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In the spirit of trying new things, looks like I might actually make it to Pennsic Wars this year! I've been wanting to get into SCA activities for a long time but this is the perfect opportunity.

I'll only be able to do the second week, because I'll be finishing my degree the first week, but then after school is over and I've officially completed all my requirements for the MLIS, I'll be able to go play for a week (play in the sense of working in a Turkish coffeehouse) before heading back to the daily grind of working at the daycare and looking for a 'real' job. And then, a couple of weeks after that comes Dragon*Con! So many fun things to look forward to.

Grades came in last night. I'm celebrating, people. *grins*
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It's been a good day. Advil is my friend - a moderate dose first thing in the morning and the killer back ache backed off to only minor annoyance status. I looked at an apartment this afternoon and agreed to rent it. It's a little closer to Squirrel Hill, two buildings down from where I used to live. It's small, but considerably bigger than what I've got now, with a nice kitchen and a tiny little deck off the back. The landlord is a very sweet little old lady I work with and the price is right.

Got my Scope and Content note back. I had convinced myself that it would be a really, really bad grade, so I was happy with the grade I got. I will need to redo it (I never did get the admin history redone, I just crashed and burned last night), but it was a lot better than I expected.

I'm at [ profile] eve11's tonight, with a shopping trip planned for tomorrow. We've done a decent amount of geeking out - planning our Cat/Nun costumes, looking at what we'll need to do for the prosthetics, etc, as well as talking fics and such. Plus, there's booze here. Rum and Coke makes me happy. Most of tomorrow's shopping is to replace the rags I'm currently wearing to work and school, but I think we're also going to look for patterns/fabrics and such. Dragon*Con is such an awesome excuse for the costuming! *vbg*

Plus! Spring Break! So excited to have a whole week with no school and only a half week of work!
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What I want to be writing:

Negotiating with the Dead: An SGA Independent Atlantis fic dealing with secession and the power of archives - an AU that takes place after the end of season three. The idea came to me yesterday and I really, really want to at least attempt to write it. I think it could be a cool story if I could find the right approach for it.

What I'm supposed to be writing:

An oh-so-exciting paper on some aspect of the archival reference function being transformed or challenged by new technologies. And, to make it more fun, this paper is suppposed to be written in a particular style - I'm to pretend I'm writing it as a journal article or short presentation to other professionals in the field.

What I am writing:

Lj posts. Well, to be fair, I've got two-thirds of a page of the paper done (it's a 5-10 page paper). And it's not due until 9 am tomorrow morning, so I've got hours to go, but unfortunately I do have to go to work in a couple of hours.

Maybe what I'll write about is how archival reference functions would be transformed if archivists were able to use the ATA gene to access deeper layers of data in their systems. Yeah, cuz that would go over very well indeed, I'm sure.

Yeah, this is one of those days when I really hate being in grad school and kinda wish I could just go back to being an underemployed child care teacher.


Book meme

Jan. 17th, 2007 08:02 pm
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I have a project due tomorrow. One that I should really be working on. Sadly, I'm still in 'oh, I have a whole 24 hours before that's due' mode and I'm just not feeling any interest in working on it at all. Plus I'm really fighting the urge to go ahead and watch 'Sunday' again. So, instead, I meme.

Gacked from [ profile] b_briarwood

Instructions: Look at the list of books below. Bold the ones you've read, italicize the ones you might read in the future, cross out the ones you won't touch with a 10 foot pole, underline the ones on your book shelf, and do not do anything the ones you've never even heard of. The underline part is a bit iffy. Most of my books are still in boxes and I'm not really sure which ones I still have and which ones went bye-bye in the Great Book Purge of 2005.

book list )

Okay, so maybe if I watch 'Sunday' now, I can get it out of my head and move on to the assignment. Or maybe that's sort of like shooting myself in the foot. I don't know. All I know is, I have no frikkin interest in actually opening up Word and doing the blasted thing. *sigh*
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I'm on a roll this week. I've got the first session of each of my classes under my belt, and aside from way too much reading, they all look really interesting, and I'm pretty excited about some of the projects we're doing this semester.

My day )

All this = happy me!
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omg, omg, omg! *flails incoherently*

I got an A on my Paper of Doom! I truly, truly, truly did not think that was even remotely possible. I was so afraid I wasn't even going to get an acceptable B and would have to retake the class.

