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A few hours ago it was beautiful out. Low sixties with not a cloud in the sky. The cats were getting restless and starting to think about supper (at 1:30 in the afternoon) so I decided to remove myself from their vicinity and go for a lovely, spring walk.

It really was lovely out, too.

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Good Friday

Apr. 2nd, 2010 10:59 am
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Gorgeous day. No more work till Tuesday makes it even better. I'm currently on my front porch, sun boiling down, trying to find a position that won't turn my laptop into a cook-surface while still being able to see the screen. Minimal luck with that so far. I don't really care, though. It's cold inside and hot outside, so I'm outside.

Yesterday we had a baby shower for friend/co-worker D, who's due in about a month. Then, after work, she invited a bunch of us out to dinner at a local Thai place. Mm, yummy pumpkin curry, a glass of wine, work people that I actually like spending time with. By the time I got home, a little after ten I was done for the day and went straight to bed. I made it till 4 am before I needed anything for my shoulder as well, so that was pretty awesome.

New Doctor Who tomorrow. New Doctor, new companion...exciting.
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*It's Spring! Good-bye snow and cold. Hello birds, fresh breezes, buds and flowers.

*I filled out and mailed in my Census form. Last time around I never got a form and the time before that I was still living at home, so this was my very first census.

*I need a new vacuum cleaner. Two cats plus a lack of interest in vacuuming means that when I do get around to it, I need a heavy duty machine. My little Dirt Devil, while adorable, is not such a machine. I had to empty it out and clean the filter at least three times while vacuuming one small room.

*Mal is such a sweet little coward. Despite the vacuum being put away at least twenty minutes ago, he's still lurking in the kitchen, looking terribly betrayed and traumatized.

*I've started transfering bookmarks from google to firefox. It is a long and boring process, but it does at least give me an excuse to weed things out and reorganize. I'm such a geek - I love coming up with organizational systems, even if just for my bookmark folders and tags.

*Peanut butter and dark chocolate may not be a healthy or filling meal solution, but it is very yummy.
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It's Thursday, which is only one day away from Friday! I had a great run this morning, and hopefully a good enough breakfast to not crash later. There is hockey (and babysitting) tonight. It's supposed to hit 63 F today. Mal allowed Zoe to groom him for nearly a full minute the other day. Life is starting to feel good again.

I cancelled my eHarmony renewal, so I won't get automatically charged ridiculous amounts of money come April. I also changed my settings so I'm not getting any more 'matches' fed into my inbox. I am sort of still in communication with one or two men but won't be too surprised if it doesn't go anywhere with either of them. They're both pretty far out of town, outside my thirty mile radius. I think this change will help to improve my mood as well, since it will involve a lot less rejection, without actually changing the amount of dating I'm doing.

The snow is finally melting. It's nearly all gone in some places but still nearly a foot deep in others (like our playground at work). I haven't seen any crocusi yet, but there are tiny little daffodyl shoots coming up all over the place. Well, at least, all over the place where the snow is gone. The trees aren't really budding yet, but it's only a matter of time. Spring is nearly here!
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I took my camera with me yesterday when I went to the grocery store, and took lots of spring pics. So, time for a little Spring Picspam.


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In other news, a few friends and I started up a science fiction book club a few weeks ago and today we had our first book discussion. I volunteered to host this first meeting, thus the grocery shopping yesterday. I never quite got around to cleaning however, so I had to get up early and do that this morning, along with preparing some food for our lunchtime meeting.

I had way too much food, but the good thing is, I'll have lots of leftovers for the week ahead. I made a simple pasta salad with angel hair pasta, red and orange peppers, grape tomatoes and light italian dressing. I also bought some sourdough bread to go with it, but somehow we never opened it, so I'll have a whole loaf to eat this week. Nom, nom, nom. I also got some pepperjack cheese, wheat crackers, apples, and mixed nuts as snacky things. Yay for yummy foods.

We started off with Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley. It was an easy read, and led to all sorts of interesting discussion which ranged from social control, to politics, to religion, to who knows what else as we wandered around in our thoughts. I've never actually participated in a bookclub before so I have nothing to compare it to, but I think it went well. Next up, we're reading To Say Nothing of the Dog, by Connie Willis. Plus, I now have a list of other books to put on my 'must read soon' list, that came up in conversation during the discussion. This is very good.
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So apparently yesterday's Grr! Arrggghhhh! moment was all about the stealth PMS. Now that I know what the deal is, I feel a hundred times better. Plus, I don't feel sick today and I don't have a headache, so that helps, too.

Today was very spring-like, appropriately enough, with rain and mild temps and a soft fuzzy green haze over everything. My favorite kind of day. I was in a funk when I left the house, and five minutes later, I was at one with the rain and happy as a clam. Go figure.

Work was better, too (despite the mystery vomit) and all the babies were picked up early so I even got to come home a half hour early. And now I'm feeling good, have a nice full belly, and have made up a nice little playlist of Celtic-type music for Merlin fic inspiration, and I finally feel like I might be able to make some progress on my story. It's a good feeling.
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It's officially spring, so I'm using my spring icon. Doesn't matter that it's the coldest day we've had in weeks and I was greeted on my walk to work with the occasional snowflake. It's spring! And I should add, I was also greeted with the first of the daffodils (and boy do I really, really want to spell that with a y for some reason) this morning. Daffs are just about my favorite flower, probably because they are a harbinger of spring, my favorite season.
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Blue skies - check
sunshine - check
warm air - check
happy kids running around outside - check

Yep, it's still spring! I'm obsessing, I know, but I was beginning to think winter was a permanent state up here. It may take me a little while to get over the whole 'it's not freezing and dark anymore' thing.

This is my week to have Friday off, so tomorrow is a playday for me. Yay! Not that I have any specific plans, but it's just good to know that I don't have to be at work.


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