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Having a bit of a mini vacation this week. Just the knowledge that I don't have to go back to work until Thursday was enough to help this morning get off to a much better start than most Saturdays. I slept in till almost ten, watched a bit of whatever bicycling olympic event was on (150 miles? that's just crazy!) and then went for a nice long walk in Schenley Park. All told, I managed 4.25 miles in just a little over an hour. Yay exercise!

I listened to the last part of a 5th Doctor audio - The Mutant Phase - at the beginning of the walk. As well as being a fun Doctor Who audio, it gives me a great opportunity to add a device to my Steampunk Five costume. In this story the Doctor uses a handheld tracking device. Since it's an audio and thus there's no imagery, I can make this device look however I want. *glee* The audios may or may not be strictly canon, but I'm going to run with it anyway, since Five uses so very, very few gadgets.

Along the lines of costuming, since I've lost a little bit of weight, I decided to try on my Calvieri Girl corset to see how much progress I'm making in fitting back into that costume. Surprisingly, I'm nearly there. I was able to lace the corset up almost tight together. There was, sadly, a good bit of chub spreading out below the bottom of the corset that still needs to be worked on, but I'm pleased with the level of progress being made on the slimming front.

In other news, I had a pretty good Friday night, as well. [ profile] lyda_pearl picked me up from work because of bad weather and we went out to dinner at Silky's. Then we treated ourselves to ice cream. I really wanted Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz, but Ben & Jerry's inexplicably closes at 6pm every day. I had to settle for some sort of chocolate and peanut butter concoction at Baskin Robbins instead (Squirrel Hill has more ice cream shops than reason allows, these days - B&J, Baskin Robbins, Coldstone Creamery, along with Rita's Ices, Jazzy Fresh and I think one other frozen ice/yogurt type place, all within a block and a half of each other). And then we watched the Opening Ceremonies. I enjoyed most of it, especially Rowan Atkinson. And when I first saw Glastonbury Tor, I thought it looked mighty suspiciously like The Party Tree, atop The Hill. Only part I didn't much care for was the creepy giant baby head. That was just a little too wrong for my tastes.

Hopefully I'll have some fun adventures to post about later on, but that's all for now.
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I'm not going to post any spoilery thoughts or anything at the moment. Just wanted to say I really liked this episode, really a lot. Which, since I always seem to be out of sync with other Who fans, probably means everyone else hated it. But I don't care. I liked it.

I'll post actual thoughts later.

Note: Spoilers in comments.
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Liveblogging Let's Kill Hitler

I'm going into this with a sort of dread. I had to force myself to put the episode on, but then I felt the same way at the beginning of this season as well. Matt Smith and crew still haven't entirely won me over. I enjoy most of the storylines (not loving the baby one) but Eleven is soooooo not my Doctor. I'm just riding it out until we get a new Doctor and companions, basically. This isn't to say that I actively dislike him, because I don't. He's just not my type, maybe? We'll never be more than friends. we go. Nothing but spoilers ahead. )
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Costume plans keep changing and changing but I bought fabric today so I'm pretty much locked in now.

I finally gave up on the Gangers outfit, for now, because I couldn't find the orangey-brown vinyl/pleather/what-have-you anywhere. So, [ profile] eve11 did some brainstorming and thought about going back to femme Five and femme Turlough.

Big long description of what I'm doing, with pictures )
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I got a lot of housework done yesterday and today I spent the entire day working on the mock-up of the ganger coveralls. I am a slow worker, but I have most of the top done. All it lacks is sleeves, some sort of interface or lining for the collar, and the bits that go across the shoulders at the corners. And a zipper, which the mock-up will never get. I want to get the top done this week so I can start on the bottom next weekend.

I had some dvds playing to keep me company while I worked.

Trial of a Time Lord )

Burn Notice: Season Four )

Oh, and it was a banner weekend for Zoe. After being so cute yesterday morning with her toy, she has since chewed through the wires on my headphones, tried to eat my pins and sewing needles, and chewed through the usb cable for my camera (thank goodness my newly repaired laptop has a card reader). And now she is curled up on the sofa, sleeping the sleep of the innocent and adorable. Mal contented himself with pouncing on the sewing patterns and is also sleeping the sleep of the innocent and adorable.

And because I can't see my cats being adorable without taking their pictures, here are the pictures.

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Can I vote for Revelation of the Daleks as the worst episode of all time? It's rambling and mostly incoherent, there are characters that make no sense, the Doctor and Peri are both at their worst/most annoying and the cliffhanger at the end of the first episode is the Doctor being crushed by a mortuary statue of himself. And the cliches! A body snatcher complaining that he's "a doctor, not a miracle worker," and the Doctor declaring, "I'm not dead yet!" The costumes and make-up are the eighties at their very worst, although I do rather like the Doctor's blue mourning cape and Kara's whole outfit. The Doctor and others are routinely felled by the slightest of touches.

