapter.

Previous Chapters

The Luster of Snow, chapter three )

Edit: Apparently I had Paladin kissing Esmeralda in one of the above scenes. While that would make for an interesting and possibly quite dramatic story, it's not the one I'm trying to tell here, so I fixed it. *grins*
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Well, I'm just in the ficciest fic writing mood ever, so here you go, a bit more of Luster.

The Luster of Snow, chapter two )
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I had all kinds of good intentions about waiting until I had more of this written and betaed before posting any of it, but I just don't seem able to *have* fic and not post it.

Back in December, [ profile] slightlytookish made me a lovely Gandalf the Red icon, and I promised her Pippin fic in exchange. Well, I have a hard time writing little ficlets, so this isn't going to be a drabble. It has quickly grown into a multi-chapter story. One of those stories that I've been meaning to write for a very long time now. This is the long promised (and much reworked) Broken Leg Fic from hell. I've made mention in several stories (A Leap in the Dark, A New Kind of Courage, and Hazardous Going to name a few) about Pippin having broken his leg a year or so before the quest started and I've been planning to write that story for *ever* now. I started it back in August and the lovely [ profile] pipspebble betaed the first chapter for me, and betaed it and betaed it and betaed it, but we just couldn't get it right, so I put it on the back burner until last week. Then I realized that this little fic I'd been toying around with for Slightly Tookish would be the perfect jumping off place. It's not quite in chronological agreement with 'Courage' and the other stories, as to when Pippin broke his leg. I decided that it would work better to have it several years rather than just one year before the Quest, so I'll be making a few alterations to the other stories at some point to make everything agree.

Right, do you think I've given a long enough introduction/explanation now? So, without further ado, Pippin!fic for Slightly Tookish and Broken leg fic for Pipspebble and anyone else who actually remembers me talking about it last summer.

The Luster of Snow )


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