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One link leads to the next and before you know it, you're at Hitchhikers' Guide to the Daleks

In other news, I spent the weekend watching The Gates. Most ridiculously god-awful show ever, I can see why it didn't get renewed after the first thirteen episodes. But it was bad in ways that were hilarious to watch. Sort of Harry Potter meets Twilight meets Desperate Housewives. Where the housewives are all vampires and werewolves and succubi. Plots need not make any sense so long as everyone involved is very pretty and someone spills a bit of blood along the way. Despite its awfulness, I kind of wish I could see where the writers were going with the cliff-hanger ending.

And here it is already, the end of the weekend. Saturday and Sunday pass by so quickly and the rest of the week just drags and lingers. Bah!
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In the continuing adventures of Meesh In The Kitchen, I made a chicken and vegetable korma today. Chicken, sweet potatoes, frozen veggies and korma sauce from a jar. It smells really good. Unfortunately, I got much too early of a start and I'm probably not going to be ready to eat it for a little while at least.

Update: Yummy!

In other news, I finally watched Downton Abbey this week and loved it immediately and whole-heartedly. I'm looking forward to season two this summer. I also watched season two of The Mighty Boosh, one of the more random products of British humor. I'm pretty sure Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding (the creators/main actors) must be on some serious mind-altering drugs nearly all the time. But it's ridiculously funny in small doses.

There was a hockey game this afternoon. It was going well. And then Matt Cooke put an elbow in someone's face five minutes into the third period. This was utterly stupid and inexcusable and ultimately lost the Pens the game. Based on other recent elbow-to-head penalties, it's at least a two game suspension, but because Cooke is a repeat offender and his last suspension was four games, I'm going to guess he gets six this time. Either way, there's another game tomorrow, so the decision will have to be made quickly.

Not much else going on. It's been a beautiful weekend, all sunshine and spring. Trees are budding, early flowers are starting to bloom, slightly less early flowers are starting to bud. I expect there will be daffodils on the way in to work tomorrow. They've been budding for the past week. I'm hoping the weather will be nice enough to wear one of my new skirts.
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*Got my hair cut. It was a very weird cut which required a certain amount of fixing when I got home - for the first time in twenty years (the last time ended in disaster) I took a scissors to my own hair. Just a little bit of snipping brought things under control though.

*Also got my hair colored. This was not part of the plan, but the fact that Supercuts does coloring for cheap convinced me. The color came out really nice, much better than the cut itself. No more gray, yay!

*Bought groceries. Now I just have to make myself actually do some cooking at some point today and I'll have food for the week.

*Listened to a very regrettable Penguins game. Three days off followed by a 2pm start meant the boys slept through the entire game. Montreal 3, Penguins 0

*Watched the first series of Hyperdrive, a ridiculous BBC space workplace comedy, that's just a bit addictive. It really is much like The Office, in space. I am, apparently, so hard up for entertaining scifi that I've become rather easy. The past few weeks it was Kyle XY, which I never watched when it was on. Despite painfully cliched and poorly conceived scripting and so-so acting, I became instantly hooked. I zoomed through all 43 episodes, went back and watched some of them a second time, and then started looking for fic. My first stop was and I immediately realized I would not be reading any Kyle XY fic. I couldn't even make it through the summaries, let alone try to read any of the actual stories. I suppose I could try my hand at writing some myself, but that would involve having some creative spark, which I currently don't. Blah.

*Nearly had a heart attack when a stink bug began flying around my bedroom. I was fine once I realized what it was, but those suckers are LOUD when they're zooming around. It sounded like someone was flying a remote control airplane inside my apartment.
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Wow, I'm glad September is a thing of the past. Other than Dragon*Con, it was mostly just a very crappy month. But now, October is here, it is fall, and things are starting to look up again.