*flails some more*

This whole semester has been such a scary, scary time. I've doubted my decision to go back to school and my ability to do the work required. It was a hard transition from being a full-time professional to a full-time student who also happens to work nearly full-time at an exhausting job. Being a student again, after letting my critical thinking skills idle for so long was just frightening beyond belief. I still really need to work at challenging the ideas that are being presented in my classes, rather than just accepting what each professor says, even when they contradict each other's viewpoints. I need to work much harder next semester at doing all the readings on time and participating more in class discussions.

But for all that, I think it's likely that I'm going to come out of this semester in one piece, and for that, I am amazed and thankful.
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Aha! One more assignment done and that much closer to the end of the semester! Aside from the Archives class, with the big paper that makes up pretty much the entire grade for the semester, I'm feeling pretty good. I think there's a decent chance of actually getting As in at least a few of the classes, so yay! Having said that, I will just be happy if I get acceptable Bs in all of the classes - anything lower and I'll have to take the class over again and that would not be good.

Lots of school-based blather )

That turned out to be rather more blather than I was expecting so I've spared you all by hiding it away.

We didn't get the two inches the weather people were calling for, but we got enough that the ground is white and it looked very pretty, indeed, before it got too dark out to see anything.

Edit: I've just pre-ordered Stargate: Atlantis season two on DVD. *g* It should arrive just in time to be a slightly belated birthday present to myself. It's ridiculous that they made us wait so long for it, since they've been releasing it a volume at a time in the U.K. since April, but I'll take what I can get.

Geek talk

Oct. 19th, 2006 10:18 pm
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That was a midterm exam? I've had quizes harder than that. 40 questions - 30 multiple choice, 10 matching. She passed out the tests at 3:05, I was out of there at 3:22 and that was after going over each question very thoroughly, twice, to make sure I hadn't misinterpreted anything, etc. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. She told us if we read the chapters we'd be fine, but somehow I didn't believe her. As always, there were one or two I wasn't sure of, but for the most part, I feel pretty good about it. Going over all those on-line practice tests really helped.

Freaky weather )

Adventures with computer operating systems )

I finally made it all the way through last season of Lost and I'm all up to date except for this week's episode, which I'm going to go get right now. I finally understand what's happening, and I must say, the end of season two did pick up a lot more than I had expected it to.
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Wow, I now have more IT technobabble in my head than I ever thought I'd want or need (I think six chapters in two days is plenty, don't you?). Sadly, it has all been crammed in rather willy-nilly. Good thing I have another four days to get it all sorted out and properly affixed to something. Midterm on Thursday. Note to self - don't get so far behind in the reading again.

Tomorrow I get to start seriously figuring out what to do for the paper I have due on Wednesday. I love how the IT class and the Preservation class always seem to have major projects due at roughly the same time. This time around, I have to do a descriptive bibliography of five old or rare books. I'm a bit stuck at the collation part. I'm just not at all sure how to do that. The description of damage to the books I think I can do, as well as come up with some preservation suggestions, but I really haven't figured that whole collation thing out yet.

On a happy note, my regularly scheduled Monday morning class is not taking place tomorrow, so I don't have to get up at o dark hundred for class. yay.

*keeps eye on goal and refuses to think about how next semester is only going to be worse*

In other news, I watched lots of Lost today, getting caught up with the end of season two. Only three more eps to go - viewing for next weekend. :)


Oct. 14th, 2006 08:13 pm
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I just had a break and yet I feel as though I need another break. *sigh* I made it through three chapters of the computer book from Dullsville, though, so I'm making progress.

