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A conversation with [ profile] eve11 Monday evening into yesterday went something like this:

Eve: More snow coming. May have to build a snow TARDIS tomorrow.
Me: Ooh, I'll build a snow K-9 if you build a TARDIS.
Eve: Hm, what about a K-9 in exchange for a Dalek - the TARDIS might get mistaken for a shed.
Me: Totally. You're on.

Read on, brave souls, and ye shall be rewarded. With a mini picspam! )
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Third day in a row that work closed because of the weather. I was thinking I might wander into Squirrel Hill and take in a movie, but there are two problems with this plan. A) The theater that I prefer doesn't have any movies before five o'clock and the other theather doesn't have any before three. B) Neither theater is currently showing any titles I recognize or have any interest in.

I guess I'll have to come up with a new plan. I suppose that should start with shoveling snow.
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Another day off, tomorrow. I babysat for one of the toddler room's families this morning and I'll do a few hours for another family tomorrow. And tomorrow's family is in pretty close walking distance which means no one has to risk their lives driving me back and forth. Win!

As for the rest of the day, I definitely won't be making a life-sized TARDIS in my backyard, but if I get bored/desperate enough, who knows. K-9 maybe?
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I went out for a little walk in Frick Park this afternoon. I was expecting to have to tromp through two feet of snow for at least some parts of the walk, but it seems someone took it upon themselves to make the trails passable. I'm guessing a snowblower, since the paths were all of an even width and firmly packed down. It made the walk much more pleasant.

I also took a bunch of pictures, because it was pretty and OMG so much SNOW! You can see them at my Snowpocalypse gallery.

I was surprised how many people were out walking the trails. I even encountered a few cross-country skiers, and one couple with a small child gently coaxing him down a hill on a small sled. So cute!
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I just got the word that there's no work tomorrow. Funny how I can spend an entire weekend at home without ever going out perfectly happily until the going out part becomes less of an option. Then I get all stir crazy and bored. I am, right now, officially bored.

Snow pics!

Feb. 6th, 2010 11:44 am
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I woke up early, have already shoveled the snow twice, and have nothing fun to do until the Pens' game at 2. So it's time to post a snowy picspam.

Car Antennae

More snow pictures this way. )
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It's 7:30 am. We have 20 inches of snow with another two to three expected by the end of the day (yesterday the prediction for our area was right on the border between 4-8 and 8-12, so naturally I expected about 4 inches from this monster). Aside from a brief trip to NH last winter, I have not personally seen this much snow since I was about 12. I somehow always manage to be somewhere else when the areas I've lived in have been hit with the big storms. So let me just say, this is AWESOME!* It makes me want to go out and build snow forts and tunnels and battlements, to have an epic snowball fight with everyone in the neighborhood. I may at least try to make a snowman later.

*Yes, I know this isn't anything like awesome for the people who have to deal with the mess, for emergency services and the people who need emergency services, etc. But on a purely personal level, totally awesome!


Feb. 5th, 2010 11:14 pm
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We've been having some minor power fluctuations the past hour or two. Just now when I looked outside, all the streetlights had gone out. They came back on pretty quickly, but it was eerie to see the street so dark. I won't be too surprised if we lose power for real at some point over night, when the power lines get over-taxed. We're not getting anything like the D.C. area is, but there's probably five to six inches out there already, with a long night still to go. That's a lot more than I can remember in one snowfall in many years.


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