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This is a little (very little) sequel to Plans and Sailing Down the River Alone, set a few years later. It features Pippin and Faramir. Betaed by [ profile] dreamflower02.

It had been one of those perfect autumn days )
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It's late and I'm tired but I seem unable to go to bed. So I wrote a little something for Topaz's drabble prompt. It's unbetaed, so if you see any glaring (or even not so glaring) errors feel free to poke me with them.

[ profile] topaztook requested Merry, Pippin and Freddy Bolger. Image: fishing on the Brandywine. Thinking about what they've learned about love.

Title: Sailing Down the River Alone
Rating: G
Pairing: reference to Pippin/Diamond
Warnings: involves reaction to non-major character death, which occurs before this begins.
Author's Note: This is a follow up to Plans. The title comes from an Oasis song - Listen Up

Sailing Down the River Alone )
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[ profile] shirebound asked for wee!Pippin-tween!Frodo (or wee!Merry-young!Frodo). This is a little bit of fluff inspired by the gorgeous view outside the library window right now.

Tears and Laughter

It was a near perfect day with a bright blue sky interrupted by small, puffy white clouds; fresh, new-green leaves practically glowed in the strong sunlight and the sound of laughter drifted on a breeze that made those same leaves dance and sway charmingly.

The perfection was marred only by the tear-stained face that presented itself to Frodo. Little Pippin, still unsteady on his feet, had tripped while running through the grass, and had banged his knee.

Scooping the tiny lad up into his arms, Frodo inspected the wee knee for damage, kissed the almost invisible scrape and set the lad back onto his feet.

“All better?” he asked with a warm smile.

“Better,” Pippin replied with a sniffle before starting to run on short legs. “Catch me!” he demanded a moment later in a high, giggly voice. Frodo, unable to resist such a sweet challenge, raced (so slowly he was barely moving) after the laughing child. It truly was a perfect day.
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I've decided that in order to move Luster along, I need to just post a little bit each day. So, this is only a little snippet really, and unbetaed, but it's better than nothing, I hope. There's actually not a lot of Pippin in this segment, other events taking center stage.

Chapters 1-5

The Luster of Snow, chapter 6a )
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I must apologize for letting this story linger so long. Poor Pippin has been under that blasted tree for a month and a half now. Anyway, chapter five is finally done.

Chapters 1-4

The Luster of Snow, chapter five )

Pippin fic

Feb. 13th, 2006 10:06 pm
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Here it is, [ profile] dreamflower02. Sorry you had to wait so long for this little bunny bunny.

This takes place directly after the last chapter of 'Pippin the Troll Slayer,' and fits into ‘A New Kind of Courage’ at about chapters five through eight, and is a response to Dreamflower’s request for Pippin’s sudden memory of Treebeard and the assault on Isengard.

Pippin the Troll Slayer

A New Kind of Courage

Dream a Little Dream )
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Okay, here's chapter four of 'The Luster of Snow'.

Luster of Snow, chapter four )
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I've got chapter three of Luster done. It's a short one this time and there is precious little Pippin in it but that's the way it goes sometimes. He should be more prominent in the next chapter.

Previous Chapters

The Luster of Snow, chapter three )

Edit: Apparently I had Paladin kissing Esmeralda in one of the above scenes. While that would make for an interesting and possibly quite dramatic story, it's not the one I'm trying to tell here, so I fixed it. *grins*
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Well, I'm just in the ficciest fic writing mood ever, so here you go, a bit more of Luster.

The Luster of Snow, chapter two )
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I had all kinds of good intentions about waiting until I had more of this written and betaed before posting any of it, but I just don't seem able to *have* fic and not post it.

Back in December, [ profile] slightlytookish made me a lovely Gandalf the Red icon, and I promised her Pippin fic in exchange. Well, I have a hard time writing little ficlets, so this isn't going to be a drabble. It has quickly grown into a multi-chapter story. One of those stories that I've been meaning to write for a very long time now. This is the long promised (and much reworked) Broken Leg Fic from hell. I've made mention in several stories (A Leap in the Dark, A New Kind of Courage, and Hazardous Going to name a few) about Pippin having broken his leg a year or so before the quest started and I've been planning to write that story for *ever* now. I started it back in August and the lovely [ profile] pipspebble betaed the first chapter for me, and betaed it and betaed it and betaed it, but we just couldn't get it right, so I put it on the back burner until last week. Then I realized that this little fic I'd been toying around with for Slightly Tookish would be the perfect jumping off place. It's not quite in chronological agreement with 'Courage' and the other stories, as to when Pippin broke his leg. I decided that it would work better to have it several years rather than just one year before the Quest, so I'll be making a few alterations to the other stories at some point to make everything agree.

Right, do you think I've given a long enough introduction/explanation now? So, without further ado, Pippin!fic for Slightly Tookish and Broken leg fic for Pipspebble and anyone else who actually remembers me talking about it last summer.

The Luster of Snow )
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After a very long break, I'm back with more 'Troll Slayer' for all of you who care about such things.

Quick recap )

Pippin the Troll Slayer, chapter four )

Right, I am now going to slide into a comatose state while I wait for Lost to come on, which I am home in time to watch for once. *bg*
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Happy Monday, folks! Happy Valentines Day, as well, for those of you for whom this day is special.

For those of you who are grieving over the sad news of the weekend, I just want to say my thoughts are with you. I have some things that I wanted to say, but I'm finding it very difficult to put it into coherent words, but I just want you all to know that you are important to me. This community has become home to me.

Anyway, enough of that. Time for some Pippin!angst.

Pippin the Troll Slayer, chapter three )
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Yesterday, I finally got around to writing something for [ profile] hobbit_ficathon

Title: Plans
Rating: G
Summary: Sometimes things don't work out the way we planned them. Set in 1430 -- Warning for character death.
Disclaimer: The Shire and everything else in Middle Earth belongs to Tolkien. I just get to visit from time to time.

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I'm trying to make this consistent with 'A New Kind of Courage' but I'm realizing as I go that I made a few mistakes in 'Courage.' I was planning to go back and smooth it out a bit anyway, so if things don't jibe exactly, let me know and I'll see about fixing it all.

I'm adding links at the bottom of each chapter to make navigation a bit easier, so I'm only posting a link to the prologue, here.


Pippin the Troll Slayer, Chapter Two )
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I've done some more work on the Companion Piece. It's a short chapter, but longer than the prologue, at least.

Pippin the Troll Slayer -- Chapter One )
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Pretty much ever since I started 'A New Kind of Courage' I intended to write a Companion Piece showing events from Pippin's viewpoint. After much deliberation, I decided to have it be a series of smaller pieces, rather than another big beast (although I won't make any promises as once I get started I often don't know when to stop). A few bits and pieces of it have already shown up in one form or another, but I've finally gotten started on it in earnest.

Pippin the Troll Slayer )


Aug. 21st, 2004 11:23 pm
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Well, I've managed to come up with something for the [ profile] hobbit_ficathon Pippin challenge. It's called Waves, and you can find it here. Warning, it involves character death. (I blame the soppy Baroque music I've been listening to all evening.)


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