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I was so wrong about the Pens' performance tonight. They lit up the scoreboard all the way through. Malkin got a hat trick and five points total. Fleury won his 200th game (the fourth youngest player in NHL history to reach that milestone). Simon Depres (one of our hot young prospects, usually playing in Wilkes-Barre) got his first NHL goal. Final score, 8-3 Pens.

To keep myself busy during the game, I started working on some festive decorations for the apartment, working with what I already have on hand. I came up with this fella:

He still needs boots and I'll probably add some snowflakes or something to the door as well. I suspect that as the week wears on, I'll come up with some other things for the rest of the place, as well.

Of course, that sort of thing tends to be a bit messy, so my nice clean living room is a bit trashed again. I guess I should clean up after myself somewhere along the line, here.

Poor Mal. He just noticed some of the Christmas decorations I put up earlier and he's a bit freaked out by them. Such a weird little guy. But I love him, lots, anyway.
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Woke up slow to a rainy morning and a cat tugging on my hair. I struggled to figure out what day it was before deciding it must be Saturday since my alarm hadn't gone off. No, wait, it's Thanksgiving! Got up, fed the cats (only surefire way to get them to stop poking at me) and went back to bed.

Mal moped around, meowing piteously all morning, before I realized he wanted me to clean the litter boxes. Which meant a walk in the rain to Rite Aid to buy kitty litter. I also picked up a student desk lamp so that I have some form of light in the living room - or at least some form of light in one corner of the living room. This is a fairly unsatisfactory, temporary solution, but it's better than sitting in the dark for the next unspecified amount of time until I'm able to get something better.

Before I headed out, though, I threw an experiment into the crock pot. It's been simmering and smelling delightful all day. The recipe is labeled as chicken curry. )

As it's Thanksgiving, I thought it might be nice to have some wine with dinner and since I don't actually have anything like that at home, I stopped at the state store to see if it was open. But, yeah, this is Pennsylvania. The state stores are almost never open, certainly not on the sorts of days where people might actually be wanting alcohol. But I do have a tiny little single-serve bottle of Absolut Citron (no idea at all where it came from) in my freezer, so I got a bottle of orange juice and I'll have a screwdriver later if I'm in the mood.

This afternoon, I watched a 1993 version of the Secret Garden that I don't remember ever seeing before. I couldn't find any record of the version that I have vague memories of, so maybe I'm just remembering wrong. Anyway, this one was nice enough. A few too many stop-motion montages of flowers blooming and trees greening up in the spring, reminding me of middle school nature films, but I quite liked the girl that played Mary Lennox, and there was surprise Maggie Smith as Mrs. Medlock, so it was okay.

All in all, this has been a very pleasant Thanksgiving-for-one.
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Note to self: when making oatmeal in the microwave, please remember to put the water in.

I do believe it's time to start looking for a new microwave. I got my current one second hand a few years ago and it already had a big, burned out spot on one side of the interior walls then. It's ticked along well enough since then, but this seems to have put it over the edge, with billowing clouds of smoke pouring out of said burned out spot. It was definitely NOT the oatmeal that was smoking.

I learned, to no great surprise, that Mal is afraid of the noisy smoke detector when it is going off. He sat in the living room, staring at me as I tried to swat the smoke away with no success, crying every bit as loudly as the thing was shrilling. On the plus side, I now know that the battery in my smoke detector is still good, despite being something like 2 years old. On the minus side, everything in my apartment smells like smoke. Now I just have to hope I can put the blasted thing back together when I get home from work. Why don't smoke detectors come with off buttons?

In other news, there was a hockey game yesterday. Final score was Penguins 2, Montreal 0. That's right, folks. Marc-Andre Fleury earned himself a shut-out. Only his second one all year, and his first playoff shutout since May '08. It was a fun (read: nail-biting and crazy-making), dueling goalies sort of game. It all came down to a question of who was going to crack first and in this instance the answer wasn't Fleury. I love Fleury, a lot, but he's had a pretty mediocre season, so it was really nice to see him making the big saves and standing tall in net.

It's going to be a long day. I managed something like four hours of semi-decent sleep before my arm started screaming at me (no great surprise there, either, since yesterday was not exactly Be Kind to Injured Arms Day). Advil did pretty much nothing, so the second four hours involved lots of tossing and turning and 'will this be a comfy position? Why, no, it won't.' I finally gave up on sleep altogether about an hour and a half before I usually get up, which may at least partially explain the brain fart that allowed me to explode my microwave. *sigh* And we're having a room party at work, which means I won't get home until late.

This room party, incidentally, is the Year End, Grandparents and Special Friends Picnic and Cinco de Mayo extravaganza. All the families signed up to bring chips and dip (apparently no one could think of anything else even vaguely appropriate - unimaginative, lazy group). There's going to be a lot of dip and not much else at this party.

In the meantime, I'm going to be happy that my coffee brewed perfectly fine, and go help myself to a second cup of liquid life support.
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Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrated today. Happy Thursday to the rest of you.

Most of the conversation at the dinner party I went to was in Italian, which makes sense since seven of the twelve attendees are from Italy. There was also a German woman and an older man from Malaysia as well as one American couple. Nearly all of them are scientists working at Pitt. So a lot of the conversation revolved around other co-workers and all the stuff they were studying.

For the first hour or so I felt horribly out of place and wishing I'd stayed at home. Then I started shamelessly intruding on a conversation between a physicist studying super dense nuclei and a neuroscientist. They were debating what makes life 'life' rather than just an alignment of matter. After that I relaxed a little, although I contributed very little to any of the conversation most of the evening. I felt a little bit like a kid at the adult table, happy to be there but not entirely able to participate. So instead I drank a lot of wine and got a nice little buzz, ate a metric ton of excellent food, and at the end of the evening entertained everyone with tales of the playground. It was fun.


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