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A few hours ago it was beautiful out. Low sixties with not a cloud in the sky. The cats were getting restless and starting to think about supper (at 1:30 in the afternoon) so I decided to remove myself from their vicinity and go for a lovely, spring walk.

It really was lovely out, too.

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Thank you, all my lovely friends, for the kind and thoughtful birthday wishes. I've had a lovely day so far.

My dad called me first thing this morning, actually getting my birthday day right for the first time in years. He's had a lot of health problems this past year or so but he sounded a lot better than he has in a while, and it was only a little awkward talking to him.

Some friends treated me to a delightful brunch this morning. We went to a little place called Coca Cafe, which has the feel of a coffee house, but the kitchen of a restaurant. They open at 10, we got there at 10:05 and they already had a forty minute wait for a table! So after putting our names on the list, we wandered a block or two down the street to Espresso a Mano for some coffee and a warm place to wait.

As soon as we walked in the door, I could tell this was a place that takes their coffee seriously. I ordered a latte and discovered that I was right.

It also tasted really good.

We hung out with our coffees until a table opened up and then wandered back down the street to eat. I'd never been to Coca Cafe before, but I can definitely recommend it. I ordered the Almond French Toast, which came with strawberries and lemon cream sauce.

Since I was taking pictures, Friend D wanted to take a pic of me with my food. Good thing I made an effort to be presentable this morning!

The thing about today that I was not expecting was the inch of snow on the ground when I woke up, and the persistent snowfall that has continued all day, despite the fact that assured me this morning that it was raining. It's only just barely freezing, and the snow is sticking to every single little leaf, twig and branch. Very pretty in a rather bleak, monochromatic way.

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And now, the sky is all pink with sunset, I'm in my snuggly Life is Good pjs, I'm getting ready to heat up some left over chicken vindaloo, I have dark chocolate to eat for dessert, and movies to pop into the dvd player. I declare this birthday a rousing success!
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[ profile] eve11 swung by a little after ten this morning to pick me up for some Halloween costume shopping. First things first, Starbucks for coffee and wi-fi. Mm, how I love all the yummy pumpkin treats that come out in the fall. One latte and pumpkin scone later, we hit the Kinko's next door and then moved on to a search of the local Goodwill stores.

We both had some decent success in finding clothes and accessories for our mad science costumes. I got a nice office admin type outfit (cute skirt and matching sweater), which will be embellished with various computery things to make my android.

We ate lunch at a little place called The Pita Pit. Think Subway, but for Mediterranean food. I got a falafel roll and it was okay, but not superb. The falafel was grilled but only lukewarm. It was satisfactory, however, and the refueling allowed us to have enough energy for more shopping.

Over to the Waterfront next, where we went to a variety of stores in search of a black turtleneck for Eve. We also both got kitty litter and cat food, constant necessities. And I tried on jeans at Old Navy and Cargoes at Target, and found myself comfortably fitting in size 6 for the first time in probably fifteen years!

Dinner at Eat-N-Park (a 'small' meal of spaghetti, garlic bread and broccoli that was still three times more than I needed). And then on to the last thing we had to do. Drive downtown and go to the Pens game.

[ profile] eve11 surprised me at Starbucks this morning by buying tickets to tonight's game, so all day long we had the game to look forward to, which made the whole day that much more fun. The game itself was really fun for the first 57 minutes. The final three minutes sucked out loud, when the Pens went from 2-1 against the Habs, to 2-3. Boo! But otherwise, it really was a great time. I wanted to buy a Letestu (no.10) jersey, but the PensGear store we stopped at only had Fleury, Talbot, Kennedy, Malkin, Crosby and Staal. Of those six, I have Malkin and Kennedy. I looked at Talbot first but no smalls. So I got a Fleury t-shirt. Which makes the fact that he allowed a soft goal with less than two minutes left in the game all the more annoying. Doesn't he understand that when a fan buys his shirt, he's expected to perform a little better than that?!?

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Here it is, your very image heavy Dragon*Con 2010 con report.

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Just a quick update with a few photos. I haven't really been using my camera at all this weekend, but I did get a few.

This is The Dress. Me on the left, [ profile] eve11 on the right.

[ profile] penwiper's most excellent Blink angel from this morning. She also did a fantastic Movellan (Fourth Doctor, season 17, Destiny of the Daleks), for the parade yesterday, but I didn't get any pictures.

