Feb. 13th, 2016

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I had a lovely visit with [livejournal.com profile] lyda_pearl this morning. We went to Cafe Moulin in Shadyside for breakfast. LP had some sort of savory crepes and I had an absurdly yummy sweet one with bananas, strawberries, chocolate and nutella. Sooooo good. Then we went across the street to Kards Unlimited. It's my favorite card store in Pittsburgh, but since I haven't had reasonable access to Shadyside in years, it's been a long time since I've been. In that interval they switched one whole aisle over from silly gag gifts like fake spilled coffee, to an amazing book selection. All the sorts of books I love best gathered in one place. Not a single romance or seriously serious book anywhere. Gorgeous editions of every series I've ever loved from childhood up to now. Of course they only carry beautifully bound hardbacks so nothing is actually affordable, but hey, what's money got to do with anything? I picked up a superhero book for work which I think I'll be able to get reimbursed for (so cute, when the superhero gets angry, he goes to his Fortress of Awesome and gives himself a little quiet time to calm down, before returning to his job as Super Awesome, or whatever his name is). And for me, I selected a P.G. Wodehouse. One of those authors I've always wanted to get started on but almost never actually run across in generic bookstores. And then I sternly resisted all the countless other things I wanted to buy (Serenity comics, TARDIS mugs, posters, etc, etc.) LP and I spent a good long time browsing, then came back to my place and hung out for a while before she needed to take off for work.

The morning was lovely, a shame that it had to end with a reminder that I live in a shitty neighborhood. I totally forgot to lock the car door when I got out and in the half hour that she was in my apartment, her car got broken into. Luckily nothing was damaged and she said nothing of any value to her was missing but it was unnerving for her and pissed me off. Pissed at myself for absent-mindedly forgetting that the locks on her car are strictly manual, and pissed that I have to live in this crappy part of town where my neighbors are breaking into cars parked right in front of my home.

Anyway, I intend to put on some music, throw some food into the crockpot, do some housework, and then settle down with my new book and have a lovely relaxing afternoon spent inside in the warm. It is cold out there!


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