I saw the second episode of Robin Hood. Jury's still out, but I couldn't resist getting a Robin icon (although I think I like Much best). I was such a Robin Hood junkie when I was in high school and college. I don't know if I kept any of my various versions of the story when I got rid of most of my books. Kind of a shame. I liked The Outlaws of Sherwood, by Robin McKinley, in a light sort of way. My favorite, though, was Sherwood, by Parke Godwin - a darker, more substantial retelling of the myth, set during the time of William the Conquerer. I'll have to look it up at the library next time I have free time (which will be somewhere around Christmas, I suppose). And then there are all those movies with gorgeous men in tight tights. *grins*

Enough, I think I'll watch some of the Lost episodes I have from Netflix now, before I dive back into the secret life of computers.
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I had Comcast out here again this morning. Of course, with the way the universe works, my service hasn't gone out since Tuesday or Wednesday and the guy couldn't find anything to explain the problems. Great downloading speed (which I'm hoping means a quick dl for Robin Hood this afternoon), clear signal, etc. I am now on my third splitter and the modem/router/thing has been moved off the desk in case there was some interference from clock/radio, phone or speakers. But Cable Guy could offer no explanations and no idea of what would come next should the problem continue. So now I cross my fingers and hope that there will be no more problems.

Thor did his vanishing act again today, when Cable Guy showed up. He vanishes really well. Even though we were very careful at the door, I still half-thought he'd got out, since I couldn't find him in any of his usual hiding spots. Even after Cable Guy left, Thor refused to show himself, not even with the lure of kitty mush. But as I crouched in the closet, tapping the can of mush, I thought I heard purring and then finally made out the dim outline of a kitty head way, way, back behind lots of other things. I have no idea how he managed to squeeze back there, or back out again, but he's a flexible guy, I guess. He did finally come out a few minutes ago and seems as happy as always, especially since I followed through on my promise of cat food.

Tookie, who used to be such a little scaredy-cat, has in the past year completely turned around. She didn't budge off the computer chair, which she is pretty sure is actually her throne, the whole time Cable Guy was messing around just inches away from her. So she got some extra cat food as well.

Alright, enough blather, back to studying for my IT midterm.
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Auntie Meesh and the Case of the Mistaken Identity )

In other news, I've come to the conclusion that I definitely don't want to get into the field of conservation of archival materials. Far too much chemistry required. Today I read articles on copying pencils (which included all sorts of chemical formulas and names that make my head ache) and Iron Gall Ink Corrosion (which was also using far too many chemical terms and formulas for my peace of mind). I know I have to have a basic understanding of the issues of preservation in order to be an good archivist, but I'm glad I'm not the one that's going to be doing the conserving of materials. *sighs in relief*
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Overheard at the bus stop:

Guy talking to cute girl: So they became infected and he had to have his nipples removed. They turned green and he had to have them removed and get new ones. But I have my own nipples.


In other news, I survived my first week of school. There are a couple of workshops at the library this weekend that I'm going to - one's a refresher on PittCat (Pitt's online library catalog) and the other on the various databases the library system has. No classes on Monday because of Labor Day, so my next class is almost a week away. Plenty of work to do between now and then, but it hasn't got crazy yet.

Today's class was an Intro to Information Technologies and promises to be pretty interesting as well as entirely useful to my non-technological brain.


A Clockwork Orange popped up on my Netflix queue this week, so I have that for my viewing pleasure. The choice is, do I watch it tonight or save it for tomorrow? I'll probably end up saving it - I have a feeling by the time I get around to starting it tonight, it would be too late to actually watch it, as I have to be at work early tomorrow, yet again.
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OMG! What the heck was I thinking when I decided to go back to school? There's no way I'm going to survive this program and I'm going to be working in daycare till I'm dead and I'll owe zillions more student loans to show for my effort.

*panics just a little*

Please ignore the flailing going on behind the cut. Pay it no mind at all, it's just Meeshie having a little nervous breakdown. All will be well soon, I promise. )
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I'm feeling pretty excited today. I met my advisor, got registered for the fall, and made a big decision regarding the direction my studies will go. I've let go of the children's librarian idea and committed to doing the Archival Studies specialization. This means that nearly all the classes I'll take will be pretty specific to the specialization, rather than the more general classes I would have taken if I'd gone the children's librarian route.

The regular program has five core courses and seven electives, but my program doesn't have any electives. The program is very specifically written out, so I already know exactly what classes I'll be taking each semester.

The fall is looking pretty nice, too. Evening classes Monday and Wednesday (no FCG for a couple of months, but hopefully in the spring semester that will change), Monday morning class and Thursday afternoon class. That gives me a lot of room to work the rest of the week which hopefully means I'll be able to continue paying rent and eating and all of that good stuff.

Now all that's left is forcing financial aid to fall in line and then I'm gold. *vbg*


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