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Happy birthday, [ profile] dreamflower02!

May you have a day filled with hobbits (although hopefully not destroying your kitchen), fun and love!

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The Grind

Jun. 30th, 2005 10:51 am
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It's not quite 11am and it's already been a day of frustration.

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All in all, not the happiest of mornings, but at least I haven't been actively refused any of the jobs I'm looking at, so there is still hope.


Jun. 15th, 2005 08:59 pm
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I'm back on my own little computer!

*does the dance of joy*

It may be slow as all get out (my sis went crazy trying to get the dsl hooked up - she asked the comp. to do more than one thing at a time and on top of that there was a glitch with my Norton Internet Security, so the whole thing was like a truckload of molasses spilled across the highway in February) but it has all my settings on it, it knows me and I don't have to be dancing around P's stuff. I can once again download pictures, I can read long fic, I can sing, I can dance, well, you know what I mean, lol.

Speaking of fics, I'm feeling terribly out of date. I know nearly everyone has been writing up a storm and I hope to get caught up as quickly as I can. And if anyone wants to point me in a certain direction, I'll be most happy to oblige. :)

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*pets newly online computer and grins happily*
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Well, summer is taking a brief break, for which I'm very grateful. Yesterday and today have been very cool (jackets needed) and incessantly rainy. Perfect days to spend sitting inside working on quilting.

I've been good, I followed up on a job application I filled out yesterday, got another resume out in the mail, checked all the job listings, and now I'm ready to sit back and do the fun things. I think I'll go ahead and follow up on yesterdays FotR movie viewing with a bit of TTT movie viewing. That should give me a good four hours of quilting, after which I'll be more than ready to take a break from that and do some writing.

Maybe I'll even hear from one of the job possibilities in the meantime.

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I know that I should be hearing from at least a few of the people that I sent resumes and applications off to. I'm very well qualified for at least a few of the jobs I've applied for.


I really don't want to have to go back to doing daycare just because I can't find anything else.

*double sigh*

I found a few more positions today to send resumes off to. Maybe one of them will turn up something good.

*slouches tiredly off to work on bright, energetic cover letters*
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I've sent off an online application to the Forest Service. The position is full-time but temporary, and I have no idea if they will think I'm qualified for it or not, but I'll find out soon enough, I suppose. There is a job that will be opened up to the public (if it isn't filled in-house) for a library tech 1 in Concord. At least technically, I'm qualified for this job so I'm really hoping it opens up. It would be a great starting place and I could work there for a few years as I try to get schooling together.

Turns out I do not have what it takes to be a banker. At least not according to the online application process at Citizen's Bank. They have you fill out a personality assessment and a 'what would you do in this situation' assessment. I guess they didn't like the way I answered some of my questions. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow and see if they like me better. I don't know if it was the personality questions or the job related questions they didn't like the answers to, though. It seems kind of silly to disqualify me simply because I don't know what their policies are on things, when I haven't ever worked for them and don't know what their policies are. Geesh!

I think I'm going to be a gardener this week. One of my sister's friends has a flower bed that needs work but she has a bad back and cannot do it herself. I told her I don't know much about gardening but she said I don't need to know much, lol. I need to call her this evening to see if she is still interested in having me come over.

I hate being unemployed. I hope I find something soon.
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Before I left work tonight, I checked my schedule (always posted on Thurs) for next week. So sweet! To preface, I normally work full-time, forty hours a week, generally 10-6 pretty much every day. I have three weeks left and seven personal days that I'm going to lose if they aren't used. So when the woman who does scheduling mentioned that she might have to cut some hours in the room, I told her I'd be perfectly happy to lose some hours and use up those personal days. So, my schedule for next week: M-T 2-6, W 11-6, Th-F 2-6. So much better than this week, when she had me working odd, early shifts in order to not cut my hours. 8:30 on a Monday morning, when I never work before ten? That's just not the sort of schedule you want to be hit with on a day when your entire body is in PMS overdrive (yes, last Thursday was a good time to not be near me).

Three weeks and one day to go )


May. 3rd, 2005 05:28 pm
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Well, the nannying job in California is officially a no-go. I'm a little disappointed because it would have worked out really well for me, but I will just have to find some other really good option that will make moving practical and affordable. It can and will be done. This I solemnly swear.

On the plus side, not in agony today, so yay!


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