It's so awful it's almost entertaining for its awfulness alone. Which, coming directly after Timelash, does make me wonder what exactly the show producers had in mind during this particular run of episodes. Were they purposefully making the show as ridiculous as possible?
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Okay, an attempt at live-blogging this puppy.

Doctor Who 6x06 )
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The Doctor's Wife, cont. )

Okay, so that was more speculation about the season in general than to do with The Doctor's Wife specifically, but them's my thoughts and I'm sticking to them.
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First impressions on The Doctor's Wife before I go off and read everyone else's.

Spoilers for 6x04 )
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Okay, time to sit down and try to write up some coherent Doctor Who thoughts.

This is a jumbled mess of spoiler-tastic description and reaction, mostly linear, but occasionally out of order, that goes on far too long. )

Tune in next week, same bat time, same bat channel, for more thoughts and reactions.
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Couple things today.

The Pens have game five today at noon. If they win, it ends the series and they have a few days rest before moving on to the next round. If they lose, they go back to Tampa Bay on Monday for game six. The Pens are 0-4 under Bylsma in clinching series at home. This means I'm going to spend the entire game biting my nails, on the edge of my seat, cursing up a storm every time something goes wrong. It's going to be a tense couple of hours.

Doctor Who season six premiers tonight. Now, I've already seen the first two episodes, but the sound was terrible at the Bell House and I missed a ton of dialog. Not to mention that I always miss things the first time around and need to see it again to catch all those little details. Can't wait!

All in all, it's an eeeeeee! kind of day.
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Things what got done today:

*Eight hours of work
*local taxes sent off
*federal and state taxes accepted by the pertinent authorities
*TARDIS t-shirt retrieved from work
*ticket printed out for tomorrow night
*trash taken out
*cat food bought and bowls filled for a couple of days away

Let's hope that's all that needed to be done, because that's all I did.

In other, more hockey related news, the Pens won in Tampa Bay, 3-2. It was the sort of tight, nail-biting game I would have expected the whole series to be. Talbot, Asham and Kennedy scored goals (I was wearing my Kennedy shirt, so I was pretty pleased he got the game winner). Talbot and Asham are the kind of players that really kick it up a notch during the playoffs, and Kennedy's been playing some excellent hockey the past few months. [ profile] eve11 and I took in the game at Silky's. It's a Monday night, so it wasn't as crowded as Friday, and our waitress pulled a disappearing act on us after the first period of the game, but it's so much fun to hang out with a bar full of people who are also cheering and swearing and holding their breath, all for the same team. Playoffs = fun!

Now, it's time to give hockey a little break and focus on Doctor Who for a few days. See ya on the flip side.
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I'm watching Attack of the Cybermen (second 6th Doctor arc) and I keep waiting for Peri to grow on me. Boy is she ever not. Her American accent is iffy at best, and her personality alternates unpredictably between shrewish and cowardly. Of course, part of the problem may be that it's a Cyberman episode and they're almost universally bad. The plotting makes almost no sense and the acting is wretchedly bad all around. Colin Baker is growing on me, at any rate.
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I've decided that now is the perfect time to start working on this year's Dragon Con costume(s). I'm doing a fem 5th Doctor, which means altering the outfit a little bit. Although it isn't exactly the right style (or even close, really) I might get something like this sweater, add the color stripe around the neck and then wear it over a short-sleeve fitted white button down. If I can find a short, pleated skirt (and lose weight again so I can wear a short pleated skirt) it will be ridiculously schoolgirl, but I think that might work for Five. I suspect I'll probably end up making my own jacket, though, since I have an idea how I want it, but I'm not sure I'll be able to find what I want on a rack anywhere. The hat and shoes are still TBD.

This is the first year that I pre-registered for the next year before leaving D*C, so now I get to stress out about making sure I actually get the time off work. The days around Labor Day weekend are always black out days. It's super early but I already talked to one of our subs (well, our only sub, truthfully) to see if she thought she'd still be subbing/actually available that week. She'll let me know tomorrow, but that would be so helpful because then I could go to my boss and say 'look, I have coverage, see?'

And yes, stressing out about an event that isn't for another eight or nine months is totally a way of avoiding stressing out about all the things that I'm tired of thinking about/stressing about right now. I know that, but I'm running with it in the hopes that it will keep me sane.
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Here it is, your very image heavy Dragon*Con 2010 con report.

And, we're off! )


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