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It got hot today but it was still coolish when I got up at 7. A bit of puttering around and I was on the road. Hit Starbucks first, then got my groceries and got home by 9:30 am. Puttered around more and didn't get much done until after noon.

All the corset pieces are cut out, the lining and fabric are attached, the boning channels are sewn onto the front and side pieces, the contrast binding is almost ready. I was a little worried that the canvas lining would be too heavy for the needle that came with my sewing machine, but she handled it like a dream. I'm a little bit in love with my new sewing machine. I don't like to think how long it would have taken to put all those channels in by hand. It's bad enough that all the binding will need to be sewn on by hand with a slip stitch. That will probably be all I do tomorrow. But for now, my shoulder is really unhappy - I've iced it twice today already and the ice pack is sadly melted.

I cooked today, sort of. Curry couscous from a box, chicken breast strips and broccoli, both from the freezer. Very yummy with leftovers for another day. Tomorrow I want to make strawberry shortcake. Mmm, such a lovely summer treat.

And now, I'm drinking a cup of tea to soothe my irritated throat before going to bed. These early mornings make for early evenings, as well.
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