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I come bearing fic. Untitled Merlin fic. Untitled because I am lame and titles are hard to think of. Angsty, a bit of a dark-fic, mostly PG rated, maybe a moment of R for violence, character death. Short, about 1250 words. Unbetaed, so if you see any egregious errors, feel free to point and laugh.

A/N I: This is about as true to the Arthurian legends as the show, in that the places and people mentioned in the fic exist in both the show and the legends, but I extrapolate from the show and adapt from the legends as I see fit.

A/N II: This is a bit of a wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey fic, moving back and forth through time, but it should all be marked fairly clearly as to what is happening when.

Okay, on with the show, er, fic. )
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I don't know what it is about Merlin that brings out the dark, angsty fic-writer in me, but man. I just wrote over a thousand words in about an hour, something I've been mulling over for a good week or so, but hadn't done more than played around with up till today. It's not done yet and needs a good betaing, but it's angsty. I find it somewhat disturbing that I cannot write Merlin fic without killing someone off.
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Wow, I was tired today. All that shopping yesterday just wore me out. And then, I thought I was babysitting from four to six today, but it was more like two to five-thirty, and because I had to get there on my own, I left the house a little after one, so it ended up being all afternoon. *pouty face*

By the time I got home I was super tired and headachy and trying hard to not just go straight to bed at six in the afternoon. But, I persevered and managed a significant amount of lounging on the sofa wrapped in a warm blanket with mindless dvds on.

I had the first disc of Jeeves and Wooster, season one, so that was what I popped in first. I fell in love with it pretty much immediately. Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry have such great on-screen chemistry. And, as silly as it is, I think I spent the entire three episodes just absolutely lusting over the clothes. I love just about every outfit everyone on the show wore.

And then, after convincing myself that nine o'clock was far too early for bedtime, I finally pulled up Merlin.

Merlin 2x04, Lancelot and Guinevere )
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The downside to having wireless and using the laptop in bed is that now that I'm all cozy in bed, I want to sleep. The plan was to write. And I have. Two whole paragraphs. Arthur is being stubborn, though. He doesn't want to be grumpy and irritable. He wants to be angsty and sad. I have no use (at the moment) for a sad, angsty Arthur. I need him grumpy and irritable. It all makes my head ache, just a little (or okay, that might just be a leftover from all the crying kids and hours in the sun and reading in the dark and spring allergies and god knows what all).
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So apparently yesterday's Grr! Arrggghhhh! moment was all about the stealth PMS. Now that I know what the deal is, I feel a hundred times better. Plus, I don't feel sick today and I don't have a headache, so that helps, too.

Today was very spring-like, appropriately enough, with rain and mild temps and a soft fuzzy green haze over everything. My favorite kind of day. I was in a funk when I left the house, and five minutes later, I was at one with the rain and happy as a clam. Go figure.

Work was better, too (despite the mystery vomit) and all the babies were picked up early so I even got to come home a half hour early. And now I'm feeling good, have a nice full belly, and have made up a nice little playlist of Celtic-type music for Merlin fic inspiration, and I finally feel like I might be able to make some progress on my story. It's a good feeling.
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Mal is sitting at the foot of my bed, giving serious thought to jumping from there up to the top of my dresser. It may or may not be physically possible for him to accomplish that task, but the fact of the matter is, the top of my dresser is completely cluttered with a million bits of random stuff, leaving absolutely no room for a cat. If he really does make the attempt and succeed, there is going to be one sizeable mess.

I am, at the moment, taking full advantage of my new wireless state of being to work on Merlin fic in bed. Yes, you heard me, Merlin fic. God knows if I'll ever finish it - looking at the fifty or so SGA fics I started and never finished, the outlook isn't great, but it's something to do on a Monday night, when I'm feeling too bleh to do anything else. Besides, researching Arthurian legend is no shabby way to spend an evening. And neither is icon searching, apparently, since I just spent half an hour looking at pretty pretty pictures of the boys and girls of Merlin. The one here (and the other three I picked out) is by [ profile] fancifull.

Right, okay, Merlin fic. Off I go.
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I've just watched episode ten of Merlin, with eleven and twelve queued up and thirteen downloading now.

Merlin )

Okay, now. You've all gone and got me hooked on this show. So I'm turning to you to help me find the fic. Any good recs, anyone?


Mar. 3rd, 2009 09:07 am
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Ran 3.25 miles this morning. It was good. Now I'm crippled, though. My knee said 'to hell with you and your three mile runs, I'm not doing stairs today.' I just hope it gets over its sad, pouty self before this evening, because I'm going ice skating and I'd kinda like to be mobile for that.

I've given in to all the Merlin hype and decided to give it a second try. First time around, I managed to get about ten minutes into episode two before hitting stop and walking away. It was the Fantasia scene that did it for me. This time around, I gritted my teeth and powered through that. Turns out that was pretty much the worst of it. The special effects are painfully bad all around but otherwise, it's okay. I still don't really get what all the hype is about, but I'm a sheep and I want to play in the same field as my friends, so I'll continue to follow along. Maybe the fic is better than the show. That was certainly the case with SGA.


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