I've fallen out of the habit of paying attention to new tv shows in the fall, but I watched the first two eps of Hawaii Five-O over the weekend and I liked it. Third time's the charm, I guess, when it comes to Alex O'Loughlin. I tried really hard to like Moonlight, but I just couldn't buy his portrayal of the vampire. I gave Three Rivers one shot, and didn't even last a full episode because of him. But he felt a lot less bland and generic-pretty-boy in Hawaii Five-O so there's hope.

We're about a third of the way through Merlin season three, now, and I'm fighting boredom tooth and claw. It feels like every episode is a slightly reworked rehash of a previous episode. Plus, I'm not all that keen on the sullenly lurking Evil!Morgana storyline. I keep watching though, in the hope that it re-engages my interest soon.

In non-tv related news, [ profile] eve11's halloween party is coming up in a couple weeks and I'm still trying to figure out how to do the costume I have in mind. I think there's going to be a thrift store shopping spree this weekend, however, so hopefully that will provide some answers.

And there's still OKCupid, to provide me with entertainment when all else fails. Started emailing with a new guy on Sunday. He seems a little bit more needy than I'm entirely comfortable with, and he's fifteen years older than me, but his profile looked interesting, so I'll continue to email him and see what happens. I also got a text from the guy that I went out with back in August. He'd gone away on a month long trip and just got back recently. I had, honestly, pretty much forgotten about him, but he wants to hang out sometime soon. So I may have a few not!dates coming up.

Oh, and I got my hair cut. Really, really cut. I wanted it to look like this:

and it pretty much does, actually, although my color isn't as deep as hers. I'll post a pic once I have one.
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Okay, I know I promised to filter hockey stuff, but really, this is just too awesome to not share.

Kris Letang and Tyler Kennedy, two of the young guys on the team, did the weather for one of the local tv stations this morning (they've been busy - yesterday they were toting the Cup around at the screening for the Stanley Cup dvd, this morning they did the weather, this afternoon they did autograph signings for the dvds). And really, it's about as cute as 22 year old boys get. And I finally figured out how to embed things, yay! But I've put it behind a cut in case embedded video messes up your computer as much as it does mine.

Letang and Kennedy do the weather )

In other news, well, there really is no other news. I'm tired and I have a headache. I've spent the past few days reading the most ridiculous SGA badfic, I ran three miles this morning, everyone is on tenterhooks at work waiting for a certification visit, I have to decide if I want to meet this guy I've been emailing with (he slipped in right before my account expired but I'm not sure what I'm thinking with him), I could go on all night.
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And there goes House, taking my broken heart and mangling it just a little bit further. Damn, tonight's tv viewing was sad. :(
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Man, Bones broke my heart a little bit tonight, insofar as tv shows can. Let me just say I was not expecting that ending. Warning: there are spoilers in the comments.
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I watch the SciFi channel a lot, and it seems lately that Lord of the Rings actors are taking over the channel.

First up was John Rhys-Davies in a SciFi Original, horrific-looking, thriller type movie called Chupacabra: Dark Seas. This movie, to me, epitomizes everything that is wrong with the SciFi channel, and it makes me wonder what it is about John Rhys-Davies, a terrifically talented actor, that he chooses to be involved in such ludicrous movies. This one might make Dragon Storm look good.

Then there's a promo for SciFi's new shows, with someone who looks and sounds exactly like Sean Bean, although I hate to think it's actually him, as the SciFi guy.

Finally, we come to Sean Astin, who is starring in the upcoming SciFi Original Picture, Slipstream which airs on Feb 12, on the SciFi channel. I've seen a number of promos for this and was pretty dubious and disappointed that this is the sort of work that Sean is getting these days. After taking a look at the webpage, though, I must admit I'm curious. I will probably end up watching it, just to find out whether it's as bad as I fear it might be. And who knows, it might even be pretty good, as far as cheesy time-travel movies go. And regardless of anything else, I found the webpage for Slipstream to be pretty entertaining. It was definitely worth taking a few minutes to check out.


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