I did a little shopping this morning and picked up this Doctor Who t-shirt.

Now we're getting ready to put the dresses on and go back out into the fray!
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I'm home! It was a great vacation but I'm glad to be back in my own little apartment, with my two little kitties.

[ profile] lyda_pearl met me at the Boston airport and we drove up through New Hampshire Saturday evening, getting to her place shortly after 10pm. Sunday we took a woodsy dog walk to Mascot Pond.

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After resting up from our walk, we went to dinner at a local pub/restaurant called Saalt. Great atmosphere and great food. We went for another walk afterwards and the sky was just so beautiful!

I didn't have my camera with me on Monday, but we went for another walk in the woods, a little quieter this time, and mostly just took it easy. It was less cloudy but super windy. A great day for sitting on the porch and reading a book.

Tuesday was full of clear blue skies. We didn't walk quite as much (only four miles instead of eight), but we took a boat ride. LP is a part time boat captain for the Heritage Park this summer, so she gets to give river tours.

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I have very rarely had a chance to watch the leading edge of a storm front sweep across the sky the way this one did this morning. I took these pics just after finishing my run (just in time, too!) this morning, on the CMU campus.

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In other news, my boning and pins arrived today. I'm not sure the boning is going to be stiff enough, but I'll give it a try. It's also a little narrower than I was supposed to get, but I haven't been able to find 3/8" boning anywhere. The choices seem to be limited to 1/4" or 1/2" so I went with 1/4". That may just mean that I add a few extra channels for it, I certainly got enough to do that.

Sadly, despite the arrival of my stuff, I still haven't found the gumption to spread out my muslin and start pinning the pattern pieces. It may have to wait until the weekend, since it requires a certain amount of concentration to do it right, and I've proven to be not so good at that sort of concentration even under the best of circumstances, let alone at the end of the day when I'm completely exhausted.


Jun. 21st, 2010 10:47 pm
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Oh, the things you see while waiting for a bus.

Last month, I got up way early too catch a bus downtown to take the train to Harrisburg for [ profile] poppy_queen's baby shower. While waiting for the bus at 6am, I noticed an advertisement for one of the local newspapers. The smaller of the two local newspapers, with a strong focus on Pittsburgh sports and news, very little national or international coverage, as far as I can tell without actually ever reading it. This advert was proudly proclaiming that its circulation was up, while the bigger newspaper's circulation was down. Accompanying this claim was a stack of newspapers, as seen below.

It's not a great picture, I took it with my phone at 6am, but you can probably see clearly enough that the newspapers shown are in, what, German? So the newspaper publisher is either proudly proclaiming that it's German readership is up, or really proud of it's sales in Germany. *shrugs*

Then, this past weekend, I happened to be waiting for a bus in Oakland. There was some work going on down in the sewer lines under the street, and so there was a truck and some guys hanging out on the street.

Here, take a closer look:

Yep, it's a rubber hand, covered in (one would assume) fake blood, hanging from a utility belt on the side of the truck. I love my city. I really do

And since I'm already posting photos, I think I'll throw up a few more that I've taken recently. )
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I went out for a little walk in Frick Park this afternoon. I was expecting to have to tromp through two feet of snow for at least some parts of the walk, but it seems someone took it upon themselves to make the trails passable. I'm guessing a snowblower, since the paths were all of an even width and firmly packed down. It made the walk much more pleasant.

I also took a bunch of pictures, because it was pretty and OMG so much SNOW! You can see them at my Snowpocalypse gallery.

I was surprised how many people were out walking the trails. I even encountered a few cross-country skiers, and one couple with a small child gently coaxing him down a hill on a small sled. So cute!

Snow pics!

Feb. 6th, 2010 11:44 am
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I woke up early, have already shoveled the snow twice, and have nothing fun to do until the Pens' game at 2. So it's time to post a snowy picspam.

Car Antennae

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Oct. 25th, 2009 11:13 pm
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I ended up digging my camera out this afternoon and took a few pictures. First up, my sole attempt at capturing the beauty of the fall foliage.

This is the view from my little back deck. The big oak is a little past its prime, with more brown in it than a few days ago, but a few days ago it was gray and raining, not great photo weather.


And then on to the kitty pics. Because who can resist cute cat photos, hmm? )


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